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About D. R. Monterrose


A Day at the Ranch

Up at dawn, the day begins
The same as it did years ago
The smell of bacon and biscuits fill the air
Chores won't wait, need to fix the gate
Send the hands to milk the cows
The kids can buck some hay
The bell rings loud and clear
Breakfast is ready, let's eat
Thank you Lord for this meal, it's great
Where's the jam, pass the ham
Whew! I'm full, gotta go find the bull
Not a cloud in the sky
Gosh, what a nice sunny day
Saddle up and I'm on my way
Cattle seem sort of nervous
What could be the matter?
Round up the herd, just got word
A big storm is on its way
Quick, gather the eggs and close up the coup
Get the horses in the corral, son
Looks like it's gonna be a bad one
Storms over, better get going
Check the damage, now back to the chores
Have to work until it's late
Dinner bell rings, damn, gotta finish these things
Wife will be mad if I'm late
Dinner was great, finished the gate
Time to relax, fell asleep in the chair
Don't wake me up, I'm too tired to care.

2002, D. R. Montrose


About D. R. Monterrose 

I was a kid who grew up in the city, but the absolute highlight of my life was the times I spent at "The Old Ranch" in Geneva Idaho. I have been a poet all of my life and also have a poem titled "The Old Ranch" which tells of my love for country life. A Day at the Ranch was inspired by my days at the old ranch following my great uncles around like a lost puppy. The poem pretty much depicts the way an ordinary day went. It always amazed me how those huge thunderstorms would roll in so quickly and roll back out just as fast. I have always known I am a country girl at heart with a great love for horses, the outdoors, and all wildlife. I love to go deep into the mountains and just breath. I love everything that takes me back to 'yesteryear' and have always felt I was born a hundred years too late.   




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