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line.GIF (1552 bytes) celebrates our Western heritage and today's working West, dedicated to preserving our important history and to promoting the Western arts that carry on those traditions.  It's a part of the non-profit Center for Western and Cowboy Poetry.

The Center was formed to serve a mostly rural and underserved community of Western writers, musicians, and artists; to help preserve Western and Cowboy Poetry and its associated arts; to offer a central resource for poets, libraries, schools, and the public; and to educate the public about the history and value of Western and Cowboy Poetry and its associated arts.

Supporters make a difference. With individual support, the Center can continue its programs, expand some of those efforts, and take on new projects. Individual support helps show institutional funders the community interest in our Western arts. 

We thank our supporters, who are listed below. They make an important difference to the community of Western writers, musicians, and artists as we work together to preserve Western heritage and support Western and Cowboy Poetry and its associated arts. Please join us.



What Our Supporters Say

Join us. Be a part of it all here at the BAR-D


Our Founding Supporters

The Center for Western and Cowboy Poetry


Please contact us with your questions and comments.



Thanks to our supporters throughout the U. S., Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Germany,  from:

Alaska ~ Alberta  ~ Arizona ~ Arkansas ~ Anzefahr ~ British Columbia ~ California ~ Colorado ~ Georgia ~ Hawaii
 Idaho ~ Illinois ~  Indiana ~ Iowa ~ Kansas ~ Merseyside ~ Michigan ~ Minnesota ~ Missouri ~ Montana
Nebraska  ~ Nevada ~ New Jersey  ~ New Mexico ~ New South Wales ~ New York ~ North Carolina 
North Dakota ~ Oklahoma ~ Oregon  ~ Queensland ~ South Dakota ~ Tennessee ~ Texas  
Utah ~ Washington ~ Virginia ~ Wyoming ~ Yukon



The Sage Foundation
Cowboy Poetry Week, 2013, 2014, 2015

Margaret T. Morris Foundation
Cowboy Poetry Week, 2013, 2014



Laura and Edmund Wattis Littlefield, Jr
Cowboy Poetry Week, 2013

Cowboy Poetry Week, 2013, 2014, 2015

Gary and Susan Crowe
Cowboy Poetry Week, 2014


(Founders, individuals and non-profit organizations / commercial sponsors)

Western Folklife Center
2006-2007, 2007-2008, 2008-2009, 2009-2010, 2010-2011, 2011-2012, 2011-2012, 2012-2013, 2013-2014, 2014-2015

*Ken Cook
2006-2007, 2007-2008, 2008-2009, 2009-2010, 2010-2011, 2011-2012, 2012-2013, 2013-2014, 2014-2015

National Cowboy Poetry Rodeo
2007-2007, 2008-2009, 2009-2010, 2010-2011, 2011-2012, 2012-2013, 2013-2014, 2014-2015

Clear Out West (C. O. W.)
2007-2008, 2008-2009, 2009-2010, 2010-2011,
2011-2012, 2012-2013, 2013-2014, 2014-2015

*Susan Parker
2007-2008, 2008-2009, 2009-2010, 2010-2011, 2011-2012, 2012-2013, 2013-2014, 2014-2015, 2015-2016

Saddle Up!
2007-2008, 2008-2009, 2009-2010, 2010-2011, 2011-2012, 2012-2013, 2013-2014, 2014-2015 

Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival
2007-2008, 2008-2009, 2010-2011, 2011-2012, 2012-2013. 2013-2014, 2014-2015

The Western Way and the Western Music Association
2008-2009, 2009-2010, 2010-2011, 2011-2012, 2012-2013, 2013-2014, 2014-2015 

Marci Broyhill
2009-2010, 2010-2011, 2011-2012, 2012-2013, 2013-2014, 2014-2015

*Jay Snider
2010-2011, 2011-2012, 2012-2013, 2013-2014, 2014-2015 

*Tom Morgan Art
2011-2012, 2012-2013, 2013-2014, 2014-2015 

*Rhonda Stearns
2011-2012, 2012-2013, 2013-2014, 2015-2016 

*Yvonne Hollenbeck
2011-2012, 2012-2013, 2013-2014, 2014-2015 

*Live! with Jim Thompson
2011-2012, 2012-2013, 2013-2014, 2014-2015 

Heber Valley Western Music and Cowboy Poetry Gathering
, 2013-2014, 2014-2015 

*Cowgirl TrueDiane Tribitt and Belinda Gail
2012-2013, 2013-2014, 2014-2015 

*Lamesteer Publishing
2012-2013, 2013-2014, 2014-2015 

Jane and Dick Morton
2012-2013, 2013-2014, 2014-2015 

*Jean Prescott

2013-2014, 2014-2015 

*RANGE Magazine
2013-2014. 2014-2015

Cowboy Poets of Idaho
2013-2014, 2014-2015 

Almeda Bradshaw and the M2B Ranch Bed & Breakfast

Cimarron Cowboy Music & Poetry Gathering

Spalding Labs' Flying SL Ranch Radio Show


*multiple donations in calendar year

find past sponsors listed here.

Anonymous in memory of Larry McWhorter

Ken Cook in memory of Frank E. Buckles

Will and Rhonda Stearns in memory of Jean Petty, Clay Jenne, and Frank Paz

Jean and Gary Prescott in memory of Harry Hansen

Jean and Gary Prescott in memory of Billy Joe Foster

Jean and Gary Prescott in memory of David and Maci Harris



Stephen Vosseller ~ Omar West ~ Judy Valentine Pitcock 

Tom and Fran Morgan ~ Maxene Fernstrom



Stephen Vosseller ~ Maxene Fernstrom ~ Tom and Fran Morgan

Anonymous  ~ Trisha Pedroia ~ Laura and Edmund Wattis Littlefield, Jr ~

Susan Parker ~ Anonymous ~ Susan and Gary Crowe


Trisha Pedroia in memory of Vince Pedroia

Anonymous in memory of Francis & Violet Sedgwick, Billy & Evelyn Stearns,
Charlie Hunt, Ray Reed, Howard Parker, Dean Armstrong, and Ray Owens

Susan Parker in memory of Cort Parker



LaVonne Houlton ~ Jane and Pat Richardson ~ Cathy Garbers 

Scott Hill Bumgardner  ~  Cowboy Miner Productions

C. W. (Charles) Bell  



Del Gustafson* ~ Mark KerrKeith Ward ~ Kathy Brittain ~ Marilyn and Greg Camp

Cindy and Kurt "Snoose" Argyle of SaddleStrings


Del Gustafson* ~ C.W. (Charley) Bell ~ Stuart Hooker* ~ Chuck Learn* ~ Anonymous

Mark Kerr ~ Marilyn and Greg Camp

*multiple donations in 2014

find Leaders from earlier years listed here


Anonymous honoring Kansas Regenerative Medicine Center


V. June Collins in memory of Sunny Hancock

  Yvonne Hollenbeck in memory of Rod Nichols

  Yvonne Hollenbeck in memory of Ray Owens 

Yvonne Hollenbeck in memory of Colen Sweeten

Sandi and Jay Snider in memory of Dale Taylor, AKA "Booger Red"

C. W. (Charles) Bell in memory of Lucille Preston Adolphson


Florence Katz ~ Teddie Daley ~ Ken Whitecotton ~ Jim Cardwell 

Andy Nelson ~ Rod Miller ~ Rod Nichols ~ Sandi and Jay Snider

  Jim Dalglish ~ Susan Parker ~ Michael Henley ~ Virginia Sieler 

William K Patterson ~ Thea Gavin  ~ Judy and Lloyd Shelby 

 Xcel Energy Foundation (Employer Matching Funds) ~ Sam A. Jackson  

Glen Enloe ~  Ed Myers ~ Mike Dunn ~  Barbara Kasmiroski

Tim Graham ~ Ann Blackford ~ Paul Kern ~ Byrl Keith Chadwell

Rick Pitt ~ Frank Pinney ~ Wayne Kelley

Steve Taylor, Terri Taylor, David Anderson STAMPEDE!

