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Lake Lenore, Saskatchewan
About Corrie Nickeson



"Down" in Cheyenne

With quivering muscles they wait
The crowd anxious as they anticipate
Motionless statues ready to explode
Drivers and riders in red alert mode

The horn sounds, the race begins
First through the barrels usually wins
At the top I jump on Shootin' Star
Grasp for the reins, but they're to far

He ducks the barrel as I grab the slack
I do my best to pull him back
It was too late as all could see
The wagon bearin' down on me

The crowd gasped, the announcer prayed
And there I was lyin' where Lane laid
Lucky for me there was no bull
Just thorougbreds with wagons to pull.

2005, Corrie Nickeson
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.


Corrie told us:  This poem is one that I wrote this past winter as I was taking a writing course in college. My inspiration for this particular poem came from a chuckwagon race in 1993 in Cheyenne, Wyoming. I was just out of high school at the time and spent the summer as an outrider. The event described in the poem actually happened to me as I was hit by a wagon just after leaving the barrels. I was knocked flying along with the horse that I was riding, luckily both of us were fine when all was said and done.            



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