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Booneville, Arkansas
About El Lippard





Cowboy Prayer

The moon shines down on the cowboy's night,
Sittin' the saddle since dawn's early light,
Ropin', brandin', movin' the herd,
Muscles ache but he says not a word.

His song rises up like a whippoorwill's prayer,
The smell of black coffee hangs in the air,
Embers on the campfire dying pale,
An old cowboy readies to spin a tall tale.

Yips of a coyote crosses the plain,
He ponders his life and what still remains,
Rugged, independent and free,
Dear Lord, slow the world down, just let me be me.

1993, El Lippard
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.



About El Lippard:

When I was five, my mother entered me in a "Davy Crockett" contest and, much to her horror, I won first place, a donkey and saddle. Living in the city, and dealing with a hysterical woman, we were allowed to trade with the second place winner and I became the official "cowboy" of the neighborhood with my Davy Crockett bicycle, compete with guns, rifle and saddlebags. In a few years I had my own horse and shared my father's love of all things "cowboy."

I started writing poems to my mom in the sixties, took time out when my second, and favorite husband, combined our families and raised my three sons and his three daughters, plus one son of our own. This was our greatest pleasure until his death in 2006. I write other than western or cowboy poetry but feel an emotional fullness writing about the west.

Born and raised in Texas I share the natural cowboy way of saying what I mean and meaning what I say, sometimes with no stopping point from brain to mouth, or maybe that's just being a Texan. I feel instantly at home when I travel West, blessed to view the raw beauty of the land, the mesas and vastness leave me in awe. My plan is to retire in a couple of years and, if the words still come, spend my time writing.



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