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Ridin' a Star

He was my Gramp's favorite mount
     bought a little later in his years
A thick ruggedly built gelding
     strawberry roan from tail to ears

He had a diamond shaped white spot
    in the middle of his forehead
Which simply made naming him Star
     so easy it almost didn’t need said

We kept him in a five-acre patch
     catching him was quite an event
It would take at least three-plus laps
     around the pen before he would relent

Once he was saddled and bridled
     with all his appropriate tack
It would take several small circles
     before allowed atop his back

To say he was cantankerous
     is a grossly misleading fact
If you wanted a pleasure ride
     his dislike for this was no act

When on board you best be ready
     cause he moved at a hurried rate
You could really eat up the ground
     once Star found his consistent gate

He was always on the look for cows
     and if there were none shortly found
He would decide his day was over
     and you would soon be on the ground

When asked by folks who didn’t know
     “Why not just hook him to a plow?”
Our answer was always concise
     “You’ve never seen Star work a cow!”

A more singly focused ol’ horse
     I have never before seen
And his disdain for the bovine
     Was focused and utterly obscene

Once at work there was no cow pony
     That could ever compare
He moved with lightning quickness
     The truth, he didn’t even need you there

You were really just along for the ride
     A witness to the embarrassment of a cow
Memories of some great rides
     Flood my memory even now

He was never a World Champion
     And his name is not in a Hall of Fame
But his contribution to this cowboy
     Will be forever remembered just the same

There has never been a horse
     That I have ridden so far
That could even come close
     To the chance of ridin’ a Star

© 2013, C.W. Harris, All Rights Reserved
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's  permission.


C.W. Harris comments This poem was written about my Gramp's horse, Star. Star was difficult at best, until he was put to work. We had to take Star from Gramps for the fear that he would get hurt. They were both stubborn and too much alike to ever get along. He was however, the most athletic and cow savvy horse I have ever ridden.


  About C.W. Harris
provided 2013

I was born and raised on a farm/ranch in southeastern Kansas. I am the eighth of nine in our family, seven boys and two girls. My parents were known for raising farm and ranch hands, not hiring them. We all grew up well versed on the ins and outs of hard work, animal care, and respect.

I started riding bulls and bareback while in high school, and qualified for the National High School Rodeo Finals in 1991 in the bareback event. I went to college on a livestock judging scholarship and continued to rodeo in college and local semi-pro events as time allowed.

Through the years we have raised cattle and always seem to have horses around to mess with. My wife, Darlinda, and I also own Triple H Auction company where we perform estate, farm, and consignment auctions. We have been blessed through the years and have three wonderful children, Kolby, Karlea, and Karson. Besides a short two-year stay in Nebraska, we have lived in southeastern Kansas all of our lives and currently live in the family home where I grew up near Hepler, Kansas.



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