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About David J. Delaney



Old Life Dreams

Far from the suburb's growing sprawl
or hourly freight trains on the track,
far from the crowded shopping mall
and dear friends past, who won’t be back.

Far from the gangs that roam and fight
then vandalise and cause such fear,
far from the lines of bright street light
and piercing sirens in one’s ear.

Far from his unit and the din
he prods the campfire embers hot
and feels that feeling deep within,
a life he thought he had forgot.

Where freedom is the stars above
or land as far as one can see,
the beauty of a fledgling dove,
and roam this country wild and free. 

To sleep beneath an ageless gum
next to an ancient billabong,
where lizards and the dingoes come
and kookaburras sing their song.

Where sunsets glow a purple hue
and all the evening crickets sing,
then prints are left on morning dew
as in the valley bell birds ring.

The only thieves here in the night
are bandicoots or spotted quoll,
where breezes take dead leaves in flight
and mother nature grooms one’s soul.

He’s woken by the train on track,
the clatter and the noise again.
He wishes how he could go back,
and live the life that he lived then.

© 2010, David J. Delaney
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.


David told us that this poem was inspired by, "...a story of an old ‘cocky’ (farmer) I sat next to at the shopping centre; we struck up a conversation and within it he told me how he misses the land and farm, but, because of economic and health issues had to move to the city."



  About David J. Delaney
provided 2011

Leaving school at 15 years old only three months after “making” grade 8 has been in many ways a drawback involving my literary goals.  I only starting “writing” in late December 2007 and it has been a huge learning curve for me. I am still tackling how verbs, adjectives, nouns, syllables, and so on, work.

As a poet, and recently a memoir/short story writer, I have wonderful support, not only in far north Queensland, Australia and worldwide, but, the support I have received from Tropical writers group, Cairns,  and from the Australian Bush Poets Association (ABPA) has been immeasurable in the improvement of my writing. My love for writing and the impact it has on everyday people, and the mob at ABPA has definitely been an inspiration to continue with something I honestly enjoy.

I am employed up to 10 hours a day as branch manager for a vehicle radiator distribution centre, where in between phone calls, preparing orders and dealing with customers, I jot my thoughts down in a pad before transferring to my personal computer.




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