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Our  collection of poems and songs honoring dads and granddads was first started  for Father's Day, 2002.  

The list of works starts below.

We're pleased to have some special features by poets in tribute to their fathers:

Yvonne Hollenbeck's tribute to her father, Harry Hanson

Harry Hanson

Sharon Brown and Smoke Wade's tribute to their father, Donald W. Fouste, along with Smoke's daughter Christina Martin's poems

Donald W. Fouste

Jane Morton's tribute to her father, William Earnest Ambrose.

William Earnest Ambrose

Linda Kirkpatrick's tribute to her father, Alton Stuart Kirkpatrick.

Alton Stuart Kirkpatrick

Paul Kern's tribute to his father, Reese Shipley Kern.

Reese Shipley Kern

 Andy Nelson's tribute to his father, James F. Walker Nelson

James F. Walker Nelson


See an index of all poems at CowboyPoetry.com here,

a list of poems by category here,

and a list of poem collections here.



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Listed Below Alphabetically by Poet
with poems posted in a haphazard order


Keith L. Adams
My Dad's Hat

Rose Mary Allmendinger
Those Were the Days

Virginia Bennett

Dad Was Like a Colt

Barbara Bockelman
How Did He Know That?
Trail Drive - Texas to Oklahoma, 1932 (prose)

Dan Bradshaw
I'll Be Go Ta Hell

Ron Brinegar
Two Wolves

Darin Brookman

Sharon Brown
Sharon Brown's tribute to her father, Donald W. Fouste, including
Memories of a Mermaid, Hand on the Wheel, and Vitalis Man

Donald W. Fouste

Debbie Burdic
Daddy and Me

Buckshot Dot (Dee Strickland Johnson)
Dancing with Dad

Nona Kelley Carver
Daddy's Hat

Julia Cox-Wilson
Wild and Young

Mike Dunn
Had I Known
Ben's Family

Richard Elloyan
The Coffee Shop

Glen Enloe
College Cowboy  
Big Red Lowell

DW Groethe
My Father's Horses

Tom Hanshew
Eyes of a Cowboy

Michael Henley
The Saddle

Debra Hill
Udoda (Father)

Wild Stickhorse Remuda

Yvonne Hollenbeck
Father's Boots
The Fiddler

The Things He Never Had

Harry Hanson

Paul Kern
Paul Kern's tribute to his father, Reese Kern
including At Codding's Place and
A Horse Camp Has a Rhythm of Chores

Reese Shipley Kern

Linda Kirkpatrick
 Linda Kirkpatrick's tribute to her father,
Alton Stuart Kirkpatrick, including "For My Dad" and "My Cowgirl Life"

Jim Kitchens
Grand Daddy's Swing

Christina Martin
Christina Martin, in a tribute to her grandfather, Donald W. Fouste, including
My Father's Eden
and Our Journey

Donald W. Fouste

Glenn Martin

Jean Mathisen
Dad's Truck

Janice Mitich
A Cowboy's Opus

Jane Morton
His Tractor
A Real Cowman

and Jane Morton's tribute to her father, including
additional poems and stories

William Earnest Ambrose

Curly Musgrave
Father to Father

Andy Nelson
Andy Nelson's tribute to his father
Ridin' with Jim

Rod Nichols
Dad's Way

A Dad's Prayer

Tom Nichols
Ranch Raised

Gene O'Quinn
The Cowman's Question

Rick Pitt
No More

Mike Puhallo
Father's Day

Mike Reese
Handing Down the Reins
A Chosen Few

Francine Roark Robison
America's Heroes

Bruce Satta
Grampa Is a Feisty Sort

Paula Sisk
Indian Rain Dance

Kip Sorlie
Remembing Fathers

Michelle Strickland
Definition of a Cowboy
Papa and Me

Colen Sweeten
Grandpa's Passing
Grandpa Goes to Town
Daddy's Bells
Unseen Helper
This Old Barn

Hal Swift
Daddy Was a Good One

Smoke Wade
Smoke Wade's tribute to his father, Donald W. Fouste, including
From Sheepherder to Cowboy—My Dad (prose) and Don's Song

Donald W. Fouste

Lee Williams
in memory

Byrd Woodward
Eggs on the Moon
Goodbye to Friends
Who is this Feller?
A Series:
Born to the Breed
Workin' Partners
Warriors from the Same Tribe
Spirit Horse and Rider
A Man for All Seasons


 more to come...






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