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Special:  Holiday Poems


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Each year we celebrate Christmas throughout the season with new postings of poems and stories.

Below is a index of all of our holiday poems and stories posted since 2000.


Visit the 2015 BAR-D Christmas Celebration here.



Classic Christmas Cowboy Poetry

Contemporary Christmas Cowboy Poetry

New Year Cowboy Poetry



Best wishes for your Christmas
Is all you get from me,
'Cause I aint no Santa Claus—
Don't own no Christmas tree.

But if wishes was health and money,
I'd fill your buck-skin poke,
Your doctor would go hungry
An' you never would be broke.

From Charlie Russell's 1914 Christmas card

Thanks to Trey Allen for bringing these words to our attention, courtesy of the Montana Historical Society



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All Holiday Poems


Listed Below Alphabetically by Poet
(with the year noted that the poem first appeared at the BAR-D )

Poem titles link to poems


Classic Christmas Cowboy Poetry

S. Omar Barker
Bunkhouse Christmas (2007)
Christmas Promise 
A Cowboy's Christmas Prayer
 Draggin' the Tree (2006)
Drylander's Christmas (2001)
Empty Saddles at Christmas (2005)
Line-Camp Christmas (2007)
Line-Camp Christmas Letter
Shepherds of the Range (2005)

Three Wise Men

E. A. Brininstool
Christmas Week in Sagebrush  (2004)

Arthur Chapman
Christmas Shopping in Cactus Center

Larry Chittenden
The Cowboys' Christmas Ball

Badger Clark
The Christmas Trail
The Rover's Toast (2008)

The Wise Man
story (2011)

Eugene Field
Jest 'Fore Christmas

Robert Frost
The Christmas Trees  (2007)

Bret Harte
Dick Spindler's Family Christmas (story) (2001)

Will James
The Winter Camp (prose)

Bruce Kiskaddon
The Christmas Tree (2004)
The Cowboys Christmas Dance (2001)
Merry Christmas (2007)
The Old Time Christmas  (2001)
Christmas at the Home Ranch (2013)

Henry Lawson
Ben Duggan
The Fire at Ross's Farm (2001)

D. J. O'Malley 
Busted Cowboy's Christmas (2001)

A. B. "Banjo" Paterson 
Santa Claus (2001)
Santa Claus in the Bush (2001)

Buck Ramsey
Christmas Waltz (2003)

Charlie Russell
from his 1914 Christmas card (2003)

Robert Service
The Cremation of Sam McGee (2001)
The Trapper's Christmas Eve

Rhoda Sivell
Happy Days (2001)

Owen Wister
journeywister.JPG (11039 bytes) 
A Journey in Search of Christmas (story) (2005)
from Owen Wister's 1898 novel, Lin McLean, illustrated by Frederic Remington



Contemporary Christmas Cowboy Poetry

Keith L. Adams
Christmas on the Porch (2002)

Rose Mary Allmendinger
Dear Santa,

David Althouse
Believin' a White Christmas inta Bein  (2003)
Cowboy Christmas Carol  (2004)
Christmas in Cimarron Country (2007)
Christmas Night in Big Elk Country (2008)
Christmas Out Here
Cowboy Pirate of the Rio Grande: A Christmas Treasure Tale (2006)
How Pecos Bill Saved Christmas  (2010)
The Night Before the Jackalopes Saved Christmas

Robert C. Atkin
The Longest Trail Home (A Christmas Mystery) (2010)

Suzanne Ball

An Unlikely Angel (2001)

Dianne Baumann
Why Santa Ain't a Cowboy (2001)

Floyd Beard
Papa Noel Visits Mi Casa

J. W. Beeson

Christmas Serenade (2002)

C. W. (Charles) Bell
Big Jake's Christmas
Cowboy Christmas Play (2008)
Remembering Dave at Christmas (2015)
Rosie's Western Christmas (2011)
Two Gifts for Christmas (2005)
Two Burros (2006)
The Unwanted Christmas Tree

Virginia Bennett
Ramona's Christmas Box (2001)
Sermon on the Mount (2002)

Lavern "Straw" Berry
A Christmas Ride/Jinglin' Bells (2008)

Alf Bilton
Even on Christmas Day (2006)
The Freight Musher's Tale
The Lord's Own Prayer? (2005)