Margaret Houghton ~ Butch Howard ~ Tom and Cay Billingsley



Dale Page*~ Hal Swift ~ Patrick Sullivan ~ Rodney Nelson ~ Tony Corbelletta

Marjorie Parker ~ Jon Lorensen ~ Bill and Jane Ott

Cindy Lou and Baxter Black - Coyote Cowboy Company  ~ Bob Schild  ~ Stuart Hooker

Jo Lynne Kirkwood ~ Stephanie Davis ~ Betty and Ken Rodgers* ~ Yvonne Hollenbeck*

Jack Burdette ~ Shannon and Kent Rollins' Red River Ranch Chuck Wagon

Deanna Dickinson McCall ~ Kay Kelley ~ Pat Richardson*

Nika Nordbrock ~ Bj Smith ~ Andy Nelson ~ Linda and Bill Patterson ~ Deanna Nelson

Patricia Frolander ~ Jim and Stella Cathey ~ Beth Rand ~ Jim Thompson (California)

Chuck Learn* ~ Bob and Marie Mann ~ Rodney Nelson ~ Janice Gilbertson

Michael Henley ~ Tom Nichols ~ Rod Miller ~ Roberta Rothman ~ Kathie and Paul Kern

Paul Bliss ~ Lynn Kopelke ~ Sally Smith - Joelle Smith Western Art

*multiple donations in 2013


Dale Page* ~ Hal Swift* ~ Daniel Bybee* ~ Stuart Hooker* ~ Geff Dawson

Shelley Macdonald and Rod Helvey ~ Kip Sorlie ~ Stan Tixier

Terry Nash ~  Frank Pinney ~ Don Hilmer  ~ Betty and Ken Rodgers ~ Totsie Slover

Jerry Brooks* ~ John Dofflemyer ~ Jim Cardwell ~ Chuck Learn*

Stella and Jim Cathey ~ Kay Kelley Nowell ~ Jo Lynne Kirkwood ~ Kathryn Reynolds

Deanna Dickinson McCall ~ Marvin and Elaine Del Chiaro* ~ Dennis Russell*

Alan Mollenkopf* ~ Stephanie Davis ~ Denise Arvidson ~ Nika Nordbrock ~ Kip Sorlie

Sally Smith—Joelle Smith Western Art  ~ Linda Nadon ~ Doris Daley* ~ Pat Richardson

Tom Nichols ~ John Dofflemyer ~ Paul Kern ~ LaVerna B. Johnson

*multiple donations in 2014

find Partners from earlier years listed here



Kent Penter ~ Chuck Learn ~ Rodney Nelson ~ Betty and Ken Rodgers

Hal Swift ~ Linda M. Hasselstrom, Windbreak House Retreats


Eric and Amy Fettig in honor of Saddlehorn Ministries

Glen and Yvonne Hollenbeck in memory of Howard Parker

Yvonne Hollenbeck in memory of Sean Blackburn

Tex Tumbleweed in memory of Wild Bill Halbert

Charles Williams in memory of Larry McWhorter and Clay Lindley

Don Hilmer in memory of Charlie Hunt

Florence Katz in memory of Harold Katz

Verlin Pitt in memory of Verlin "Cotton" Pitt, Sr.

Tex Tumbleweed in memory of Wild Bill Halbert

Sally Smith in memory of Joelle Smith

 Jane Ambrose Morton and Dick Morton in memory of Eva Ambrose and Bill Ambrose

Patty Clayton in memory of Ray Owens 

Florence Katz in memory of Harold Katz

Don Hilmer in memory of Charlie Hunt

Jeri Dobrowski in memory of  John M. Janssen

Totsie Slover in memory of Howard Staub

Martha and Katharine Brittain in memory of Lydia Hampton

Jeri Dobrowski in memory of  Cort Parker

Jim and Stella Cathey in memory of Ben Ellis Porcher, Jr.

Jean Prescott in memory of Ruth Hanson

Keven Inman in memory of Marie W. Smith

Steve and Marge Conroy in memory of Joe Baer

Jim and Stella Cathey in memory of Susie O'Connor

Jeri Dobrowski in memory of Trisha Pedroia

Steve and Marge Conroy in memory of Ken Graydon

Steve and Marge Conroy in memory of Locke Hamilton

Cochise Cowboy Poetry and Music Gathering in memory of Ken Graydon

Cochise Cowboy Poetry and Music Gathering in memory of Locke Hamilton

Jim and Stella Cathey in memory of Alice Samples

Jim and Stella Cathey in memory of Jodi Wise

Pamela Malnar and Rick Malnar in memory of Carol Malnar

Ken and Betty Rodgers in memory of Trisha and Vince Pedroia

Jim and Stella Cathey in memory of Howard Irvin Monks, Jr.

Jim and Stella Cathey in memory of  memory of Darrell Royal

Eileen Dirksen in memory of Steve Dirksen

Jeri Dobrowski in memory of Rusty McCall

Jim and Stella Cathey in memory of Mae Ola Coker

Jim and Stella Cathey in memory of William "Sam" Irwin

Jim and Stella Cathey in memory of Joe Rosas

Jim and Stella Cathey in memory of Maurine and Robert Cathey



(June 2005 - June 2006)

Clark Crouch ~ Sally S. Baldus ~ Eddie O'Hara ~ Jo Lynne Kirkwood 

Lanny Joe Burnett ~ Michael Whitaker ~ Roberta Rothman ~ Jeri Dobrowski

Jane and Dick Morton  ~  Harvey Sampson  ~ Pam Mendelsohn

  Sandra and Steven Herl ~ Chris Isaacs ~  Sherrod and Sue Fielden 

 Doris Daley ~ Jerry A. Brooks ~ James and Marilyn John 

 William E. (Bill) Black, Jr. ~ Shelagh Wulff-Wisdom ~ Victoria Boyd

Deanna McCall ~ Frank T. Bye, Sr.  ~ Diane Thompson  ~ Allen Thompson

Larry Maurice ~ Janice Gilbertson ~ Nona Kelley Carver

  Tony Corbelletta ~ Phil Crawford  ~ Geff Dawson

Mike Moutoux ~ Sue Derksen ~ Ray Sandes ~ Gene O'Quinn

Judy Howser Echoes of the Trail ~ Carolyn Levine ~ Victor Kuhns

Orlo Espeland ~ Sam DeLeeuw ~ Audrey Hankins

Ed Nesselhuf  ~  Ray Owens  ~  Al Mehl  ~ Anonymous

Rolf Flake ~ Steve and Marge Conroy ~ Kent Stockton ~ Bruce Satta

W. Robert Stetter ~ John P. Gorham ~ Ken Moore

Dave P. Fisher ~ Van Criddle ~ Jody Fergerstrom ~ Jon Lorensen

Spencer Keralis ~ D. Gail Guenther-Mazer ~ Smoke Wade

Burton Santee ~ Dennis Donathan ~ Carol Warner ~ John Willard

Alf Bilton




Jeff Campbell ~ Bob Miller ~ Chester catman Travirca III ~ George Rhoades*

Betty and Ken Rodgers* ~ Marvin Del Chiaro ~ Joyce Johnson ~ Marjorie Satterfield

Mike Watowa ~ Chris and Merv Webster  ~ Judy Such ~ Susie Knight ~ David Stanley

Denise Arvidson ~ Andria Kidd* ~ C.R. Wood ~ Marleen Bussma ~ Jerry Brooks*

P'let and Mike Tcherkassky ~ John Michael Reedy ~ Sally Baldus ~ David Stanley and Nan McEntire

 Tom Swearingen ~ Stan Howe ~ David Carlton ~ George Rhoades* ~ Denise Arvidson

Yvonne Gresnick ~ Linda Kirkpatrick ~ Cindy Quigley ~ Prudence and William Gustafson

Mark Munzert ~ Shelly Pagliai-Prairie Moon Quilts  ~ Tom Linenbrink ~ Jarle Kvale

Carol D. Warner ~ Leslie Keltner-Runumuk Cowgirl Productions ~ Susie Knight

Rex Rideout-Time Travel Music ~ Gary McMahan ~ Eileen Dirksen ~ Smoke Wade

Farmer Dave and Marti Fulfs ~ Mike Moutoux

*multiple donations in 2013

find Donors from earlier years listed here


Gary "Doc" Lowe ~ Jon Dean ~ Denise Spielman ~ Susie Knight* ~ Tom Swearingen

Sally Baldus* ~ Cyndie Sands ~ Allen Mollenkopf *~ Leigh Hanlon ~ Scofield's Cowboy Campfire

Cowboy Poetry Week Friends of the BAR-D (Doris Daley, Janice Gilbertson, Rod Miller, Pat Richardson, Jerry Brooks, Susan Matley, Rodney Nelson, Jay and Sandi Snider, Keith Ward, Linda Kirkpatrick, Andy Nelson, Al "Doc" Mehl, and Ken Cook)

John Waters ~ Wendy Brown-Barry ~ Denise Arvidson ~ Yvonne Gresnick

Kent Reeves—The Whole Picture Consulting ~ Tom Swearingen*

Marleen Bussma ~ Jerry Brooks* ~ Chris Williams ~ David Carlton ~ George Rhoades

Paul Quinton ~ Devon Dawson ~ Robert Kinsey ~ P'let and Michael Tcherkassky*

Gail Dudley ~ Mary W. Seago ~ Jean Mathisen Haugen ~ Patricia Sublette

Leslie Keltner—Runumuk Cowgirl Productions ~ Al "Doc" Mehl ~ Tyler Guy ~ Floyd Beard

Patricia Frolander ~ Merv Webster ~ William Thornton ~ Rex Rideout ~ Stan Howe

Hans-Joachim Gutbrod ~ Jarle Kvale ~ Belinda Gail—Broken Diamond Entertainment

Cindy Quigley ~ Andria Kidd ~ Bob Coker ~  Mark Munzert ~ Roberta Rothman

Rod Miller ~ Smoke Wade


*multiple donations in 2014


Mike and Wendy Messersmith in honor of Dr. Lloyd E. Messersmith

Bob Upchurch in honor of Waynetta Ausmus

Friends of the Anandarko Community Library in honor of Jay Snider



Linda Kirkpatrick in memory of Alton S. Kirkpatrick,  Lloyd B. Kirkpatrick, Audrey Tomberlin, and Ada Lee Wells

