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This Cowhand’s Life

A foot of snow and the ponds froze over.

My warm bed tempts me to pull the cover.

Now loading the hay and chopping the ice.

Makes me think cows are a very poor vice.


Leave water running so the pipes won’t freeze.

Stoke the fire at three to counter the breeze.

At times I wonder about cowboy life.

Would be nice to be “just a housewife”?


The neighbors horse rubbed and tromped the fence down.

Cows found the hole but they stopped short of town.

I dig in the snow banks pulling up wire.

Who made it woven should burn in a fire.


Barbs they may tear at your clothes and your hide.

You CAN stretch it to keep, cows on your side.

Weaving is for cloth to make clothes for man,

Not for livestock in a fence that won’t stand.


‘Twas a bad day by the lines that I spoke.

There are some times that this life is no joke,

But then there are days that things turn around.

You know you and yours are sure heaven bound.


All of God’s creatures from birth till they’re old,

Show us the bountiful life He can hold,

In His mighty hands for the world to see.

Sent Jesus, His Son, to save you and me.


How can I describe this wonderful land?

Majestically made by God’s loving hand.

Thankful am I to be put here on earth.

Let’s be thankful and rejoice in His birth.


His son “Jesus” died, with thieves, on that cross,

Died for OUR sins, so our lives aren’t a loss.

So we can be blest with life up on high,

We’ll believe and repent and He’ll come nigh.


© 2006, Jo Lee T Riley
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.





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Page Five



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