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Mighty Tall Paul

This here's a story 'bout a man named Paul
He is dark and handsome and mighty tall
He shot a Black Angus on the hundred acres
But the dang thing wouldn't go down for goodness sakers!

Well Paul cussed and stalked in the settin' sun
On the third shot it buckled then took off at a run
He was one ornry cowboy when he threw down his gun
But he knew he wouldn't be finished until he was done

That cow was too much for the old twenty-two
And Mighty Paul knew now what he had to do
He ran for his pickup and grabbed for his cell
Dad! Bring me more power and we'll give him hell!

We all said a prayer for that big black steer
When Bob fired from the bucket of the old John Deere
So Big Bob came out and stole all the glory
But that's not the end of Mighty Paul's story

Paul hunkered down and slit the beast's throat
There was blood on his fist and blood on his coat
Little Joe quivered his eyes round with fright
He clung to Paul's woman with all of his might

Well the skinnin' out started with Paul in command
Soon the beast lay stark naked on the grass of the land
The hide was saved to be sold for some bucks
Wasn't a bad one 'cept for Bob's nicks and cuts!

Well Paul hung up the carcass and out spilled the guts
He carved out the good stuff and left the rest for the mutts
He placed the beasts heart in his lady's warm hand
And tipped off his Stetson--at her feet did it land

Now the creature was skinned, cleaned out, drawn an quartered
And the hide was rolled up and sent off to be salted
So by the light of the tractor and not of the moon
The task was completed and not a moment too soon

No one knows why this slaughter drew such a crowd
The night Mighty Tall Paul did his kinfolk proud
To watch a timeless ritual where death becomes life
To see and ancient craftsman wield his skill with a knife

It was apparent to all he was born a hundred years late
In a world far too small in a sad twist of fate
So this is my story 'bout a man named Paul
There will be plenty more but for now that's all.

2003, Deborah Thomas

About Deborah Thomas:

Currently I'm living on eighty acres of beautiful country on Vancouver Island. (With "Mighty Tall Paul" of course!) We have a combined family of four children and five grandchildren. I manage a couple of businesses in town but my heart and soul are always back on the farm. I was born into country life on the Manitoba prairie but later spent many years in various cities, in various Provinces. When I wrote "Mighty Tall Paul" a few years back, I was a bit of a greenhorn and the country folk called me "city girl." I loved everything I was learning about farm and ranch life and I worked hard to get rid of that nickname! I also wrote a lot about that time in my journal, so I'd never forget. My change of lifestyle surprised many people but not my Dad. He always said, "You can take the girl out of the country but you can't take the country out of the girl."



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