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Cowboy Cody's Ride

Steam splutters from nostrils
deep guttural moans
a blood pounding drum
of black gristle and bones
crowd pulsing with screams
folks fearful to clap
Cody boards bovine
choosing Suicide wrap

Master of his domain
bull raises his hump
and one-thousand pounds
pummels through Cody's rump
his palm a bit pinched
Cody still hangs on
he's now quite aware
his escape plan is gone

Brave rider gallops in
trowels pony and smiles
"Guess 'ole Ambush would like
to play rough for a while."
roping bull by the horns
jerks his head to one side
"Looks like Cowboy Cody
ain't enjoying his ride."

Rope holds long enough
five more rustlers enter
crowd heaves a loud gasp
boots rush to the center
with Cobra quick speed
pokes cut the loop loose
saving poor Cody's neck
from an angry bull's noose

Ripped bicep and sinews
and a tad wounded pride
Cowboy's sure pensive
unsure of his ride
Cody lift's dizzy head
(though a little too fast)
his brains more chewed up
than a Christmas Repast
"Was my eight seconds up?
Just how long did I last?"

2005, Chrissy K. McVay
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.

Chrissy told she was inspired to write this poem "while watching a rodeo in Indiana, where a bull named Ambush was famous for beating up cowboys. Many a pin in a rider's arm or leg was due to Ambush."

About Chrissy K. McVay:

Chrissy K. McVay lives with her family in western North Carolina.



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