Diane Tribitt in loving memory of Randy Tribitt

Diana and Harold Roy Miller in memory of Sunny Hancock

Marion M. (Monty) Teel in memory of Marion Ray Teel

Rod Nichols in memory of Joan Mastel

Denise Arvidson in memory of Ross Christian Arvidson

Yvonne Hollenbeck in memory of Ray Owens 

Jeri Dobrowski in memory of  Colen Sweeten

Marci and Tony Agento, Jr. in memory of Sunny Hancock

Ken & Betty Rodgers in memory of Vince Pedroia

Slim McNaught in memory of Rod Nichols

Yvonne Hollenbeck in memory of Curly Musgrave

Yvonne Hollenbeck in memory of Wally Bazyn

Sam Matisse in memory of Gordon Peterson

William Hamilton in memory of Merle F. Miller

Linda M. Hasselstrom in memory of Josephine Hasselstrom

Jeri Dobrowski in memory of James R. Davis

Sam Matisse in memory of Bill Ramsey

Verna Owens in memory of Ray Owens

Gary "Doc" Lowe in memory of Ed Lewis

Nola Kirby in memory of "The Black Ace Yodellin' Hitchhiker"

Shelley Macdonald and Rod Helvey in memory of Trisha Pedroia

Marilyn L. Ball in memory of Darrell E. Lambert

Yvonne Hollenbeck in memory of Alice Hancock

Yvonne Hollenbeck in memory of Leon Flick

Yvonne Hollenbeck in memory of Rusty McCall

Yvonne Hollenbeck in memory of Guy Gillette

Eileen Dirksen in memory of Steve Dirksen

Anonymous in memory of Helen Hannagan



(June 2005 - June 2006)

Hal Swift  ~ Lincoln Rogers ~ Virginia Bennett ~ David L. Althouse

 Barbara Kopietz ~ Samuel Passamonte ~  Red Adair  

Dee Strickland Johnson ~ Ab D. Driediger ~ Terry Henderson

Pierrino Mascarino  ~ Karen Neurohr ~ Dick S. Moore



 Jim Daniels ~ Harvey Sampson ~ Sandy Seaton Sallee ~ Chris Williams ~ Dee Strickland Johnson ("Buckshot Dot")

Black Hills Antique Parts  ~ Sue and Bruce Matley ("Cimarron Sue and Nevada Slim")

Bruss Horn ~ Jean Mathisen Haugen ~ Linda Nadon ~ Tyler Guy ~ Laurel Paulson-Pierce ~ Chris Isaacs

Nebraska Cowboy Poetry Gathering at Valentine ~ Leland Parker ~ Jarolyn Crouse ~ Laurie Wood

Heather Hafleigh 


George Rhoades* ~ P'let and Michael Tcherkassky* ~ Marilyn Ball ~ Andria Kidd*

Chris Isaacs ~ Barb Kopietz ~ Susan and Bruce Matley (Nevada Slim and Cimarron Sue)

*multiple donations in 2014


Sandy Seaton Sallee ~ Chuck Learn

find Additional Supporters from earlier years listed here


Slim McNaught in memory of Charlie Hunt

Juni Fisher in memory of C. Howard Fisher

Dee (Buckshot Dot) and John Johnson in memory of Ray Owens

Bobbie Hunter in memory of Ross Weekes 

Linda Kirkpatrick in memory of Lydia Hampton

Colleen Kohler in memory of Ken Romriell

Jeri Dobrowski in memory of Ruth Hanson

Bobbie Hunter in memory of Ben Clark

Dorothy Hepner in memory of Lyle Wilkinson

Jeri Dobrowski in memory of Steffie Davis

Jeri Dobrowski in memory of Barbara Jean Franks Nelson

Sandra Green Lane in memory of Steven Leonard Green

Jeri Dobrowski in memory of Harry Hanson

Stella and Jim Cathey in memory of those lost in the West, Texas disaster

Jean Mathisen Haugen in memory of Robert and Betty Mathisen


2014 Challenge Donation ...deadline December 31, 2014

Thanks to those who stepped up and met the goal...

Cowgirl True—Diane Tribitt and Belinda Gail* ~ Jim Cardwell  ~ Chuck Learn ~ Hal Swift** ~ Kent Reeves—The Whole Picture Consulting ~ Stella and Jim Cathey ~ Tom Swearingen ~ Marleen Bussma ~ Jerry Brooks ~ Kay Kelley Nowell ~ Susie Knight** ~ Sally Baldus ~ Chris Williams ~ P'let and Michael Tcherkassky** ~ David Carlton ~ Jo Lynne Kirkwood ~ Kathryn Reynolds ~ Paul Quinton ~ George Rhoades  ~ Devon Dawson ~ Deanna McCall ~ Robert Kinsey ~ Marvin and Elaine Del Chiaro ~ Dennis Russell ~ Mary W. Seago ~ Jean Mathisen Haugen ~ Alan Mollenkopf ~ Western Folklife Center* ~ Almeda Bradshaw-M2B Music* ~ Gail Dudley ~ Daniel Bybee ~ Patricia Sublette  ~ Stephanie Davis ~ Marilyn Ball ~ C.J. Hadley —RANGE* ~ Leslie Keltner—Runumuk Cowgirl Productions ~ Dale Page ~ Andria Kidd ~ Del Gustafson ~ Anonymous ~ Tyler Guy ~ Al "Doc" Mehl ~ Floyd Beard ~ Patricia Frolander ~ Jane and Dick Morton* ~ Denise Arvidson  ~ Merv Webster ~ Yvonne Hollenbeck* ~ Mark Kerr ~ Nika Nordbrock ~  William Thornton ~ Kip Sorlie ~ Cimarron Cowboy Music & Poetry Gathering*  ~ Spalding Labs' Flying SL Ranch Radio Show* ~ Rex Rideout ~ Totsie Slover ~ Barb Kopietz ~ Belinda Gail—Broken Diamond Entertainment** ~ Hans-Joachim Gutbrod  ~ Jarle Kvale ~ Sally Smith—Joelle Smith Western Art ~  Jay and Sandi Snider ~ Chris Isaacs ~ Stan Howe ~ Marci Broyhill* ~ Cindy Quigley ~ Linda Nadon  ~ Bob Coker ~ Cowboy Poets of Idaho* ~ Jeri Dobrowski—Lamesteer Publishing and Graphics* ~ Doris Daley ~ Pat Richardson ~ Anonymous ~ Susan and Bruce Matley (Nevada Slim and Cimarron Sue) ~ Tom Nichols ~ John Dofflemyer  Mark Munzert ~ LaVerna B. Johnson ~ Roberta Rothman ~ Paul Kern ~ Rod Miller ~ Smoke Wade ~ Greg Camp ~ Challenge offered by Tom Morgan and Anonymous

** multiple donations during challenge period
* banner supporter


2013 challenge

Thanks to those who stepped up and met the goal...

Jo Lynne Kirkwood ~ Cowboy Poets of Idaho ~ Jerry Brooks ~ Hal Swift ~ Yvonne Hollenbeck ~ P'let and Mike Tcherkassky ~ Sandy Seaton Sallee ~ Sally Baldus ~ Stephanie Davis ~  John Michael Reedy ~ Harvey Sampson ~ Betty and Ken Rodgers ~ Dave Stanley and Nan McEntire ~ Keith Ward ~ Tom Swearingen ~ Jack Burdette ~ Dale Page ~ Stan Howe ~ Deanna Dickinson McCall ~ Shannon and Kent Rollins' Red River Ranch Chuck Wagon ~ David Carlton ~ Kay Kelley ~ Chris Williams ~
Nika Nordbrock ~ Denise Arvidson ~ Mark Kerr ~ Jeri Dobrowski-Lamesteer Publishing and Graphics ~ Monterey Cowboy Poetry and Music Festival ~ Dee Strickland Johnson ("Buckshot Dot") ~ Rhonda Sedgwick Stearns ~ Bj Smith ~ Linda Kirkpatrick ~ Andy Nelson ~ Yvonne Gresnick ~ Linda and Bill Patterson ~ Deanna Nelson ~ C.J. Hadley and RANGE ~ Black Hills Antique Parts ~ Bruss Horn ~ Patricia Frolander ~ Western Folklife Center ~ Jean Mathisen Haugen ~ Dick and Jane Morton ~ Susan and Bruce Matley ~ Jim and Stella Cathey ~ Beth Rand ~ Cindy Quigley ~ Del Gustafson ~ Jim Thompson (California) ~ Linda Nadon ~ Prudence and William Gustafson ~ Chuck Learn ~ Tyler Guy ~ Cochise Cowboy Poetry & Music Gathering ~ Mark Munzert ~ Shelly Pagliai-Prairie Moon Quilts ~ Bob and Marie Mann ~ Tom Linenbrink ~ Jarle Kvale ~ Laurel Paulson-Pierce ~ Chris Isaacs ~ Carol D. Warner ~ Jay and Sandi Snider ~ Jean and Gary Prescott ~ Leslie Keltner-Runumuk Cowgirl Productions ~ Susie Knight ~ Rodney Nelson ~ Janice Gilbertson ~ Nebraska Cowboy Poetry Gathering at Valentine ~ Leland Parker ~ Rex Rideout-Time Travel Music ~ Jarolyn Crouse ~ Michael Henley ~ Gary McMahan ~ Rod Miller ~ Roberta Rothman ~ Marci Broyhill ~ Smoke Wade ~ Eileen Dirksen in memory of Steve Dirksen ~ Gary Brown ~ Laurie Wood ~ Tom Nichols ~ Kathie and Paul Kern ~ Andrea Kidd ~
Cindy and Kurt "Snoose" Argyle of SaddleStrings ~ Marilyn and Greg Camp ~ Farmer Dave and Marti Fulfs ~ Kathy Brittain ~ Mike Moutoux ~ Paul Bliss ~ Lynn Kopelke ~ Heather Hafleigh ~ Sally Smith-Joelle Smith Western Art ~ Anonymous

updated 12/31


Thanks to the following for major donations of books, recordings, and other materials

Totsie Slover  ~ Darrell Arnold ~ Charles Williams
Virginia Bennett ~ C.W. (Charles) Bell

Find additional past donor information on page two.


