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Southwest Texas



Cowboy Have A Care

I know that I shall never feel
a lesson sharper than the steel,
the snaking strand from the mercantile,
break the band, and pull the seal,
glove yer hands, and mind yer toil,
wind it out, the jumping coil.

From post bottom up, with fence-side round,
angle yer stroke and hammer it down.
Snug it, but slack it, do it right
when the sun goes down, it'll shrink back tight.

But with a mouth full of galvanized,
cowboy have a care,
there's more than a scorpion's sting down there.....

That unforgiving lash will do
far more damage than you want it to.
Scars on your elbows, hide, and hands,
finally healed, but leave the brands.
An' pardner, you've been fencin', so I see,
you're a tattooed barbed wired legacy.

Doc Finstuen
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.

Doc told us he "... wrote this back in the '80s when I lived on and owned the 5K spread outside of Pearson (State of Texas, County of Medina, Class 2, Certificate of Registration of Marks and Brands, Vol. 3, page 53, left hip), running 3/8 Hindu:5/8 English (Brangus) cross.



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