Doris Bircham
Country Christmas Concerts

Aspen Black
A Candle in the Window (Our Christmas Promise)

Baxter Black
Rudolph's Night Off (2009)

Tony Blisard
Cowboy Christmas (2001)

Barbara Bockleman
The Toaster (story)
You and Me (2000)

George Bourbeau
Christmas Conversion (2004)
Christmas Mystery  (2001)
The Gift (2005)

Reindeer Wrangler

Doug Brewer
Little Pot-bellied Stove (2004)

Ron Brinegar
Letter to Santa

Barb Brown
Having a Heeler Christmas

Buckshot Dot (Dee Strickland Johnson)
A Christmas Eve to Remember (2001)
A Cowboy's Christmas Eve (2007)
The Star and a Humble Cowboy (2001)

Jack Burdette
Angel in the Window
Habits and Traditions
The Nighthawk's Christmas
The Wrangler's Christmas (2010)

Lanny Joe Burnett

Gail T. Burton
Bunkhouse Christmas Eve (2000)
A Cowboy's Christmas Prayer (2000)
How Far is it to Bethlehem  (2004)
Just Celebrating (2006)

Rusty Calhoun
Christmas Eve White-Out (2000)
Cookie’s Christmas Puddin’
Lost in the Snow (story) (2001)
When The Animals Talk

Charlie Camden
A Christmas letter...... (2003)
(A holiday letter) (2001)
Thanksgiving (prose) (2002)

Jeff Campbell
Christmas Eve Rain (2012)

Jim Cardwell
Prelude to a Drought 
Iowa 1842  (2006)

Timothy Carrier
 The First Christmas (2002)

Nona Kelley Carver
When The Cowboys Came For Christmas (2002)

TJ Casey
Cowboy Christmas Time  (2005)

Jim Cathey
Of Christmas Past (2012)

Janice Chapman
The Christmas Sleigh (2001)

Bobby Cohoon
It Happened One Christmas (2002)

V. June Collins
Night Before Christmas (2008)

Carl Condray
Christmas in the Scrub Oaks (2003)
A Wild, Turkey Dinner (2005)

Winter Stampede

Dean Cook
Grubline Carol

Ken Cook
Remote Control Wife

Van Criddle
A Christmas Tale (2005)
Merry Christmas? (2005)
Merry Christmas 2010 (2010)

Star So Bright (2007)

Clark Crouch
Christmas Blew In (2006)
Christmas of '05
Christmas on the Prairie
A Christmas Tale
Christmas Wish
Journey's End (2007)
A Prairie Christmas  (2004)
Santa's Brand (2004)

Doris Daley
A Christmas Prayer  (2003)
Mary, Merry Christmas (2011)

Suzann Darnall
The Night Before Christmas...Texas Style (2002)

Sam DeLeeuw
Christmas Gift -- A Sack of Dreams
A Rancher's Wife's Christmas  (2002)
A Rancher's Christmas  (2004)

Robert Dennis
Bringing Home Christmas (2006)
Deer Hay (2010)
The Gift (2005)
JW (2012)
The Perfect Christmas Tree  (2013)
Santa Must Be a Cowboy (2015)

Catherine Lilbit Devine
Christmas for Cowgirls (2005)
In Every Cowboy Heart (2006)
Line Cabin Christmas

Lawrence N. DiCostanzo
Cowboy Christmas  (2010)

David Dill 
Jefferson's Christmas

"California Steve" Dirksen 
Cowboy Christmas Light (2002)
If There's No Need  (2003)
Special Day (2001)

Bette Wolf Duncan
Christmas Gathering (2010)

Mike Dunn
Wrappings & Bows

Larry Dudley
The Bill

Lee Earl
A Helping Hand (2002)

Elizabeth Ebert
Mitten Christmas

Glen Enloe
Blue Moon Christmas (2006)
Campfire Christmas Eve (2007)
A Christmas for Cowboys (2003)
Christmas in a Bottle (2004)
The Christmas Orange (2005)
Don't Ever Sell Your Saddle
Kiskaddon Christmas (2007)
Moon Shadows on the Snow (2005)
The Red Calico Cowboy Santa Claus of Concho County
The Third Horse by the Trees (2010)

