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Happy holidays all!

We add new poems daily during the season, through Christmas, and list them below.

You can also enjoy the poems from past years' celebrations: 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, and 2000 and see a list of all those poems here.


Along with our daily additions, we post holiday news and features here.


A Special Year-end Message

This past year, did you find something at that interested you? Did you visit for poetry, news, event information, features? Was your own poem included at the BAR-D? Was your local gathering announced, or were you a part of a gathering report? Did we share your news with our many readers? Your support is vital.

'Tis the season.

If you enjoy features such as Christmas at the BAR-D,  there's no better time to show your support.

All that happens at the BAR-D is made possible by the essential contributions of generous supporters:; Cowboy Poetry Week and its annual Western art poster; The BAR-D Roundup compilation CD; and the Rural Library Project that distributes posters and CDs to rural libraries. We've received generous donations of $10 and donations of $1000; and we are grateful for them all. 

Become a supporter, make a tax-deductible donation, perhaps in memory of someone who treasured our Western Heritage: Make a difference.

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As in all journalistic endeavors, no editorial preference is given to financial sponsors or supporters.



All Holiday Poems


Listed Below Alphabetically by Poet, Classic Poets First

Poems are added daily through Christmas,
along with selected classic and contemporary favorites from past years' celebrations

Click a title to go direct to a poem or use the pointer to
go from page to page


S. Omar Barker

A Cowboy's Christmas Prayer
Empty Saddles at Christmas
Line-Camp Christmas Letter

Arthur Chapman

Christmas Shopping in Cactus Center

Larry Chittenden

The Cowboy's Christmas Ball

Badger Clark

The Rover's Toast
The Christmas Trail

Bruce Kiskaddon

The Christmas Tree
Merry Christmas
The Old Time Christmas

D. J. O'Malley

Busted Cowboy's Christmas

A.B. "Banjo" Paterson

Santa Claus in the Bush

Buck Ramsey

Christmas Waltz

Robert Service

The Cremation of Sam McGee

Rhoda Sivell

Happy Days

Owen Wister

A Journey in Search of Christmas


David Althouse
Christmas Night in Big Elk Country

JW Beeson
Christmas Serenade

Virginia Bennett
Sermon on the Mount

Lavern "Straw" Berry
A Christmas Ride/Jinglin' Bells

Alf Bilton
Even on Christmas Day

Gail T. Burton
A Cowboy's Christmas Prayer

V. June Collins
Night Before Christmas

Dean Cook
Grubline Carol

Doris Daley
A Christmas Prayer

Robert Dennis
The Gift

Mike Dunn
Wrappings & Bows

Elizabeth Ebert
Mitten Christmas

Jan Erickson
St. Nic's Beginnings, Part 1

Christmas in Logan 1952 (Art Spur)

Slim Farnsworth
Special Delivery (Art Spur)

Dennis Gaines
Jim Quaternight's Gift

Janice Gilbertson
Seein' is Believin'

DW Groethe
Out My Window

Terry Henderson
Christmas Memories

Michael Henley
The Gate Cut

Yvonne Hollenbeck
The Perfect Gift

Bringing Home the Tree (Art Spur)

Bobbie Hunter
Cowboy Logic and Mistletoe

Sam Jackson
Country Christmas

Dee Strickland Johnson (Buckshot Dot)
Star and a Humble Cowboy

Joyce Johnson
Christmas Guests

Don Kennington

Tom Kerlin
Shorty's Last Christmas

Linda Kirpatrick
One Less Chair at the Table

Jo Lynne Kirkwood
Christmas in the County

Bringin' Home Christmas (Art Spur)
Dulce est Décor

Patti Leininger
Dear Santa

Deanna Dickinson McCall
Gifts in the Hay

 Slim McNaught
A Christmas Thought

Mag Mawhinney
Christmas on the Homestead

Al Mehl
Star of Wonder
The Gift (Art Spur)

Rod Miller
Stopping by Woods

Jane Morton
Plains Blizzard

Curly Musgrave
Prairie Silent Night

Rod Nichols
Neath a Christmas Sky

Carol Oxley
The Christmas Stocking

Dale Page
Christmas at the Line Shack

Mike Puhallo
A Crayon-Colored Santa

Rodney Nelson
Christmas on the Prairie

Pat Richardson
Here's to the Cowboys

Jerry Schleicher
Decoratin' with Memories (Art Spur)
In Time for Christmas

Georgie Sicking
The Spirit of Christmas

Clara Smith
My Hero

Jay Snider
Santa's Helper

Colen Sweeten
In a Manger

Hal Swift
Christmas on the Trail

Diane Tribitt
A Campfire Christmas Eve

Townsend Twainhart
The Night Before Christmas Out West

Morgan Wilson
No Regrets





Click a title to go direct to a poem, use the pointers to
 go from page to page. 




See the links here for holiday news and more; our regular News Since the Last Newsletter is here.

See a complete list of all the holiday poems posted since 2000 here.

See the list of all the poems at the BAR-D here.



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