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Saddle Shop Champ

About a week before the rodeo,
     I had to go to town.
To pick up a load of post and wire,
     For a fence I was puttin' down.

I stopped off at the feed store,
     For a couple sacks of grain,
Then, in to get a boot heel fixed,
     That was causin' me some pain.

From way out on the sidewalk,
     I could see this guy inside.
Shoutin' and waivin' his arms about,
     "I'm the greatest," he cried.

His high-heeled boots were silver-tipped,
     The tops were red and blue.
A big black hat was cocked on one ear,
     And, his shirt was shiny and new.

His buckle was at least six inches across,
     His belt was a fine basket stamp.
And, in big white letters about two inches tall,
     On the back, he'd carved, The Champ.

"There ain't never been a Brahmer bull
     That I couldn't hook.
And, the tricks I know about ridin',
     Can't be found in no book."

"Y'all remember that old Flyin' U bull?
     Why shucks, I rode him twice.
And that ox I drawed at the Finals last year,
     Would make him look plumb nice.

Around the circuit I'm known as Hooks,
     For the way I spur 'em out.
I've been the Champ many times.
     Yeah, I'm the greatest, there ain't no doubt."

A crowd had gathered and he was really,
     Puttin' on a show.
When his buddy came in and said, "Hey, man,
     You 'bout ready to go?"

He was talkin' and signin' autographes,
     And, folks were beggin him not to stop.
His partner grinned 'cause he knew the only bull he'd rode,
     Was in a saddle shop.

2013, Chimp Robertson
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.


Chimp told us, "I wrote the poem because it really happened [at] our local western store, The Dalhart Saddlery."

Punchin' Those Cows

Back when I was a kid, my Dad was a cowboy,
   But, I see it just like it was now.
I'd run down to the fence and say, Dad, whatcha' doin'
   He'd laugh and say, "Punchin' those cows."

I still hear him laughin', I still see his face.
   God knows I'm still missin' him, too.
But, he's punchin' those cows up in heaven tonight.
   Ridin' Little Boy Blue.

2013, Chimp Robertson
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.

Chimp told us, "When we lived on the Coon Ranch west of Dalhart, Texas, I was about 4 or 5. Dad would saddle up and come trottin' by and I'd run down to the fence and yell at him, 'Where you goin', Daddy?,' and he'd always laugh and say, 'Goin' to punch a few cows,' and I'd always say, 'With your finger?,' and he'd laugh again and say, 'Yeah, with my finger.' A year or so later I was saddled up and riding with him. A lot of those stories are in my new book,
Tall Tales and Short Stories

Chimp sent two photos of his father, Alton Robertson:

   About Chimp Robertson:
provided 2013

Before a career in marketing and public relations for large retirement centers in Oklahoma, Chimp Robertson was a rodeo contestant, auctioneer, private pilot, rancher, song writer (songs recorded by Chris LeDoux) real estate broker, skydiver and army veteran.

He has had articles and poems published in magazines such as Western Horseman, Horse Lovers, Horseman, Cattleman, Hoofs and Horns, and Farm Journal, among others.

His books include, Tall Tales and Short Stories, A Family Legacy; I'll Be Seeing You, A Two Year Battle With Cancer; Killin'' Time, A Collection Of Short Stories; Mortal Secrets; A Mystery Novel; and POW/MIA: The Men We Left Behind (Vietnam).

Born and raised in Dalhart, Texas, he is currently living in Hooker, Oklahoma where he is pumping wells, farming, working at a feedlot, and team roping.




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