G. Don Ensminger
Christmas Mornings (2001)
My Winter Conditions (2001)
Riding Up the Western Slope
Sante Fe Santa Claus

Jan Erickson
Christmas in Logan 1952 (2008)
A Day in December
St. Nic's Beginnings, Part 1 (2008)
Uncle Charlie's Christmas Eve  (2004)

Blanche Evridge
Christmas in the Badlands
Christmas Holly  (2012)

K. T. Etling
Angels in the Desert (2000)
Rudolph Was an Outlaw (2000)
Santa Drives a Cutter
Today He'd Be a Cowboy

Slim Farnsworth
Special Delivery (2008)

Dave P. Fisher
Santa and Slim (2004)
What Santa Gave Jack (2005)

Jim Fish
Christmas Time's Around the Bend (2002)

JA Fox
A Penner's Letter to Santa

Dennis Gaines
Jim Quarternight's Gift

Ron Gale
Christmas at a Snowed-in Cow Camp

Greg Gilbert
A Cowboy Christmas Prayer

Janice Gilbertson
A "Little Cowboy" Conversation (2002)
Seein' is Believin' (2004)

Tim Graham
Christmas Time

Don Gregory
Cowboys and Christmas "Spirits" (2001)
Playin' Santa (2001)

DW Groethe
A Charlie Creek Christmas (2003)
Christmas (A Poem) (2011)
The Legend of Little Buddy the Christmas Steer (2012)
Out My Window  (2005)
Panic at the Pole or Jake Rides Again (2014)
'Twas a Fright Before Christmas or Snake Eye Saves the Day (2007)

Del Gustafson
Moonlight Vigil

Audrey Hankins
Christmas at the Ranch  (2005)

Paul Hatch
An Arizona Christmas (2002)
A Christmas Poem?? (2001)
When Pigs Fly (2001)

Donna Hatton
A Christmas Memory (2003)

Jean Mathisen Haugen
Carol of the Wild (2001)
Dust and Snow (2002)
An Encounter  (2001)
God Rest Ye Merry Cattlemen
God Rest Ye Merry Grumps (2007)
A Rusty Surprise (2015)
Wrong Turn! (2003)

"Doc" Dale Hayes
A Gift for Mary Lou

Tim Hedrick
High Desert Christmas (2013)

Terry Henderson
The Boy in Sheepskin Shoes (2005)
Christmas Memories (2008)
Old Santa Won't Come to Our Ranch

Lynne Hendrickson
Reindeer Disguise

Michael Henley
The Gate Cut (2002)
The Promise (2006)

Linda Hermes
A Good Life (2005)

Bill Hickman
Santa is a Cowboy

Santa Sees Red  (2012)
First Christmas for a Cowboy (2014)
The Christmas Present (2015)

Dennis Higgins
The Ballad of Big Nick

Jeff Hildebrandt
Angels Aren't the Only Ones Playing Harps
A Christmas Tale (2005)

Debra Hill
12 Days of Cowboy Christmas (2000)
The Stranger (2001)

Tamara Hillman
Bunkhouse Christmas
Cowboy/Country Christmas (2006)

Don Hilmer
The One Runnered Sleigh
Bringing Christmas Home

Yvonne Hollenbeck 
All American Christmas (2002)
The Annual Christmas Program (2001)
Bringing Home the Tree (2008)
Cooper's Christmas (a skit for young folks) (2003)
A Christmas Tale (2005)
An Old Fashioned Christmas (2001)
The Perfect Gift (2003)
Virginia, I Believe (2003)
Bringing Home Christmas

LaVonne Houlton
The Christmas Miracle (2004)
The Christmases of My Childhood (1930's)  (prose, 2005)
 Joseph (2006)

Stan Howe
"Old-time Montana Christmas for Cowboys" by Stan Howe (prose, 2014)

Bobbie Hunter
Cowboy Logic and Mistletoe (2008)
 A Cowboy's Christmas Thoughts (2006)

J. S. Hurst
A Christmas to Remember

Sam Jackson
Country Christmas

Carole Jarvis
Desert Cowboy's Christmas (2002)

D. T. Johannsen
A Cowboy's First Christmas

Jim John
A Tallgrass Prairie Christmas (2000)
A Cowboy Holiday Wish (2004)

