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From mountain tall to forest edge
and thru' the seasons change,
our species roamed, unhindered,
o'er the Prairies endless range.

In millions plus we trod the land,
an ever growing herd.
With water, grass to meet our need.
No human voice we heard.

Tho' some would come to touch our lives,
their way of life maintain,
the harvest from our ranks was small,
our freedom we retain.

We were food and shelter, tools for some,
who dwelt upon the land.
Tho' not our will to give our lives,
we are in Nature's hand.

But sometimes Nature stands aside,
or maybe leaves the scene.
For men, unhindered, sought our kind,
our fertile fields to glean.

From all around the thunder roared,
the rain would pierce our side.
The storm, unchecked, unleashed its greed,
there was no place to hide.

This storm of man pursued the herd,
their thunder laid us down.
No hunger for our meat, but yet
our life flowed into ground.

Our bones lay whitened by the sun,
until there came a need
to sow our souls into the earth,
and nurture other seed.

Across the vast unsettled land,
beyond where eye could see,
we helped Good Nature keep this soil
as fertile as could be.

Now on the land man plants his crops,
a sight for all to see.
Yet in our place, protected now,
we are Buffalo.... wild and free.

2003, Don R. Wilkins

About Don R. Wilkins:

I live in a small town in North Central Minnesota, Motley. I began writing Poetry about 6 years ago. In addition to poetry, I write a religion column, publish a small newsletter for local distribution, and write a religious commentary that I distribute by e-mail to many people all over this country as well as some countries in Africa and Brazil.

Don R. Wilkins has two web sites: here and here.



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