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Nathrop, Colorado
About Dennis Fischer

My Partner Too

Happy Birthday old horse
(seems a funny thing to say)
it never meant a thing to you
being born a certain day

I never will forget it though
you was our very first
My new wife cried tears of joy
a-witnessing your birth

She stayed here in your stall
near every night and day
It was her that named you star
thirty years ago today

You sure like that brushin don't you ?
Your old partner liked it too
I guess us humans like a pettin
just like horses do

She always was so proud of you
you sure were somethin in your day
Whoa now, that ol cat won't bite
just go on and eat your hay

When folks saw you two comin
they sure would stop and stare
You sure showed 'em more than once
over at the county fair

Got the ribbons to prove it too
hangin right up on the wall
That big blue one..."Best of Show"
now that one tops 'em all

I know it's her you miss old horse
a-comin through the door
I know exactly how you feel...
it just ain't like before

But we've got to pull together now
and make the best of it
If she saw us draggin around here
she sure would throw a fit

I think I'm glad the lord chose her
....the first one to depart
Had it been you or I old horse
it would have broke her heart

Sure there's horses up in heaven
can't think why there wouldn't be
But you ain't up there yet old horse
so you'll just have to do with me

Come on now, and eat your carrot
and quit lookin so darn sad
She was my partner too you know
The best I ever had

2002, Dennis Fischer


About Dennis Fischer:

Dennis Fischer has been writing and reciting his original poetry since 1994. Since then he has been a favorite at poetry gatherings throughout the west. His work spans many familiar and varied themes from the humorous to the tragic. A regular contributor to several farm and ranch publications, he is also much in demand as an entertainer, combining his poetry and stories with traditional cowboy songs and old time fiddle tunes. 

Adding to his list of personal appearances, he has been featured numerous times at M. M. Murphys "Singing Cowboy Ranch." His latest book and CD have been nominated by the Academy of Western Artists. Dennis and his wife Claudia live up at 8200 ft. in the Arkansas river valley of Colorado where
they ride their mules and host Barn Dances.




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