Dee Strickland Johnson
see Buckshot Dot

Joyce Johnson
Bringing Home Christmas  (2006)
Christmas Eve Ride (2007)
Christmas Guests (2008)
A Cowboy's Christmas Eve  (2007)
A Lonely Christmas
Moonlight Gathering (2010)
Santa's Shadow
Santa Through the Years
A Stormy Christmas Eve (2004)

LeRoy Jones
The Night Before Christmas (2003)
What Does a Cowboy Do for Christmas? (2003)

Sue Jones
The Silver Spurs (2005)

Frank Jordan
Yeah, That Too (story)

Doug Keith
Remember Christmas (2004)

David Kelley
Bigger Than Ever
My Cowboy's Night Before Christmas

Don Kennington
Preparation (2004)

Tom Kerlin
Shorty's Last Christmas (2008)

Paul Kern
Bring 'Er Home (2006)
Broken Things to Mend (2007)
The Christmas Celebration of Helen Dutton (2005)
A Cowboy Country Christmas (2006)
My Blue-Eyed Bay (2004)
Prayer Comes Easy in a Barn (2003)

Tom King
Holy Smoke! (2005)

Naughty and Nice! (2003)
Pedro's Christmas Tree (2004)

Linda Kirkpatrick
The Christmas Story
One Less Chair at the Table  (2003)
Santa Claus' Sidekick (2001)

Jo Lynne Kirkwood
Bringin' Home Christmas (2008)
Chub’s Christmas Visit (2000)
Christmas in the County (2006)
Christmas on the North Fork (2002)
Depression Oranges (2014)
Cowboy Christmas Eve (2007)
Cowboys and Christmas (2004)
Depression Oranges (2014)
Dulce est Décor (2008)
El Niño Navidad (2000)
It's Sure Startin' to Feel Like Christmas (2005)
Mesquite Magi (2006)
Sandy Kris (2007)
Visitation (2004)
We Didn't Have Much, Then, for Christmas (2003)

Joe Kunkel
One Saturday in December (2004)

Jarle Kvale
Who Nose?  (2013)

Ron Lambert

Christmas Wink (2003)

Chuck Larsen
A Believer's Christmas (2012)
The Perfect Tree
The Makin' of Christmas (2006)

eric lee
Christmas Cattle-Call

Patti Leininger
Dear Santa (2008)

Alan Lemke
The Christmas Star (2001)

Bob E. Lewis
Christmas on the Rafter-L Ranch (2000)
The Cowboy's Christmas Ball (2000)

Gary "Old Buckaroo" Lundblad
A Corpus Christi Cowboy Christmas (2001)

Deanna Dickinson McCall
Gifts in the Hay

Bunkhouse Christmas Eve  (2001)
Christmas Eve
A Christmas Story (2000)
Cowboys and Christmas (2002)
A Small Miracle (2000)

Ben McKenzie
Christmas at McCreaty's

Slim McNaught
The Tale of "A Christmas Tale"
A Christmas Thought (2006)
The Kissin' Tree (2006)

S.D. (Susan) Matley
Grand-Dad's Moonlit Ride

Larry Maurice 
It's That Time Again (2003)
Peace on Earth (2002)

Mag Mawhinney
Christmas on the Homestead (2008)
A Cowboy's Christmas Eve (2007)
Winter Range (2006)

Al Mehl
The Brand New Year
A Cuttin' Horse (2006)
The Gift(2008)
No Room at the Inn
Star of Wonder

Harold Roy Miller
Christmas Cap Pistol
Christmas Night Ride (2004)
A Christmas Tall Tale

Rod Miller
Stopping By Woods (2006)

Waddie Mitchell
Night Before Christmas on the West Texas Plains (2014)

Janice Mitich 
The Christmas Ox (2001)

Jane Morton
Arizona Christmas
Christmas Love (2004)
Christmas Memories (2007)
Christmas Turkeys 
Christmas Voices (2005)
Cody's Christmas Present (2007)
Memories of Place (2006)
Montgomery Wards (2001)
Mountain Christmas (2012)
Plains Blizzard (2008)
Ranch Christmas  (2002)
Robert May's Story (2003)
Seein' Santa (2003)
The Spirit of Christmas (2006)

Curly Musgrave
Prairie Silent Night (2004)

Linda Nadon
Christmas Diamonds for a Cowgal (2014)