Our Founders

Following are the generous donors, our Founders, whose early support was vital in the Center's first year (June 2005 - June 2006) and our generous Legacy Patrons, whose support is essential to the Center. These people created and sustain the foundation of support that was needed to maintain and continue Cowboy Poetry Week, and the funding that made possible the launching of the Rural Library Project, the first edition of The BAR-D Roundup CD, and the first Western art Cowboy Poetry Week poster.

Red Adair
David L. Althouse
Sally Baldus
C. W. (Charles) Bell
Virginia Bennett
Tom and Cay Billingsley
Alf Bilton
William E. Black Jr.
Ann Blackford
Victoria Boyd
Jerry A. Brooks
Scott Bumgardner
Lanny Joe Burnet
Frank T. Bye, Sr.   
Jim Cardwell          
Nona Kelley Carver
Keith Chadwell
V. June Collins
Marge and Steve Conroy
Ken Cook
Tony Corbelletta
Cowboy Miner Productions
Philip Crawford
Van Criddle 
Clark Crouch 
Doris Daley    
Teddie Daley
James Dalglish
Geff Dawson  
Sam DeLeeuw
Sue Derksen
Jeri Dobrowski
Dennis Donathan
Ab D. Driediger
Mike Dunn
Glen Enloe 
Orlo Espeland 
Jody Fergerstrom
Sherrod and Sue Fielden
Dave P. Fisher
Juni Fisher
Rolf Flake
Cathy Garbers
Thea L. Gavin

JP Gorham
Tim Graham
Audrey Hankins
Terry Henderson
Michael Henley 
Sandra and Steven Herl 
Don Hilmer
Glen and Yvonne Hollenbeck
Margaret Houghton
LaVonne Houlton   
Butch Howard
Judy Howser— Echoes of the Trail
Chris Isaacs
Sam A. Jackson
James and Marilyn John
Dee Strickland Johnson
Barbara Kasmiroski
Florence Katz
Wayne Kelley
Spencer Keralis
Paul Kern
Linda Kirkpatrick
Jo Lynne Kirkwood
Barbara Kopietz
Victor Kuhns
Carolyn Levine
Jon Lorensen
Deanna McCall
Slim McNaught
Pierrino Mascarino 
Larry Maurice
Al Mehl
Pam Mendelsohn
Diana Jo and Harold Roy Miller
Rod Miller
Dick S. Moore
Ken Moore
Tom and Fran Morgan
Jane and Dick Morton
Mike Moutoux
Ed Myers
Andy Nelson
Ed Nesselhuf
Rod Nichols 

Eddie O'Hara
Gene O'Quinn
Ray Owens
Susan Parker
Samuel Passamonte
William K. Patterson
Frank Pinney
Judy M. Pitcock
Rick Pitt
Verlin Pitt
Pat and Jane Richardson
Lincoln Rogers
Roberta Rothman
Harvey Sampson
Ray Sandes
Burton Santee
Bruce Satta
Judy and Lloyd Shelby
Virginia Sieler
Sandi and Jay Snider
Rhonda and Will Stearns
W. Robert Stetter
Kent Stockton
Hal Swift
Terri Taylor, Steve Taylor, 
   and David Anderson—STAMPEDE!
Monty Teel
Allen Thompson 
Diane Thompson
Jim Thompson
Diane Tribitt
Tex Tumbleweed
Stephen Vosseller
Smoke Wade
Carol Warner
Omar West
Western Folklife Center
Michael Whitaker
Ken Whitecotton
John Willard
Charles Williams 
Shelagh Wulff-Wisdom
Xcel Energy Foundation



We welcome your support.

Please join us, and make a donation of whatever you can afford.  Supporters have sent donations from $10 to $1000, and we are grateful for them all.

All supporters are recognized on our Wall of Support.  

Consider making a donation as a gift to an individual, to commemorate a special occasion, or to honor the memory of someone who treasured our Western heritage. 

Your generous support will ensure that we can continue to bring you all the news, poetry, and features that you depend on at and that we can continue programs including Cowboy Poetry Week, the Rural Library Project, and Cowboy Poetry Week, the Rural Library Project, and The BAR-D Roundup.

Contributions of any amount are welcome. Your individual support helps us show institutional funders the community interest in our Western arts.   We also welcome support at these defined levels:

Sponsor (individuals, Founders, and non-profit organizations)  $500 (commercial $1000; accepted at the discretion of the Center)

- your custom 468x60 banner with link on our front page, front news page, newsletter page,
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Leader $250 

- your name with a link on our Wall of Support
- supporters' Back at the Ranch newsletter
- the 2006 BAR-D Roundup CD (no longer available) 
- the 2007 BAR-D Roundup CD  (no longer available)
- the 2008 BAR-D Roundup CD
- the 2009 BAR-D Roundup CD 
- the 2010 BAR-D Roundup CD 
- the 2011 BAR-D Roundup CD 
- the 2012 BAR-D Roundup CD
- the 2013 BAR-D Roundup CD (special Christmas volume)
- the 2014 BAR-D Roundup CD 
- the 2006 Cowboy Poetry Week poster by Joelle Smith (no longer available)
- the 2007 Cowboy Poetry Week poster by Tim Cox 
- the 2008 Cowboy Poetry Week poster by William Matthews
- the 2009 Cowboy Poetry Week poster by Bob Coronato

- the 2010 Cowboy Poetry Week poster by Bill Owen
- the 2011 Cowboy Poetry Week poster by Duward Campbell
- the 2012 Cowboy Poetry Week poster by R.S. Riddick 
- the 2013 Cowboy Poetry Week poster by Shawn Cameron

- the 2014 Cowboy Poetry Week posted by Jason Rich

Partner  $100  

- your name on our Wall of Support
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- the 2013 Cowboy Poetry Week poster by  Jason Rich

Donor  $40 US; $60 for Canada and other countries*

- your name on our Wall of Support
- supporters' Back at the Ranch e-newsletter
- the 2014 BAR-D Roundup CD 
- the 2014 Cowboy Poetry Week poster by Jason Rich

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Back at the Ranch Supporters' Newsletter

includes advance notice of projects and features, and more ... provides thousands of cowboy poets with a "medium" in which to share an honest verse with those who may or may not understand the true context in which it is intended but love it just the  same...Very few things move me to the point of "donation," but the things that do are just, right and good ... Wishing continued success in your just cause.   
     Andy Nelson, co-host of Clear Out West, emcee, poet, Harvey's Moon, Pinedale, Wyoming provides visibility for the art, as well as for individuals -- the site, professionally designed and edited and regularly updated lends class to the genre. It goes beyond poems for browsing by providing news, essays, reports, Q&A, special events and projects... it presents cowboy poetry seriously as literature and a part of the greater world of poetry... it has become a resource for tracking down information about and the work of current and classic cowboy poets... How could I not support such valuable work with a donation?
     Rod Miller, author and poet, Sandy, Utah has meant that all of us who share a love for cowboy poetry, art and music have a place where we can meet and share our interests across the world. This would not be possible on a one-to-one basis. I cannot tell you how many ways I have personally benefited by meeting new friends...Donating what I could was the right thing to do. The cowboy way.
     Rod Nichols, poet, A Little Bit of Texas, Missouri City, Texas accepted poems I'd written, made me feel welcome, and encouraged me to keep on writing more. What moved me to make a donation?  I want to do something good for an outfit that's been so good to me.
     LaVonne Houlton, horsewoman, writer and poet, Modesto, California

Because of, I've made friends with many other poets who connected with me initially by email in response to a poem posted on the site. I've been invited to perform in many places, and it's not uncommon for people in the audience in a town far from Sigurd, Utah, to come up and tell me I'm a favorite poet -- and they've found me through"
     Jo Lynne Kirkwood, Cowboy Poets of Utah, Sevier Valley Roundup is an excellent source for everything a person wants to know about Cowboy Poetry. You can keep current on activities surrounding the business of cowboy poetry and western entertainment; on the news about everyone involved whether it be a poet or a fan; and it is as well as a source for cowboy poetry from the past to the present. It is not biased in any form... I check it every day and enjoy every minute spent with the site. It is also very professionally done and easy to navigate. Words cannot describe all the benefits I have derived from this  website.

