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Helotes, Texas
About David Williams




Riding Point

The experienced hand is the one riding point

Cause he knows the lay of the land

He knows where to turn, where to hold up for water

Keeping out those with the wrong brand


He's there pointing the herd in the right direction

Keeps 'em moving down the good trail

He don't stray right or left cause that could spell danger

And his job, aw that he would fail


He watches his pace to match the herd that's behind

Cause the leaders, they'll match his speed

If he's moving too slow then the herd bunches up

So he gives a kick to his steed


But if he rides out to fast, the leaders match that

Now the herd's getting left behind

Drag might not can push 'em cause the babies is small

And that's putting them in a bind


Being out there on point can be lonely sometimes

Like pushing through a deep canyon

All the rest fell to drag cause there's no need for flank

Now there's just cows for companion


He might hear the hollers of his pards back behind

As up through them walls they rattle

He might wish he was back there and sharing the jokes

'Stead leading these bawling cattle

So his mind starts to wondering 'bout things he's been taught

He forgets 'bout the sweat and grime

He thinks of another that's been riding on point

How He's been there, for all of time


Though I might not see, He's leading me on the trail

He's watching the herd and His speed

Aw He keeps a good pace, not too slow or too fast

And He knows each one of our need


Cause there's babies and weak ones all strung through the herd

He ain't gonna leave one behind

Each one is important and real precious to Him

So He watches the trail unwind


He watches and protects me from mixing of brands

Cause He knows how easy I'll stray

Not that I want to but sometimes I get ornery

And that is when I'm easy prey


So I thank you Lord for being up there on point

And leading me all of the way

It don't matter what happens, You never complain

As You sit that saddle each day

© 2007, David Williams
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.

About David Williams:

From David Williams, 2008:


David Williams is a native Texan whose Great-Great-Great Grandparents moved to east Texas in the 1820s. His Grandfather taught him to ride and it's just been a part of his life and heritage ever since. He has been putting his cowboy poetry on paper since the mid 1990s.


“One poem heard on your website, 'Till Our Work Is Done,' struck me in several ways. First, it somehow brought me back to a gelding I saved from the killers. He turned out to be the best horse I ever had! Your poem in a few words showed the heart and soul of the Roan and the cowboy. It connects to the reader. Also, it's really a story within a story about two kindred spirits misjudged and misunderstood and yet together all their rough edges seem to disappear. The poem is a great metaphor for the spiritual life of a believer and his relationship with God. It hits on the mystery of 'why' which is only answered through experience. A deep thinker will appreciate the poem.” – Chris Moses, tophand and rodeo cowboy


“The poetry of David Williams is a whole wagon load of cowboy circumstances. Folks who’ve ‘been there’ can relate, and folks who haven’t will sure enough get an idea of what it’s like.” – Cowboy Magazine


The work of David Williams can quite literally be found in homes around the world. You can learn more about David and purchase his CDs, Preserving Memories and Riding Point, by going to his website

Preserving Memories

One full hour of poems written by David Williams. Background music by Paul Montana & Peter Carey

Riding Point

Almost a full hour of poems written by David Williams. Background music by Peter Carey.




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