Andy Nelson
Santa Must Be a Shoer (2013)
Santa's Hired Hand (2009)

Rodney Nelson
Christmas at Sims (2007)
Christmas on the Prairie (2006)
  Up Sims Creek (2006)

Rod Nichols
A Badger Clark Christmas (2005)
Bringing Home Christmas (2006)
Christmas at the Bunkhouse (2001)
Christmas Comes to Line Camp (2000)
The Christmas Corral (2006)
A Christmas Journey (2004)
A Christmas Mem'ry (2003)
Christmas Round the Campfire (2000)
A Christmas Tale (2005)
A Cowboy Christmas Carol  (2002)
A Cowboy's Christmas Eve (2007)
Little Britches (2001)
Neath a Christmas Eve Sky (2007)
New Year's Eve (2000)
Seein' Santa (2004)

Howard Norskog
The Old Cowboy's Christmas (2002)

Kay Kelley Nowell
The Old Dog's Christmas (2014)

Leon Overbay
Children's Christmas Play

Ken Overcast
Givin' a Little Back (story) (2004)
A Cowboy's Christmas Prayer (2004)

Jim Owen
One of Those Nights Before Christmas  (2002)
Sam T. Nickles (2001)
A Song In His Heart (2001)

Carol Oxley
The Christmas Stocking (2008)

Dale E. Page
Christmas at the Line Shack
Christmas Greetings (2010)

Ed Parrish
The Christmas Ejection Saddle

S. J. Passamonte 
A Christmas Thought (2001)
In the Barn on Christmas Eve (2002)
Jinglebobs a Ringin' (2001)

Donna Penley
The Christmas Tree Angels

Jan Price
A Cowboy's Guiding Star

Mike Puhallo 
Christmas Shopping (2001)
A Cowboy Christmas
Countdown to Christmas (2002)
Cow Country Christmas Memory (2003)
A Crayon-Colored Santa (2008)
Jingle Bells!! (2001)
Merry Procrastination? (2006)
Running in the Team
An Uptown Affair (2005)
What's It All About Charlie Brown (2004)
Wild Horse Christmas (2007)

J. D. Reitz
Christmas Eve at the Silver Dollar Saloon (
A Cowboy's Christmas Eve (2000)

Pat Richardson
Christmas Cheer (2003)
Howdy Friend  (2002)
Merry Christmas (2002)
Here's to the Cowboys (2006)

Jo Lee T. Riley
This Cowhand's Life

Ted Risberg
The Ol' Man In Red

Rich Roach
A Cowboy Christmas (2004)

Francine Roark Robison
A Cowboy Christmas
The Cowboy Christmas Ball  (2002)

Lincoln Rogers
Christmas Message (2006)
The Pilfered Slice (2003)
December's Trail Home (2004)

Steve Rohlman
A Visit From St. Nick? (2003)

Sherri Ross

Connie Rossignol
Of Donkeys and Reindeer (2001)

Norm Rourke
Christmas Comes in a Chevy Truck (2001)

Rusty Salmon
Never Too Late (2004)

Bruce Satta
Christmas Eve, Near Rabbit Creek  (2005)
Fact That I'm Believin'
Santa's Hat
Temperance (2004)
There's Somethin' in the Air  (2004)

Bob Schild
Christmas 2003 (2003)
Santa Comes Calvin' (2003)

Jerry Schleicher
Decoratin' with Memories (2008)
In Time for Christmas (2008)
A Merry Heifer Christmas  (2012)
Moonlight Spectre (2005)
Night Thoughts (2007)
Page's Christmas Socks (2010)
The Schoolhouse Christmas Tree

R.V. Schmidt
Black Friday (2012)

Pat "Pinto" Schutz
The Big Cold Chase (2001)

J.D. Seibert
A Cowboy's Christmas Ponderings (2010)

Georgie Sicking
The Spirit of Christmas (2004)

John Silveira
Cowboy Christmas

Charley Sierra
A Christmas Poem

Clara Smith
My Hero

Cowboy Christmas

Jay Snider
Santa's Helper
Never Shop on Christmas Eve (2004)

Sonoran Sam (Bernie Howe)
Christmas on the Mogollon Rim

Kip Sorlie

Ezra Spur
Shaving Cream Santa Claus
The Tree (2003)
The Visit (2002)

