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Pinedale, Wyoming
About Edward Foley




A Call to the Past

A pre-dawn mount begins the day,
pale, frosted sage before us lay.
Well hidden mamas and dogies both,
concealed in the shadows of desert growth.
Horses and riders trod through the brush,
beginning the work of cattle to flush.
Whistles and shouts dance off cowboy's lips,
answered by coyotes with their warning yips.
Towards the drift we push, cattle seem to obey,
the fun all begins when one tries to stray.
Ole' Joes' into a trot then spurred to a lope,
this Hereford dogie had not nary a hope.
So under my steed's keen watchful eye,
not to mention my chest swelling with pride,
this renegade calf now tired from chase,
returns to mother's side...his rightful place.
Across the Green River, the drift as our goal,
cattle, horses, and cow folk, onward we roll.
"Why do you do it?" Onlookers haven't a clue,
"Eight hours in a saddle, what's in it for you?
Why brace against frost at three a.m. everyday,
a black coffee and sandwich of P B and J?"
Well the reasons they vary, some selfish for sure,
but for me one stands out, it's honest and pure.
To help preserve a time tested, certainly noble endeavor,
the cowboy way of life, then, now, and forever.

2006, Edward Foley
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.


Edward comments in 2008: Two years ago I went out on vacation to Lozier's Box R ranch In Cora, Wyoming for a week of cattle driving....I enjoyed it so much that I returned three weeks later for another go at it. While out there the second trip, I hired on as a wrangler for the following season. Returning back to New York by plane after the first week of driving cattle with the Green River Drift Association, in a melancholy mood I penned the following poem on a cocktail napkin...Although I am employed at the ranch now, it was written two years ago from the point of view of a "city slicker."



About Edward Foley:

I was a New York City Detective and Police Officer for 20 years. I spent all 9 months of the rescue and recovery subsequent to 911 at Gound Zero.

After retiring I began riding at a horse farm in western New York in exchange for riding time. I hooked up with a cowboy from Colorado, and when he broke his thumb getting bucked off a colt I had just been bucked from, I began helping him with his horseshoeing work. We trailered horses back and forth from Arizona on numerous occasions, and finally went our separate ways.

I began riding colts for a fellow in New York for a while, but was looking for something "more." That year, 2006, I searched and researched the internet looking for cattle driving vacations, and after careful study picked out "The Box R" for a vacation. I was so inspired by my time in the saddle there in Cora, Wyoming, that I returned three weeks later for another week. The following year I began working there as a wrangler, and worked there this year as well, and will do so again for the 2009 season, continuing my experience riding and working with local cowboys and aiding the Green River Drift Association. I have now made Wyoming my home, in the nearby town of Pinedale.



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