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Thermopolis, Wyoming
About Richard R. "Dick" Hall




In October...In Wyoming...


In Wyoming...
     You can hear God's clear voice
      As elk and deer, by choice
      Move down the mountain trails
      In search of warmer vales.

In Wyoming...
     You can see God's true hand
      As He changes the land,
      As part of His great rhyme,
      From Fall to Wintertime.

In Wyoming...
      You can feel God's great plan
      As surely as you can
      While southward geese fly high
      Through a royal blue sky.

In Wyoming...            
      You can watch God at work
      In that high mountain church
      Maintaining, directing,
      Preserving, protecting.

      And if you stand quite still
      You might just find God's will

In October... in Wyoming...

© 2001, Richard Rankin Hall 
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.

This poem appeared in American Cowboy magazine in 2002


Uphill and Aígin the Wind

For fifty years Iíve wandered Ďround
Old Wyoming and this Iíve found.
Seems like every trail Iíve ever trod
on this old Cowboyís hard red sod,
No matter where they all would end,
They was all uphill and aígin the wind

Iíve gone here, there, over yonder
And it makes my heart grow fonder
For that old state that I call home.
I love to saddle up and roam
But every time, the trail would bend,
I was ridiní uphill and aígin the wind.

It ainít no free and easy breeze
That brings my pony to his knees.
Nope. Sheís a mini hurricane
Probably with snow or even rain
That adds to my daily chagrin
While workiní uphill and aígin the wind

I need that mountain up ahead
to tell me where to lay my bed.
Donít get me wrong, Iím not upset.
and I donít mean to fuss and fret.
But just for once Iíd like to wend
On gentle sloping ground with no darn wind

Would it be too much, just for fun
to mosey along in the sun
In a near perfect summer day
And, with the Lordís help, find a way
To that one trail without an end
Thatís neither uphill, nor aígin the wind?

© 2007, Richard Rankin "Dick" Hall 
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.


Dick comments, "Someone once said that when God handed out gifts to his brave new world, he gave the wind to Wyoming. Itís probably true that for those of us living here, we donít always appreciate the gift! For many years truckers transiting our state have complained bitterly about every road in the state being uphill and against the wind. Thatís a phrase that simply cries out to be translated into a poetic theme and thatís basically what Iíve done. "



About Richard R. "Dick" Hall:

I am a knee-jerk attendee at almost any Cowboy Poet and Music Gathering and in the last year alone (2006), we've attended gatherings in Lewistown, Montana; Alpine, Texas; Thermopolis, Heber City, Utah; and Elko, Nevada. I contribute to Rope Burns, a magazine/newspaper concerned with Cowboy gatherings.

I am an almost life-long resident of Thermopolis, Wyoming. Except for some 30 years away in both the military and civil service, this has been my home since junior high school.

I am married to a wonderful woman, Joy, and am the proud parent of three children--a girl in California, and a boy and another girl in Wyoming.

I am a board member of the Hot Springs County Museum and Cultural Center, a driving force behind the Hot Springs Chapter of "Keeping the West Western!" and a founding member of the Hot Springs County chapter of the Wyoming Cowboy Poets Association.



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