Rhonda Sedgwick Stearns
Christmas Magic? (2014)
Christmas Way Out West (2003)
The Explanation (2001)
Grampaw's Elf (2004)
The Reason for Dead Deer (2004)
The Rest of the Story (2001)

Jody Strand

Jeff Streeby
The Ghost of Christmas Past (2004)

Tom Swearingen
Scotty's Christmas Tree (2015)

Colen Sweeten
Christmas Beneath the Stars (2002)
In a Manger (2002)
Memories of Christmas (2002)

Hal Swift
Christmas Hayride (2006)
Candles on the Christmas Tree (2001)
Christmas on the Trail (2003)
First One to Daylight (2004)
High Plains Christmas
The Language of Christmas (2004)
Santy Claus Has a Rule (2001)
Santy's Christmas Trick
Santy Claus Truly is Real (2002)
Santy West (2001)
The Twinkle Dust Machine (2005)

Jerry Tolbert
Turkey Talk

Neal Torrey
Celebrating Christmas in Big Piney, Wyoming (2001)
Goat Christmas (2001)

Roger Traweek
The Gift

Diane Tribitt
Bringing Home Christmas (2006)
A Campfire Christmas Eve  (2007)
A Christmas Tale (2005)

Tex Tumbleweed
A Christmas Star (2003)
The Cowboy's Christmas Ball (2002)
On the Border (2004)

Festus Turp
Jingle Bull (2012)

Townsend Twainhart
The Night Before Christmas Out West (2008)

Dave Watson
A Christmas Tale (2005)

Leroy Watts
A Cowboy Christmas Gathering (2004)

Merv Webster
Thank You for the Company (2007)
When Her Three Sons Came Home( 2010)

Patricia Wellingham-Jones
Cowboy Choir (2005)

Omar West
Anna Claus

Ken Whitecotton
The Stable
A Christmas Tale (2006)

Bill E. Wild

Little Ol' Toymaker

Wildwood Slim
A Cowboy Christmas Eve (2007)

Charles Williams
Starry Night

Perry Williams
The Christmas Catch (2014)

Dan "Doc" Wilson
Bringing in the Christmas Tree (2014)

Morgan Wilson
No Regrets (2008)

 C.R. Wood
A Cowboy Christmas Lament

Woody Woodruff
Another Christmas We Spend (2001)
One Christmas Eve

Byrd Woodward
Arizona Christmas Eve (2001)
A Four-Year-Old's Christmas Truth (2002)
I'll Be Good (2001)
One Night on th' Prairie  (2005)
Reindeer Paws (2001)

Eric Wyman
Progress (2002)

John R. Yaws
A Cowboy Christmas Eve (2007)

Lee Young
When Santa Met Saddle Tramp Lee (2002)




James Barton Adams
A Cowboy Toast (2001)

S. Omar Barker
 Cowboy's New Year's Resolutions (2001)

Steve Dirksen
New Year

L. Maynard Dixon
To an Old Timer on New Year's Day  (2008)

Janice Gilbertson
Bless Ya For Takin' The Ride (2002)
Night Time's Promise (2004)
The Porch Light (2007)
The Right Way (2005)

Don Gregory
Coosie's Rainbow Stew
Reminisicin' (2001)
Resolvin' Resolutions (2001)

Jean Mathisen Haugen
New Year's Greetings (2002)

 Sam Jackson

 Happy New Y'ar (2002)

Rod Miller
 Year 2002 Diet Resolution

Janice Mitich
A New Year's Goose

Rod Nichols
New Year's at Cutter Bills (2005)
New Year's Eve

Mike Puhallo
Never Look Back (2005)
A New Day
Resolutions! (2001)
A New Year a New Day! (2007)

Bob Schild
Ode to an Old Friend (2007)

Hal Swift
New Year's Eve in Austin (2001)

Jack Thorp
The Cowboys New Year Dance (2005)

New Year Toasts
Selections by S. Omar Barker and Diane Tribitt, Michael Henley, V. June Collins, Rod Miller, Victoria Boyd, Glen Enloe, Hal Swift, Pat Richardson, Jeff Hildebrandt, Lincoln Rogers, Jeanne L. Thompson, Stan Carroll
, Jane Morton, Jean Mathisen Haugen, Terry Henderson, and others





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