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Erie, Kansas
About Esther Ash



Stuck Again

Oh no, not again--he's stuck. Call anyone, but not me!
Please!  Yes, I'm busy! I've things to do.  Three kids
and it's pouring down rain.

Please don't make me pull--PLEASE! Let me be the one
to wade out in the creek and steer.  I'd rather face
mad moccasins than try to interpret those hand signals
of his.

I can't even see the chain that I'm supposed to get
tight, without JERKING.  I don't know how he expects
me to hear him over the engine, the kids, and the
thunder, let alone the rain.

He's out, but here comes the LECTURE--AGAIN about
"Will I ever learn to pull right?...It's not that hard
if only I would try harder."

If I wasn't so cold, wet, and muddy--with supper yet
to get!  I'd practice hookin' that chain around his
neck a time or two.

2003, Esther Ash
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission. 

About Esther Ash:

"Stuck Again" came out of many times of living that poem exactly and trying to decide to cry every time or get him over "my problem." Since writing the poem my husband and I just laugh when ever he gets stuck because I sure haven't gotten any better according to him. 

I am the mother of three and wife of one. I have been writing about 5 or 6 years and have performed in Kansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri. I am a member of the Missouri Cowboy Poets Association (MCPA) and Cowboy Storytellers of the Western Plains. I live on a ranch outside Erie, Kansas and have self produced two cassettes and could write a metered poem if my life depended on it.

We asked Esther about her tapes and she said: The first tape is a short tape entitled For The Working Cowboy and is $5 the other longer tape is A Ranching Wife's Life and is $10. Shipping and handling is $3 a tape. People can call (620) 763-2055 or write at 13560 70th Rd Erie, KS 66733 or email



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