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It Isn't the Size of the Spread...My Father Said

I didnít grow up with miles
Of wide open ranchiní land
What dad did; never beguiles
With the few acres in his brand.

Always striviní to be a good neighbor
He wasnít a man of endless prattle
Teachiní his boys honesty aní labor
With a broom tail nag, aní sheep aní cattle.

This was hard work for boys at best
There were fences to build and mend
We had hay to grow and harvest
Aní night wateriní turns to tend.

Most of our chores were hard itís true
Dad saw to it to mix in lots of play
Makiní fun what we had cause to pursue
He always strove to meet us half way.

He told us it isnít the size of your spread
Itís what you put into it thatís the key
With the dayís work done aní stock fed
Youíll know what peaceful dreams can be.

Many years now have let me understand
The work you teach sons to employ
Out on a few acres of ranchiní land
Will make a good man from a boy.

© 2012, Don Smith, "Dusty Boots"
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without permission.

Don comments
, "This poem was written after my boys asked me why we always had so much work to do. In answer to their question I said that my father always said, 'It isnít how much land you own, itís what you do with it that counts.'Ē


      About Don Smith
Provided 2012

I come from the mountains and planes of Utah, Have worked cattle and sheep some, like horses and dogs...especially the smart ones. Have lived a bit in most of the surrounding states and I love people who have like interests. I do some writing and painting. I am a member of the Cowboy Poets of Utah and the Utah State Poets Society.

My wife and I reside in Taylorsville, Utah. My book, Walking With Dusty Boots and is available from (ISBN13 978-1-4691-6393-2).





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