I feel it is a very important website to everyone involved with cowboy poetry, whether they be poets or fans. I know the expense of hosting such a site as well as the massive amount of time involved with keeping it current. The donation I made was in memory of Howard Parker, a great cowboy poet and western entertainer, and I know of no better place to leave a memorial in his honor as it represents what he loved...the world of cowboy poetry.   
     Yvonne Hollenbeck, poet, From My Window and other poems

It's such a pleasure to be able to read the wonderful poetry at high standard encourages a reader... I was moved to donate because does a marvelous job promoting the poetry and the poets... I'm sure glad I found
     Eddie O'Hara, poet, New South Wales, Australia

What I value most about isn't one thing, but many.  I feel proud in being recognized by people whose opinions I value, and who maintain high standards for me, and for themselves...I value preserving the heritage of the American West, and the telling of the stories of the unique men, women, and children who lived here in the past.    
     Hal Swift, poet, Cowboy Poems and Outright Lies

I "discovered" three years ago when I started seriously writing cowboy and western poetry. The site has provided inspiration and information as my new poetic career has advanced. I especially enjoy and appreciate the authenticity of the material accepted for publication and the "high bar" set for the western and cowboy poetry submissions. Also, the sheer volume of material on the site is impressive...there's days of good reading there as well as the extensive calendar of events, the recurring challenges of the Art Spur program, and the appreciation of classical poets such as my 1940's acquaintance, Badger Clark... I made a donation because I just wanted to feel a part of such an exceptional western program.
     Clark Crouch, poet, Where Horses Rein

I value the calendars of events, and a chance to see the poetry some of my friends are doing, some of whom I only see once a year. Also, links to other publications and contests are helpful. I appreciate the work involved and realize it's not for free.
    Jim Cardwell, poet, Oroville, California

I value a spot on the world-wide-web where I can put up my boots, stay awhile, and relax among folks of like mind and ideals. To share something with others as important as a love of the West and what it stands for seems to be a rare commodity in these troublesome times... The Spirit of the Cowboy and the West is something works hard to keep alive, and I'm humbled and honored to be considered "a part of it all."
     Lincoln Rogers, poet, journalist, writer and photographer, Parker, Colorado is a place where I can explore other poets, read their poetry and even get to know them a bit... has created a way to keep the tradition alive. Thanks!
     Michael Whitaker, Cowboy Poetry: The Gathering is the most professionally presented cowboy poetry site on the web, and it's an honor to be a part of this great organization.  I'm glad to help this successful effort become more successful with a donation in memory of my loved ones -- the cowboys and ranchers of my own family, the people who inspire my poetry.  I hope everyone will want to be a part of keeping the cowboy way alive by making a donation.
     Linda Kirkpatrick, Somewhere in the West and Beneath a Western Sky  (donation in memory of 
    Alton S. Kirkpatrick, Lloyd B. Kirkpatrick, Audrey Tomberlin, and Ada Lee Wells)

The talent that exists in this field today is amazing and the site has done a magnificent job of collecting and displaying it for us all.
     Michael Henley, poet, Jacksonville, Arkansas          is tireless efforts in its efforts to make the best cowboy poetry available to the public. We realize that it costs money to build and maintain such a site and to carry on all of the other projects.
      Jane Richardson and Pat Richardson, Pat Richardson, Unhobbled

We value as a center for the preservation of the poems and stories of our cowboy and ranching history. It is a resource for us, and a place to share our stories with others.  It inspires us to keep learning more about our heritage and to keep writing and learning new poems. We so believe in the website that we wanted to contribute to help continue the work.
     Dick Morton and Jane Morton, Cowboy Poetry: Turning To Face The Wind

I start each day with a visit to the Bar-D Ranch; if I went online tomorrow and wasn't there, I would be deeply saddened. I find provides the most timely information available on new releases. Whether recordings, books or magazines, it has an ear to the ground with news of poets and entertainers, with an immediacy unmatched by any other source. If I want to refer someone to a performer, CD or a book, chances are there is a link to it. When friends ask me if I can locate an old classic cowboy poem, more than likely, I can find it at What a service that is!  I'm sending a contribution to keep news from the world of cowboy poetry comin'.
     Jeri Dobrowski, photographer and journalist, Cowboy Jam Session

I love to visit as often as possible to read the poetry of people who love the history and culture of the great American cowboy. I draw from each person's experiences and I get a glimpse of their place in that greatest of all places on earth -- the American  West. Creativity abounds at, and I can't get enough of  it!

When said they're seeking donations, I couldn't resist. Now, I can take pride that I made a contribution whenever I visit one of  my favorite places on the web. The fine product of is the result of a lot of hard work on the part of its  personnel and contributors. A financial contribution was the least I could do. I hope to see around for many years to come.
     David Althouse, Yukon, Oklahoma is one of the few places in the world where we can find cowboy poetry done like the old cowboys (our ancestors) did it. Although it is being eroded with modern styles and terms like everything else in America, we can still find some pieces and poets that satisfy the old cowboy in us, still telling the story of the everyday working cowboy's problems and pleasures. Some of us still enjoy cowboy poetry the way it was done by the old timers, some who could not read or write, so passed poetry on by rhyming it so they could memorize it and then putting a bunch of it to music to further preserve the content and style. I feel very proud that my Irish ancestors had a part in that process.  The Bar-D makes a place in their pages for us oldsters who are having a bit of a problem with the modern trend in what is today referred to as "cowboy poetry". Thanks for a place we can come and relate to our kind.

One of the things I value most about is the wide range of participants and ideas on the site. I don't agree with all of them, but I really enjoy being able to take their viewpoints and compare them with mine. It gives me a chance to broaden my knowledge of what is going on in the world of cowboy poetry.

My donation in memory of Charlie Hunt was prompted by the years that I held this man in high esteem. It makes good sense to support an organization that furthers what Charlie Hunt was all about. Charlie never met a stranger and I was proud to call him friend.
     Slim McNaught, custom leather artist, poet, and writer, New Underwood, South Dakota  (donation in
     memory of Charlie Hunt) is the welcome, familiar place to go, that feels like a visit home, where many others also speak the same language that I communicate with. My kindred soul is steeped in ranch life and others' familiar happenings and experiences are warmly felt by this reader. I plan to do my share of grease to the wheels, to make the mare go.  Like an old friend, Sunny Hancock was a special treasure. He's truly missed... We have seen a number of good poets cross over to other side...You've made it possible for us to continue to enjoy their talents.
     V. June Collins, poet, Yreka, California (donation in memory of Sunny Hancock)

The BAR-D Ranch at has become the "grange hall" of the cyber-cowboy poetry community. This site allows poets to have a professional link to share with presenters and media, all free of charge. It assists many people in finding rare or obsolete poems, lines of which have often been carried around in their memories since their grandparents recited the verse to them forty years earlier.  The BAR-D is of invaluable help in spreading the word about upcoming events, fundraisers and cowboy obituaries. During the vast western forest fires two years ago, the website served as a sort of "bush phone," where people could report the status of the fire and needs for survivors.

...the BAR-D D has set itself above all the rest. It is much more than a simple website containing cowboy poetry. As a result of the editor's love for the genre and commitment to excellence, the BAR-D Ranch has become something on which we all rely and is a shining example of the good that can come from this technology."
     Virginia Bennett, editor, writer, and poet, In the Company of Horses

I value for the appreciation of the art form and the fact new and "unknown" poets are given a chance to have their work included.
     Samuel Passamonte, poet, Randolph, New York 

. . .I like cowboy poetry and helps me enjoy it more with so many poems to read, so much information on artists, events, publications, so many web links . . . and I haven't even begun to "scratch the surface" of all that's available on the site.  When I was doing research for a grad school paper on the literary aspects of cowboy poetry/western verse, the site was a great resource . . . I thank you and wish you the best as you continue this valuable endeavor that has struck a poetic nerve in America.
     Thea Gavin, writer, Assistant Professor of English, Concordia University has been a source of information and inspiration to me as I ride what is rather a lonely range at times. It has provided leads and trail markings. It has provided introductions to the work of forefather poets I would not have found on my own. It has introduced me to other poets now writing and working in this is difficult to find another poetry forum with such a robust focus for preserving and expanding the form.

Those of us coming from a rural heritage find on the site a reflection and a record of that which we held dear. It reflects a form of folk story  passing that is has provided a ready base for both the tradition and discussions of the tradition for those of us who still participate in it.  This same capability allows those unaware of it a single source for a comprehensive introduction... It is a common ground for writers, performers and  audiences. It is an electronic front porch on which we can gather, catch  up on what's happening and pass on some of our latest work. In many ways, it  is one of the few porches left.

... I applaud the creation of the Center and wish to be at least a small part of  its founding. Perhaps what we do now will plant the seeds of support for those who follow-- when we are "no longer in the game" (to quote an old friend from outside the cowboy world).
     William (Bill) Black, Jr., writer, performer, poet, Arizona

The Cowboy Poetry Rodeo and share similar goals: documenting history that might otherwise be forgotten and improving the genre of Western and Cowboy poetry along the way.  Funds are required for most worthwhile ventures, and supporting the Center seems the right thing to do.
     Sam A. Jackson, poet, Wild and Woolly Western Verse and other Sagebrush Yarns
     originator and director of the world's only Cowboy Poetry Rodeo

This is the important stuff of our own history. Preserving the writings, stories, and poetry, and the music; all of it is part of the weave that makes us who revere the west who we are, and what we are. I come from a farm background, also rich in western heritage, and I chose for myself a "cowboy" lifestyle when I was a teenager. Western music, cowboy music, and poetry is for everyone, not only those who live it, but for those who want to "visit" occasionally. That's the beauty of Cowboy It gives everyone a place to "visit."
      Juni Fisher, singer, songwriter,  AWA Top Female Western Vocalist, Sideshow Romance  (donation in
      memory of C. Howard Fisher)

The folks at the Bar-D Ranch are more than just information gatherers, they're friends and fans themselves. They have dedicated themselves to preserving a part of American history that is swiftly falling by the wayside. I thought long and hard about donating and in the end I realized that there is really no organization more deserving of our support. I hope that everyone realizes the uniqueness of the Center for Western and Cowboy Poetry and supports it to the best of their ability. is like a favorite pair of boots: comfortable and an easy fit for the long ride ahead.
     Glen Enloe, poet,
Don't Ever Sell Your Saddle

Having a place like to send memorials is an excellent way to share the memory of a western entertainer with others.  Both Howard Parker and Sean Blackburn were constantly working to promote western music and cowboy poetry and were both a big loss to the business.  I am happy to have found a way to continue this promotion as well as preserve their memory. 
    Yvonne Hollenbeck, poet, From My Window and other poems (donations in memory of
    Howard Parker and Sean Blackburn)

Thanks to, I can go online and read poems written about the west and the folks who continue to carry on our heritage.  Cowboy Poetry and Music Gatherings are some of the best entertainment of our day.  I appreciate the clean, family oriented work of fellow writers and performers. My husband Alfred and I treasure the wonderful friendships we have with these fine folks, and want to support all efforts to keep this medium of entertainment going. 

