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He was an old cowpony with stories to tell
Of cows that were caught and cowboys as well
His life was soon over...his bones were so old
But this is the story he told

I was foaled one bright morning I think it was May
My cowpony mother was a hard working bay
My life was not to be easy .. not even so young
Okachobee mornings are cold

My first year was sawgrass and growing so tall
My body grew fast as spring went to fall
My mane and my legs were .. dark as the night
My coat was buckskin gold

Cows were always my life and that was alright
as soon as they pulled the cinch up tight
Roping and cutting. I was the best that there was
I was ever so bold

For the last twenty six years I've spent on this earth
I've give my all and I know my own worth
A good cowpony.. is so hard to find
It's hell to finally get old

I spend all of my days now just watching them ride
young cowponies so full of life and of pride
I dream of those days when I rode along
to this dream I will hold

I now teach a lady all about working a cow
She treats me so kind and listens to how
My life with the cowboys.. was all that I knew
But I know I'll never get sold.

2003, Dana Brannon
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without permission.

We asked Dana about "Buck" and she wrote: You see, I bought this old cowpony 4 years back.  I was learning how to team pen and I heard about this horse.  I have owned horses most of my life and know the value of having a good one under you.  Buck had been ridden by most of the cowboys (and cowboy wanna be's) in the area.  

I caught the guy that owned him on a good day and he agreed to sell him to me.  Buck isn't used to women but he understands that I want to learn and has a lot of patience with me.  Anyway between some local research into where he came from and some barn talk with Buck, I decided that he deserved to have his story known.

Buck will be 26 this year and still has that 93 octane attitude when he is on a cow.  He doesn't get ridden as much as I'd like and lately mostly trail riding.  He is a bit of a crab with the other horses, but in March I had a buckskin Paint filly born here that Buck has taken under his wing.  Since she has been weaned, I put the two together in the pasture so he can share some of his life stories with her.

You will probably hear more about Rascal later as well as some of the other horses I have known.

I have had people argue with me about using the same horse for different types of work but Buck has shown me (and them) that whether it is penning, (his personal favorite) sorting, cutting, roping or just bringing them in... it's all about the cow.

He truly is a great horse and he will be here until he dies.



About Dana Brannon:

I have a small (5 acre) horse farm in Plant City, Florida.



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