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Recognized as one of

Lariat Laureate Runner Up
for her poem, "Chester"





Giddyup Chester, We’re gonna be late.
We’re helpin’ Dad move cows today,
And he’s waitin’ at the gate.

Chester is my good pony.
Kind of short, but really fast!
Today, he’d move a whole lot faster
If he’d just get his head out of the grass!

© 2007, Cora Wood
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.


Cora told us about her inspiration for this poem: I wrote Chester because Jerry Paxton told me he would write one if I did. So I wrote "Chester."

We asked Cora about why she writes cowboy poetry and cowboy songs and she told us:

I like to do cowboy poetry and cowboy songs because I like to travel place to place. I like to write songs because I like to share my songs I write.




I once had a pony who liked baloney
And even peanut butter and jelly.
Oh! But he would pay
To eat alfalfa hay
Because he says it tickles his belly!

© 2008, Cora Wood
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.



Cora, Bonner, and Chester


Photos of Cora were featured in  Picture the West in March, 2009. Cora's mother, singer and songwriter Laurie Wood told us about the photos:

The following pictures were taken in June of 2007 on the John E. Rouse/Colorado State University Beef Improvement Center near Encampment, Wyoming.

My husband, Duane Wood tends the herd of 400+ Purebred Angus and registered Red Angus cows.  The photographer is Justin Dunn, a college student from California State University-Chico who interned here last summer. 

photo by Justin Dunn

When there is cow work to be done, my six year old daughter Cora is usually the first one to the barn, ready to saddle up and ride.

Above, is Cora helping bring in the yearling heifers for the early ultrasound.  Dad told her to keep it slow let them graze a little along the way.  The entire herd is AI bred, then later turned in with clean-up bulls. Cows are preg checked twice; once in June and again in the fall. 

photo by Justin Dunn

This is a genuinely happy child, because a day spent horseback with Dad is a grand day indeed.  Notice the barn in the background-circa 1920s.



About Cora Wood:

Cora Wood is a ranch cowgirl from Garryowen, Montana who sings cowboy songs and writes a little poetry about her favorite things: her horses and helping her Dad work cows. She also loves fishing! Cora often performs with her Mom (Laurie Wood), and will jump at any chance to share her poems or her music.

Cora has performed at the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering, the Arizona Cowboy Poets Gathering, Sagebrush Cowboyography Poetry and Music Gathering in Sheridan, Wyoming; the Riverton, Wyoming Cowboy Roundup; the Durango Cowboy Gathering in Durango, Colorado and at the Grand Encampment Cowboy Gathering in Encampment, Wyoming.  She has sung the National Anthem at the Wyoming Wrangler Junior Division Rodeo Finals, the Encampment Jamboree Rodeo, and for the Saratoga, Wyoming Town Council.  Cora is a member of the Cowboy Poets of the Wind River and the Western Music Association Youth Chapter.

photo by Liz Wood

Cora singing the National Anthem in June, 2007 at the Encampment Jamboree Rodeo. 

See Cora in a Western Fokllife Center video here.


Cora's Cowgirl Yodel

  Includes seven songs (including the title
cut, which Cora co-wrote with Paul Harris) and three poems:

Cowboy's Sweetheart by Patsy Montana
I Didn't Know the Gun Was Loaded by Hank Fort/Herbert Leventhal
Chester by Cora Wood
Old Paint traditional
Cora's Cowgirl Yodel by Cora Wood and Paul Harris
The Big Wreck by Cora Wood
Daddy Was a Yodeling Cowboy by June Helm
Itty Bitty Outlaw by Will Dudley
Silly Poem by Cora Wood
Old Cook Grady by Dan O'Brien

Cora Rose Wood: Vocals
Jason Swedlund: Guitar, bass, banjo
Produced and recorded by Jason Swedlund, Encampment, Wyoming

CD photography and design by Lori Faith Merritt,; read her blog entry about Cora here.


Cora's Cowgirl Yodel is available for $13 postpaid from:



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