CowboyPoetry.Com has allowed me to share my poetry with others in a way I never dreamed possible.   Keep up the good work!
     Nona Kelley Carver, poet,  Carver Country Cowboys and other publications

I set my mind to continue with the ranching after my husband, Randy, was killed in a rodeo accident.  Randy's cowboy friends from both Minnesota and South Dakota came together and helped me with the fall work.  I gave myself a year to see how it would go  Over that year I fell in love with the cattle and the ranch and the cowboy way of life, understanding it more, now, than I ever has linked me to a whole new "family."  They understand cowboying.  I find myself in another life-changing experience, and am very excited about where it is taking me...
      Diane Tribitt, poet and rancher, Hillman, Minnesota (donation in memory of Randy Tribitt)

I would like to promote Western heritage and leave something for the younger generation so they will realize that our country didn't just happen.  I want them to know what a great role the American Cowboy played in the building of this nation... I believe the general population has become more interested in this than ever before; thanks to people like those who hold this web site together.
     Tex Tumbleweed, poet, Dallas, Texas (donation in memory of Wild Bill Halbert) was a tremendous resource for us while researching and promoting our documentary film about cowgirl poet Georgie Sicking. The site's valuable collection of historical poetry gives an in-depth view into the evolution of this unique American art form and provides a real sense of the community of poets that have shaped the discipline. Having our film promoted on the site provided us direct communication with the audience we most wished to reach.
     Dawn Smallman and Greg Snider, Film Directors, "Ridin' & Rhymin'" Far Away Films, LLC

I was delighted to find a forum that supports and encourages the western way of life.  I made my donation because I am a strong advocate for those in production agriculture.  Cowboy poetry is a way to share with the general public what we do in agriculture.  While many times my ranching experiences don't even closely resemble the Hollywood version of the cowboy, there is still much to preserve on this way of life.
     Terry Henderson, rancher, writer and poet, Shawnee, Wyoming is vital to maintaining the recording of the lifestyle we lead. It is vital to preserving the style of writing used to express our lives as we live it "Country Style!"  Personally, it gives me the opportunity to lay down in history, my experiences and those of others, so that years from now, maybe centuries from now, it will not be forgotten. The high standard of acceptance at Cowboypoetry encourages me to strive harder to be a better poet, to read and learn from others, and have courage to put out to the world my feelings and thoughts.

If my donation can help keep our history stay alive, I am glad to do it.  It is one of the most valuable, heart felt donations, I think I have made in my life.
     Sue Derksen, rancher and poet, Princeton, British Columbia

I decided to upgrade my contribution level a bit...because...It was a happy day in my hectic retirement life when I discovered I surfed the various pages and the poems for hours.  It stirred up in my mind the memories of by-gone days when I did a lot of cowboying myself. And, even more so, it stirred up my own penchant for rhyming, which had, in recent years, gone pretty stagnant. Nowadays, while living in a big city environment I can "get away from it all" and spend some precious time filling my eyes, mind and heart with a vicarious visit to those "good old days" out on the ranch, riding the range with the wind in my face. I'd lots rather do that than ride a rocking chair.
     C. W. (Charles) Bell, retired professor, poet, Utah

I have found this site to be a wonderful escape where one can find decent folks sharing with each other.  We come from all walks of life and share a common love for a culture, which holds a sense of values that we can all yearn to feel in our lives. The talent seems limitless and it builds a great legacy for our future.  For young and old it simply has a "sense of place" that matters. 
     Tom Morgan, sculptor, San Antonio, Texas

We are really excited about Cowboy Poetry Week and the avenue it opens for us to achieve some additional  community awareness as well as possibility of a state-wide proclamation. All of us who work on Cowboy Poet endeavors are so grateful to for giving us such a wonderful site to visit for information and ideas, not to mention just a big old uplifting of our cowboy spirits

When I first discovered, I used it only for my own entertainment purposes, but  as time has passed I find myself accessing it several times per week for  research on poets, poetry, books and all things cowboy posted there.

The reason I decided to support Probably guilt, as I get so  much useful information and entertainment from the site and would miss it  so much if it were to go away due to lack of support, it just seemed the  right thing to do.
     Ann Blackford, Gila Valley Cowboy Poets, Safford, Arizona has become a universal gathering place for cowboy poets and those of us who are interested in Western themes, values, and issues. Not only does the site provide a forum for new poets, it keeps us abreast of gatherings, publications, and news of a more personal interest such as health concerns or the passing of friends from the poetry world. is an invaluable asset to the entire Western genre, and we all need to do what we can to keep the Center alive and strong.
     Jo Lynne Kirkwood (renewing supporter) teacher, poet, Cowboy Poets of Utah Secretary, Sigurd, Utah

The phenomenon of contributes enormously to the preservation of Western culture and values.
     Paul Kern, poet, rancher, Sandy, Utah

I value for the exposure it gives our gathering and the way it educates the public about cowboy poetry. I also like the way it gives cowboy poets the opportunity to share their work, and of course it is an entertaining site as well.  I feel that the least I could do is give back a small portion of what has given to our event!
     Judy Howser, Echoes of the Trail, Ft. Scott, Kansas

Who would have thought that anybody would or could collect, maintain and make generally available, all the information has brought together?  I would guess, most of us who write this stuff from our experience and our hearts are a bit hard to find, let alone corral and get headed in any one direction.  A contribution seems the right thing to do. What really needs doin', most folks can't do.  So, I for one, appreciate those who can and are bringing this all together.
     Byrl Keith Chadwell, poet and rancher, Baker, Oregon

What do I value most about As a performer, I am eager to learn more about shows in my neighborhood. The calendar of events and the updates about submitting applications and deadlines are invaluable. But perhaps as important is the internet exposure for cowboy poetry fans who are learning more about this entertaining oral history and the preservation of the cowboy life and spirit.
   Al Mehl, poet, Colorado

I value because I, too, believe strongly in preserving our western heritage and values. I made a donation to make a difference. My poetry is a ministry to me in remembrance of my father, Marion Ray Teel. He was a fine and special man. I just want to honor his life with my own.
   Monty Teel, Euless, Texas

I appreciate and the availability of promotional materials for Cowboy Poetry Week. I believe in what the Center is promoting and I wanted to support the endeavor.
   Karen Neurohr, Associate Professor, Assessment Librarian, Oklahoma State University

Cowboy poetry can put value on things which have value and help us all to remember them by the way they are described. I sent a donation in memory of Charlie Hunt, an example of decency.  Those who knew him could identify with him on at least two levels: 1) He was like us the way we are; and 2) he was like the way we'd like to be.
    Don Hilmer, poet, New Underwood, South Dakota provides a worldwide gathering point for all that are interested in cowboy poetry and western entertainment. It's kind of like branding time or fall roundup, where lots of folks can come together and share some tales. This gathering of poets at provides a valuable archive of information as it relates not only to the history of the American Cowboy culture, but the web site records the folk life of the modern cowboy as well. The cowboy way of life has changed drastically in the last fifty years, and through the efforts of, the way of the cowboy and his lifestyle will be preserved and shared with others.

