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About Common Sense, Men and Horses

Poem: Common Sense, Men and Horses

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About Common Sense, Men and Horses 

  Just released! Honored Guest Debra Coppinger Hill's new CD, Common Sense, Men and Horses, a collection of her Western poetry and songs, with pieces co-written with Marvin Southards and G. Casey Allen. Recorded at Bethel Sound in Graham, Alabama, it includes performances by Debra, as well as Doc Stovall (co-writer on two songs), Jerry Warren, Jean Prescott (Western Singer of the State of Texas) and Devon Dawson (the singing voice of Cowgirl Jesse of Disney's Toy Story II music CD). With background music by Daniel Addison, Doc Stovall, Rich O'Brien (courtesy of Western Jubilee Recording Co.) and the Cowtown Opry Buckaroos, this pleasant mix of music and poetry has already captured the attention of radio stations in Canada, Italy and the United States.

The album is available online at Silver Creek Music and through Old Yellow Slicker Productions at 25552 E. 320 Road, Chelsea, Oklahoma 74016, 918-789-5288. CDs retail for $15.00 and cassettes for $10, with wholesale pricing available to retail outlets. Also available is Debra's AWA Top Five album "Cattle Calls...", which has been re-mastered on CD and features music by Tim Graham and Gina DeLaune, Cowboys Forever and yodeling by Devon Dawson.



Tracks include:

Stir The Campfire (listen to a sample at SilverCreek)
Waiting  (on Page 1)
Listen  (on Page 1)
Mustangs (listen to a sample at SilverCreek) (on Page 1)
The Edge (on Page 1)
Yellow Slicker  (on Page 1)
Jake  (on Page 1)
Standing At The Doans
The Money For Her Diamond (on Page 1)
That Moment
Regret (on Page 1)
Waiting For The Light  (on Page 1)
Udoda (Father)  (on Page 2)
Common Sense, Men And Horses  (below)
Wild Stickhorse Remuda (listen to a sample at SilverCreek) (on Page 1

Common Sense, Men And Horses 


See the track list above for links to other poems and links to audio samples.


Common Sense, Men And Horses

This tribute is actually a compilation of all my Grandfathers and Great-Grandfathers. I pulled all of their traits together into this one piece, because it seemed to make more sense that way. They all had common traits and habits. I suppose all great men are like that: compassionate, wise and strong. Common Sense, Men and Horses combines all the guidance and wisdom each of them passed on to me. The things they taught me, each memory and each moment, is their gift of life well lived to me. I attribute me own love of horses and the men who train them and do it well, to them. To this day I measure all men by their standard and image. I admire them, I respect them, and I love and miss them; those Cowboys, one and all, whose lessons stand the test of time.

Common Sense and Men and Horses

We perched atop the corral,
   as he read the men and horses,
And he told me about common sense
   and it's amazing, magical forces.

We watched the men choose their mounts,
   some were firm, but kind;
While others used plain brute force,
   to make their horses mind.

He said, "Dealing with horses and people
   is a special kind of art.
If you watch 'em work, you will learn
   what is truly in a man's heart.

For though it once was common place,
   common sense ain't common any more
And many of the basic rules of life,
   some folks will choose to ignore.

The bad ones will make excuses,
   tell you the Old Cowboy ways have died.
But anyone with common sense
   will know that's a lie.

The truth is just as obvious
   as these fellows working the pens.
There will always be Cowboys
   as long as there are horses and men.

And just as it takes all kinds of horses,
   from renegades to leaders to make a herd;
There will also always be outlaws
   as well as men true to their word.

You see, a man who can't,
   will often bully his way through,
And how a man treats his horse
   is how he'll end up treating you.

But the man who can, simply will,
   he won't have to prove a thing.
He'll have the courage and the sand
   to face whatever life brings.

He never will desert you;
   even in the darkest hour
and he'll have the sense to know
   when to turn to a Higher Power.

The phrase, "a soft hand with horses,"
   applies to human beings too,
A man who is one with his horse
   will likewise be one with you.

You see, the decisions that we make
   should be rooted in our common sense.
Like horses, we should use our instincts,
   or be prepared to accept the consequence.

For no matter what we do in life,
   no matter where we roam,
We all are part of a family herd,
   and we can always come home.

So we watched 'em work for hours,
   as I hung on every word he had to say;
About life and love and horses;
   how God hears us when we pray.

I simply took it for granted
   that he would always be,
Sitting on that fence rail,
   talking and laughing with me.

Time makes changes as it passes by;
   I grew up and followed my star.
But in times of trouble I'd hear his voice,
   saying "Remember whose child you are."

He taught me to read the world
   though I didn't know it at the time.
I learned about strength and self-respect;
   how to recognize the best in mankind.

Oh, I made mistakes, but have no regrets,
   for each is valuable in its own way.
Combined with his words and an education,
   they are a part of who I am today.

And nothing ever really gets me down,
   because of these things I can be sure;
That home is where the heart is,
   and that love will forever endure.

So I honor this Cowboy philosopher,
   who taught me to follow my heart's voice;
To see things exactly for what they are
   and that happiness is a choice.

I've come to realize all those things I learned,
   from books and college courses,
Will never hold a candle to his lesson,
   on common sense, and men and horses.

2002 Debra Coppinger Hill, All Rights Reserved

Contacting Debra Coppinger Hill

Debra and her partners are happy to tailor a show to fit your budget.  She, the Outriders, Yellow Slicker Productions & their Associate groups can provide you with a two person show or a group of performers.

For tapes, bookings or information:

Debra Coppinger Hill
Old Yellow Slicker Productions
25552 E. 320 Rd., Chelsea, Ok. 74016-9802
Ph/Fax 918-789-5288
E-mail: dhillcowboypoet@yahoo.com

Debra Hill's ranch site features the horses they have for sale and has other links of interest:  http://www.4dhranch.com/

You can read more of Debra's poetry at The Wyoming Companion:

and here at www.cowboys-n-cowgirls.com 

This is page 3 of Debra Coppinger Hill's poetry
Page 1 is here and Page 2 is here.





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