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Old Reb

When a stranger stops by my place
toward the barn is where he will look
hanging out there, above the doors
is a picture that I once took.

Now the locals don't ask questions
'cause Old Reb was a horse they know
sorta famous in these here parts
but he passed on some time ago.

See, Old Reb was some kinda horse
who favored strong, the wide open space
shackle him or picket him out
Old Reb would tear up the whole place.

More trustworthy steed I never owned
he was firery and stout from a colt
but put the big bay inside anything
he'd turn to a lightning bolt.

Sack him, pack him, ride skinny bum
to shoe him was easy as pie
fence him was courtin' disaster
the rails, dirt, and posts would fly.

In a way, I know how he felt
bein' closed in just hankered his pride
'bout the barn, ain't takin' no chances
why his picture is hangin' outside.

2009, Dick E. May
These lyrics may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.


Dick comments: The inspiration for the following poem came from a Morgan stallion by the name of "Pleasant Perdition." He didn't much like being in a trailer either.


About Dick E. May:

As in the Waylon Jennings song, "My heroes have always been cowboys" just about says it all for me. Being 65 years kickin' about, I have a lot of fond memories when it comes to horses. I used to put my youngin's in five gallon buckets attached to the arms of my hot walker and around they would go. It was great fun.

Over the years I have helped my brother run a string of pack horses into and out of the Grand Daddy Lakes in the High Uinta's in Utah, owned and drove a couple of chariot teams, did a little roping on a chestnut mare who liked to leave the chute in the raring position.




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