The Center for Western and Cowboy Poetry has become a powerful resource tool for cowboy poets. I would hope that my small donation will help preserve the existence of the Center as well as
    Smoke Wade, poet, Lewiston, Idaho

Cowboy poetry is about the stories that all cowboy poets have to tell. The more people are exposed to this fabulous poetry, the longer  the West lives. One day it may be all that is left of America's heritage.  Thank you,, for everything you do to keep the West alive.
     Susan Parker, poet, Benicia, California

The things I value most about are that it keeps the art form of cowboy poetry alive and preserves our western heritage. It gives the common person a place to put their poems out to the public and encourages us to us to continue writing. I love reading what others have written in response to our everyday lives. It is with gratitude for this forum that I am pleased to donate what I can to make this venue endure.
     Patti Leininger, poet and horsewoman, Crown Point, Indiana

Having my work as a part of, I've made wonderful friends through the exchange of poems and emails. I have broadened my horizons, have been invited to events and gatherings, and my poems have been published in a number of places because of the exposure to and contact with readers from across the world. Keep up the great work, ya'll.
     Linda Kirkpatrick, writer and poet, Leakey, Texas

The Center for Western and Cowboy Poetry has done a tremendous job of exposing the true West, bringing to light writings of a culture often ignored, misunderstood, and underrated. has been able to reach out to places no single gathering or festival could, to not only educate, but to also bring kindred souls together. 
    Deanna Dickinson McCall, writer, poet, and fifth-generation rancher, Timberon, New Mexico

I made my donation because is professional and genuine regarding cowboy poetry. I also appreciate the access to the poetry and the ability to submit poetry.
     Michael Jeffreys, Yucca Valley, California

I support the Center because the cowboy way of life is the purest expression of God's plan for human living, I believe. It requires and rewards the best one has to offer, and quickly weeds out fools. It needs only courage and ingenuity to be successful. It reveals a big heart transparently (and much more).  I live in the western US, and I pray that the values and lifestyle I cherish will never be overcome by "Progress." Television and Ford trucks will do for now, I think.
     Noble Collins, Payson, Arizona has inspired me to search and clarify our ranch history. If I hadn't started to get it down when I did, more of it would be lost than already is. Through the Western Memories and Picture the West projects, people can share their stories and their pictures even though they may not feel they can write a poem. This website is a center that brings us together. I feel I have taken more than I've given, and the whole family is richer for having so much of our family history recorded here. Put it all together and it's the history of the West.
    Jane Morton, poet and writer, Colorado Springs, Colorado and Mesa, Arizona

I value the length, breadth and depth goes to present the best of Western culture in ALL its facets, to the public. I especially appreciate the volume and range of talent represented on the site and yet the attention afforded each individual. That type of cultural substance deserves all the support available to it.
   Curly Musgrave, singer, songwriter, and musician, Lake Arrowhead, California

The Center is a non-profit organization responsible for historical preservation. Our donation was in honor of Dr. Lloyd E. Messersmith's 75th birthday. Dr. Messersmith has a heart as big as the "big sky country" from which he was born. What better way to honor him then to make a donation to something that he truly loves and enjoys: cowboy poetry.
   Mike and Wendy Messersmith, Sacramento, California  (in honor of Dr. Lloyd E. Messersmith)

I enjoy reading other people's writings, learning their backgrounds, their views on the West and the culture—both today's and yesterday's, the pictures and artwork and the connection to the rest of the community—the gatherings and the people. I believe in each person doing his share as he is able. It is our responsibility—not someone else's—to support what we enjoy and believe in.
   Stan Howe, singer, musician, and writer, Helena, Montana is more than just a directory of where to locate gatherings, and make connections. It is "HOME" to the family of poets and musicians, artists, fans, and history buffs of the Western way of life. It is undoubtedly THE most dedicated, educational, entertaining and complete resource for the specific genre of Cowboy and Western arts anywhere.

I chose to make a donation to help promote
Cowboy Poetry Week, and especially in memory of poet Ray Owens, who so humbly made his mark and gained the respect and friendship of so many folks with his kindness and quick wit.  He was one of our family and his passing leaves a  huge void in the world of Cowboy Poets. He will be missed, but not forgotten, and my
donation in his memory will, I hope, insure that his  name will remain among the ranks of one of the finest men we have ever known.
    Patty Clayton, singer and songwriter , Edgewater, Colorado is my little log cabin way back in the hills at trail's end. I can turn my horse out and go in there, close the door behind and immerse myself in the best of the best poets from yesterday and today. I can find out where gatherings are being held and when, and who will be performing at each. I can find reference material to help me improve my own writing and even line up a workshop. I made my donation now in celebration of Cowboy Poetry Week, 2007!
     Jim Hawkins, poet, Madison, North Carolina

In these days when modern technology can sometimes push aside old-fashioned fellowship, is the best of both worlds. It's an electronic worldwide connection, but it feels more like an old-time town hall meeting, or maybe coffee hour in the church basement... friends sharing with friends...
     Al Mehl, poet, singer and songwriter, Boulder, Colorado

We always like to see what's new on the gathering schedule at, but what we appreciate the most is the wide variety of cowboy poetry that is easily accessible and the background information on the poets themselves. As an important part of our American heritage, we feel that cowboy poetry, as well as the music, must be preserved and promoted...keep up the good work!
     Bob and Marie Mann, Altadena, California

Here's what is for me: the grand cosmic equivalent of the office water fountain, the auction barn, the local diner, the private research lab, the cheerleading squad, the professional development seminar, and the family reunion, all rolled into one.
     Doris Daley, poet, Calgary, Alberta is a deep well of data about the cowboy poetry world. I'm working on a book about cowboy poetry and it's amazing how often "experts" have sent me here. It's obvious that anyone who cares about cowboy poetry really should consider the $40 donation. Not only does that help bring together this open range community, you get that fabulous Cowboy
Poetry Week poster!
     Anne Lazarus, Poet, writer, and business coach, Reno, Nevada

Before came our way, we just didn't know where cowboy poetry was heading. My point is very simple: we all need to support
     Joe Baker, Backforty Bunkhouse, Ruidoso, New Mexico has become a "Rock" for those of us who are involved in cowboy poetry.
     Chris Isaacs, cowboy, packer, and award-winning poet and humorist, Eagar, Arizona is without a doubt the single most current cowboy/cowgirl website in existence. The virtual daily updates and postings make it the "place" to find out what is happening...Anyone who desires to be a part of broadcasting cowboy / cowgirl music and poetry obviously needs to be connected into the best sources for current information...Consequently, I support what supports me! 
     Howard G. Staub, The Real West from the Old West, Deming, New Mexico gives people who are relatively "unfound" a chance to share their work with others. I think this place has a lot of value and feel as much enjoyment as I get out of it, I should try and support it as best I can.
     Robert Dennis, rancher and poet, Red Owl, South Dakota lets me keep up with folks and cowboy poetry activities and I use it to research particular poets' work. It's my "go-to site." Our Nara Visa Cowboy Poetry & Music Gathering board was moved to donate because it was the right thing to do. We like the Rural Library Project and know libraries benefit from the program. There are two and only two kinds of people, "givers and takers." We try to be "givers," like Maybe others can be helped. It takes all of us to keep it going.
     Tom Cole, Nara Visa Cowboy Poetry & Music Gathering, New Mexico

What I value most from is its perseverance to preserving Western heritage. I grew up on a farm and ranch and this way of life is very dear to me. With the urbanization and fast-paced "lifestyle" this world has changed towards, holding true to my roots and the Western heritage is very important.
     Aaron Nelson, Editor, Tri-State Livestock News, Spearfish, South Dakota

What I value most about is learning about various styles of poetry from reading other poets' work and, most of all, from their thoughts. I am not a cowgirl, but I'm definitely a country girl and I do not believe that you have to live the ranching lifestyle to know what's in your heart...I write my poetry from personal experiences, from when my family lived in ranching country or from western people I've met and places seen along the way. I have great respect for farmers and ranchers because if they didn't exist, we wouldn't be alive to tell the story.

I continue to learn, not only from other poets, but from the variety of topics that are discussed on The site's information gives a good understanding of what cowboy poetry is all about and why we should preserve and promote our western heritage. Also, I appreciate that readers have an opportunity to learn that western culture is alive and well here
in Canada.
    Mag Mawhinney, writer, artist, and poet, Passin' it On, British Columbia, Canada

I donated because I have come to enjoy and I didn't want to be like those who show up for brandings but are never around when there are bales to buck, waterers to thaw and irrigation ditches to clean.
Tom Nichols, poet and rancher, Corvallis, Oregon

I'm on a fixed income and don't have much to give, but I use and enjoy daily. So I send a small monthly donation, which accumulates in a meaningful way over the year. I want to do what I can to keep the things going. 
Hal Swift, poet, Sparks, Nevada 

Our contribution seems a small price to pay to have the whole world of cowboy poetry at your fingertips. We can catch up on all the current events and have an encyclopedia of classic and contemporary poetry all in one bucket. Our contributions have come back to us tenfold.
   Sandi and Jay Snider (poet), ranchers, Cyril, Oklahoma

[At, people] can get a snapshot of the cowboy/western/farm/ranch/prairie way of life ... a way of life that will die out if we let it. is helping keep that alive, and I'd like to help. Young people today have no idea what it was like, and that needs to be preserved.'s poets do a great job of portraying the life, and proving through the other features that it is still out there.
    Shelly Pagliai, rancher and businesswoman, Prairie Moon Quilts, Macon, Missouri

If a cowboy cares about something dynamic he has the privilege to work with every day, like a good horse and, it's his calling to take care of it, help it grow, contribute to its well being, and become a part of its success. Here's the rub: My horses and the Center for Western and Cowboy Poetry have given more to me and my craft than I have to theirs. I encourage everyone to saddle up, donate, And be a part of a great outfit, the -D.
    Ken Cook, cowboy and poet, Martin, South Dakota 

There are many reasons that I value the website, Yes, the website promotes cowboy poetry, but also supports the art, music, literature, and various forms of media that preserve our western culture. It is an educational resource for workshops and educational links. I can e-mail a question and get a quick response. The calendar allows me to keep abreast of western heritage events. One of the great aspects of the website is keeping in touch with new friends I meet at different gatherings.

