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Perfect Pattern

Itís almost my turn to go, as I watch the girl in front of me
My heart pounding in my chest as I walk up to the cone
The butterflies in my stomach are going crazy
I tap my spurs on his sides and round him up
Sit, push, spur as we step off into a soft lope
He knows the pattern, but I wonít let him help
Nice stop, great spin, and we step off again
We lope around slow, then fast, and whoa
Extend trot to the final cone, and our turn is done
A perfect pattern, I think we might have won                                                              

© 2012, Danielle Lee Avera
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without permission.

Danielle Lee Avera comments: 
Since meeting my husband I have taken up showing our quarter horses, at A.Q.H.A approved shows here in Florida. I enjoy it very much, which inspired me to write this poem. Horsemanship has became a favorite class for me, as well as showmanship. I still get nervous, but excited to go out and do the best that I can with my horse, which was the feeling I wanted to capture.




    About Danielle Lee Avera
Provided 2012

I grew up in the green swamp area outside of the small town of Groveland, Florida. I always had a love for horses and the farm life which started very young. Being my parents never could afford to buy me a horse, my cousins all had them and I learn my horse-sense from them. This meant sometimes it might end up being the hard way, leaving me and them on the ground laughing with the horse we were riding together running off down the road towards home.

I miss the summer days of being young, trail riding all afternoon barefoot and in shorts. I still live out in the same area not but a mile from my parents. My husband is a horse trainer along with my mother-in-law, who handles more of the coaching and lessons.



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