I made a donation to this organization to support and preserve the genre of western heritage, a heritage with its roots in agriculture. I feel a calling to give a voice to the men, women, and children of our past, generating a connection with today's society. We need to appreciate the tenacity and hardwork; the hardship and success of all cultures involved in North America's western expansion. To understand the present and plan for the future, we must understand our past.
    Marci Broyhill, poet, Dakota City, Nebraska

The Center for Western and Cowboy Poetry is an invaluable resource to the world and especially to those of us who love, read, write, or sing about the cowboy and the West. Nowhere else are the resources it has available in one place and in such volume. It is a tremendous boon to poets, writers, singers, performers, promoters, critics, support resources and all who love the West. I intend to support this work for as long as I can draw a breath of Western air.
    Van Criddle, poet, Eugene,Oregon

In his memoir, Education of a Wandering Man, Louis L'Amour wrote, "That book or that person who can give me an idea or a new slant on an old idea is my friend." For the past seven or eight years, I have come to regard as such a friend. The poets and poetry, the essays, memoirs and articles published there have not only entertained and educated me, but have given me ideas for my own writing. I consider as the world's largest free library of quality cowboy poetry, and I consider my contribution as merely the price of my library card.
Jerry Schleicher, poet and humorist, Parkville, Missouri

I subscribe to several magazines, including some that have recently "gone under." is there every day, filled with news and information, even better than a magazine (with no irrelevant ads). If its regular readers would donate what they would spend on a magazine subscription to the Center for Western and Cowboy Poetry, I know it would make a critical difference in sustaining, Cowboy Poetry Week, the Rural Library project, The BAR-D Roundup, and all of the work it does.
      Yvonne Hollenbeck, poet and ranch wife, Clearfield, South Dakota

When folks ask me for my web address I send them to Simply's the best. There's a lot of other sites out there ranging from decent to disastrous but none come close to the quality and care to detail as people ask me where to you know.
DW Groethe, ranch hand, songwriter, poet (computer-less), Bainville, Montana is like a good cup of cowboy coffee, a warm campfire and a group of friends standing around warming themselves. Before you know it someone new shows up, it may be a new poet, a friend from the past, a relative, or someone just surfing the web... I have met and become friends with other poets, old friends have found me here, long lost relatives have located me and just the other day an antique dealer needing information found me here as is much more than poems, it is the photos from the past, ranching heritage stories, dates of upcoming events and reports from previous events.

Ten years ago at the rural school where I work, none of the students were reciting cowboy poetry. This year there were several using cowboy poems in their competitions—how good is that and where did they get their poems:!
     Linda Kirkpatrick, poet, historian, writer, fifth-generation Texan, Leakey, Texas

What I value most about is the fact that this website is the most informative and complete website to find out what is going on in the world of cowboy poetry and Western music across the whole country. The best poetry of the best poets and the best songs of the best songwriters are right at our fingertips as well as up to date news and reviews about what is new in the world of cowboy poetry and Western music.
A donation to helps insure that fans of cowboy poetry and Western music all over the world can stay up to date on the goings on. I believe that the money I donate goes further to promote cowboy poetry and Western music than any other avenue.
      Jean Prescott, singer and songwriter, Ovalo, Texas

I appreciate that I can get event information, and I can check up on the performers who don't have websites. And, I got my tax refund (!) and I wanted to help.
Cindy Quigley, Oroville California helps me to remember and relive vicariously the days of my cowboy past. To paraphrase the statement of my Marine son: Once a cowboy, always a cowboy. A lot of work goes on at the Center for Western and Cowboy Poetry. If I can't help personally, I can do it monetarily.
C.W. (Charles) Bell, poet, Taylorsville, Utah provides a platform and a multitude (and I mean MULTITUDE) of resources for cowboy poets and those who appreciate cowboy poetry... well done and consistently. We all benefit and...hey... there really ain't no free lunch!  "Free" is great if you  need a "hand up," but even then, you should generally take a "hand up" with the idea that you will help out, when you can, somehow, somewhere along the line, in kind.
Byrl Keith Chadwell, poet, Baker, Oregon

Years ago when I first started to write and recite cowboy poetry, friends asked if there was a Cowboy Poetry organization I belonged to, or if not, how did I find out about all of the different gatherings? I didn’t know what to tell them...there were sometimes events in publications or sometimes I learned about gatherings through friends. There was no Cowboy Poetry center as such. When the website started up, it soon became the center. It is our library, our calendar of events, our cowboy newspaper, our website, and the internet spot that connects poets with each other and with their fans. Through the western memories project, it preserves our western culture. I value it most for the center that it is.
      Jane Morton, poet, Colorado Springs, Colorado

I like having a website that well represents one of my favorite pastimes. It is like a true gathering—anyone who works at it and makes a good effort, can be a part of it, from those who just think they are great to those who really are. has probably the best and most comprehensive list of events.
      Keven Inman, poet, Graham, Washington

I think it is important for those who write poetry that people actually enjoy reading to have a showcase where their work can be read and appreciated. provides a forum where poets, young and old, can have their day in the sun and the readership extends far beyond a clique of cowboy poets. I donate to show my appreciation for the Center's good work and to insure this forum is available to other poets, now and in the future.
       Del Gustafson, poet, Duvall, Washington has been my main resource for inspiration and guidance since I discovered that I had a passion for cowboy poetry. I had tried for years to record in some manner my memories of my Uncle's cattle ranch where I spent much of my youth. When I went to Elko in 2001, I discovered cowboy poetry, and have been reading and listening to that art form ever since. I started writing down stories in the meter and rhyme format that I heard performed but I was usually disappointed with the results. gave me access to the great writings of the classical cowboy poets, and to the cowboy poetry of contemporary writers. The articles posted on the web site about writing cowboy poetry have been invaluable and I have tried to achieve and maintain the high standards set by many of the writers who have their poems posted on This forum has allowed me share my memories with other people who also love cowboy poetry.

Because of weekly visits to, I am constantly amazed at the amount of material the site somehow manages to post each week. I love the fact that there are so many new poems, articles, stories, and pictures each time I click on I know this service costs money and I just wanted to help out in some small way to show my appreciation. I look forward to finding new treasures each week at for years to come.
Daniel Bybee, poet, Reno, Nevada

I appreciate that welcomes poets from all parts of the country. I also appreciate the fact that the site welcomes poetry not only about ranching, but also poetry about life in rural America. I believe that cowboy poetry holds just as much appeal for a corn farmer in Iowa, a Mississippi cotton grower, or a dairy farmer in Wisconsin, as it does for a cattle producer from South Dakota. I'm glad for a forum that has led me to cowboy music and poetry gatherings I might not have otherwise found, introduced me to talented writers and performers I might have never discovered, helped me to improve my own writing, and given me the encouragement to find my own voice in this uniquely American folk art.
     Jerry Schleicher
, country humorist and poet, Kansas City, Missouri

What I value, even more than the wonderful poetry that first drew me to, is the assortment like-minded people who gather at the infamous Bar-D Ranch, many of whom are now life-long friends of mine. The poems they write are the added blessing.

I'm a big believer in "charity begins at home." The Bar-D Ranch is home to many of usas much so as the houses we reside in. And no matter where in the world we are, it's just a click away.

I like knowing that I am able to help others. Even if it's in a small way, the benefits of every donation serve to encompass more people every day, enabling them to become part of who we are. gives our "family" a wonderful way to share our unique words, lifestyles and Western heritage with one another.
     Diane Tribitt
, rancher, poet, songwriter, and editor, Hillman, Minnesota


You can make a donation by check or money order, by mail (please use the form here for mail to PO Box 695,
St. Helena, CA 94574) or by a secure, on-line credit card payment through PayPal (a PayPal account is not required): is a project of The Center for Western and Cowboy Poetry, a tax-exempt non-profit organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service Act. Contributions to the Center are fully deductible for federal income tax purposes.


Some history..., also known as the BAR-D Ranch, was established January 1, 2000. Over the years, it has grown to be a central resource for Western and Cowboy Poetry and associated arts.  Always commercial-free, the BAR-D has been mostly a volunteer effort by an energetic and devoted group of people who have have worked to create a vibrant community. 

In 2001, New West Library published The Big Roundup, a collection of contemporary and classic poetry from  Some proceeds from the book's sales helped to maintain

The Big Roundup was awarded the Will Rogers Medallion Award and the Buck Ramsey Best Poetry Book AwardIt received much praise, including:

"Cowboy poetry provides an important link to my own rural roots.  The Big Roundup is a fine collection of cowboy poetry -- old and new."    
The Honorable Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, author of Lazy B

"There's something for everyone and about everyone in this anthology...a fine package for anyone who likes cowboy poetry and a fine introduction to the genre for those who think they might like it."
Fran Devereux Smith, Western Horseman  (Read the entire review here)

"An entertaining and heartwarming collection of modern and classic Cowboy Poetry.  A wonderful treasury,  including many of my favorites."  
Don Edwards, America's favorite cowboy singer 

"...a wonderful addition to our cowboy poetry collection..."
Randy Williams, Curator, Fife Folklore Archives

We inaugurated Cowboy Poetry Week in 2002 at, with our Favorite Cowboy and Western Poems Project, which invites people to share comments about their favorite poems. The project was inspired in part by former American Poet Laureate Robert Pinsky's Favorite Poem Project. In 2003, Cowboy Poetry Week was recognized with unanimous resolution by the U. S. Senate. We celebrate the week each year during Poetry Month, the third full week in April.

Each year, we choose an example of outstanding contemporary Western art to serve as information cards and our Cowboy Poetry Week poster.

The BAR-D Roundup, an annual compilation of recordings of the best classic and contemporary cowboy poetry, grows as an archive. CDs are offered to libraries in the Center's