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.....December 31, 2013 deadline: met, and goal reached!

Thanks to all who stepped up.


Thanks to those who have donated to date...


Tom Swearingen, first-time supporter who stepped up to the challenge, tells why:

What do I value most about Probably that you do what your "slogan" claims: "Preserving and celebrating the arts and life of rural communities and the real working West." As a poet and lover of our western heritage I'm entertained, informed, and inspired by the poems you share, the classics as well as contemporary that meet a high bar for quality. The news, links, event announcements, calls for entry, and the like that you share have resulted in performing and publishing opportunities for me that I wouldn't likely have found elsewhere. And perhaps most valuable, connection with some "big name" poets featured on the site that have provided me with encouragement and mentoring.

What moved me to make a donation? The Challenge Donation calling for support of the 2014 Cowboy Poetry Week and Rural Library Program is one I can't ignore. First, on general principal. And, because I've been asked by my community's public library to present an evening program during this year's Cowboy Poetry Week...

Friend of the BAR-D,

With the participation of people like you—loyal supporters of the Center for Western and Cowboy Poetry—we've sustained a vibrant community with a shared mission. I'm committed to keeping that story alive, so I come to you with an urgent and important plea.

Together, we've worked to preserve and celebrate the arts and life of rural communities and the real working West. Through, Cowboy Poetry Week, the Rural Library Program, and social media (Facebook and Twitter), we include many people who share our mission. All of this work is done on a tiny, careful budget.
Your support is essential. Let's keep working to maintain our community and keep our story alive.

A generous donation by the Sage Foundation will help underwrite some of the costs for the fourteenth annual Cowboy Poetry Week 2014. But it's not enough to fund the entire project. Additional contributions are necessary to carry out Cowboy Poetry Week activities; administer the Rural Library Program; produce the Cowboy Poetry Week poster; create the next volume of
The BAR-D Roundup (both the poster and CD go to rural libraries and to supporters); and to continue with all of the associated efforts at and through the Center's social media communications.

Another generous supporter has offered a
challenge donation for 15% of the funds needed for program materials and expenses: If we can raise $7500 in the next six weeks (by December 31), the Center will receive that challenge donation and all facets of the programs can go forward.

All of the work that goes into these programs is done by volunteers: by me and by people like you who arrange and take part in events and activities and help spread the word. Funds are needed for printing, production, postage, packaging, design, and maintenance of the efforts at

Thousands of
The BAR-D Roundup CDs and annual posters have been received by libraries across the West and beyond through Cowboy Poetry Week programs. Many hundreds of rural libraries, poets, and musicians participate in Cowboy Poetry Week activities. These programs also reach out to youth, keeping these arts and traditions alive for future generations.

Each year more people learn about the poetry, music, and other creative aspects of the West and about the importance of preserving our real working West through these programs and through and the Center's active social media presence on Facebook and Twitter.

If you have been one of the generous and faithful financial supporters of the Center for Western and Cowboy Poetry, you make possible Cowboy Poetry Week, the Rural Library Program,, and all the Center does. Whether you've contributed $10 a year or ten times that and more, you have played an important part in the story of our collective success.

If you have given before, thank you for any additional support. If you have not supported the BAR-D recently, or ever,
now is the time that your support will make the most critical difference.
No amount is too small to make a difference.

You can
donate below with a secure, on-line credit card payment.

You can also donate by mail:, PO Box 695, St. Helena, CA
94574. Find a printable form here.

Thank you for being a part of the BAR-D. I hope you share my pride in all that we have accomplished together. Let's keep working to continue to fulfill our shared mission to bring a wide audience to all the things that make our vibrant community the important place it is.



Thanks to those who have stepped up and met the goal...

Jo Lynne Kirkwood ~ Cowboy Poets of Idaho ~ Jerry Brooks ~ Hal Swift

Yvonne Hollenbeck* ~ P'let and Mike Tcherkassky ~ Sandy Seaton Sallee 

Sally Baldus ~ Stephanie Davis ~  John Michael Reedy ~ Harvey Sampson

Betty and Ken Rodgers ~ Dave Stanley and Nan McEntire ~ Keith Ward 

Tom Swearingen ~ Jack Burdette ~ Dale Page ~ Stan Howe

Deanna Dickinson McCall ~ Shannon and Kent Rollins' Red River Ranch Chuck Wagon

David Carlton ~ Kay Kelley ~ Chris Williams ~ Pat Richardson

George Rhoades ~  Nika Nordbrock ~ Denise Arvidson ~ Mark Kerr

Jeri Dobrowski-Lamesteer Publishing and Graphics* ~ Monterey Cowboy Poetry and Music Festival

Dee Strickland Johnson ("Buckshot Dot") ~ Rhonda Sedgwick Stearns ~ Bj Smith ~ Linda Kirkpatrick

Andy Nelson ~ Yvonne Gresnick ~ Linda and Bill Patterson ~ Deanna Nelson ~ C.J. Hadley and RANGE

 Black Hills Antique Parts  ~ Bruss Horn ~ Patricia Frolander ~ Western Folklife Center

Jean Mathisen Haugen ~ Dick and Jane Morton ~ Susan and Bruce Matley ~ Jim and Stella Cathey

Beth Rand ~ Cindy Quigley ~ Del Gustafson ~ Jim Thompson (California) ~ Linda Nadon

Prudence and William Gustafson ~ Chuck Learn* ~ Tyler Guy ~ Cochise Cowboy Poetry & Music Gathering

Mark Munzert ~ Shelly Pagliai-Prairie Moon Quilts ~ Bob and Marie Mann ~ Tom Linenbrink

 Jarle Kvale ~ Laurel Paulson-Pierce ~ Chris Isaacs ~ Carol D. Warner ~ Jay and Sandi Snider

Jean and Gary Prescott ~ Leslie Keltner-Runumuk Cowgirl Productions ~ Susie Knight

 ~ Rodney Nelson ~ Janice Gilbertson ~ Nebraska Cowboy Poetry Gathering at Valentine ~ Leland Parker

Rex Rideout-Time Travel Music ~ Jarolyn Crouse ~ Michael Henley ~ Gary McMahan ~ Rod Miller

 Roberta Rothman ~ Marci Broyhill ~ Smoke Wade ~ Eileen Dirksen in memory of Steve Dirksen

Gary Brown ~ Laurie Wood ~ Tom Nichols ~ Kathie and Paul Kern ~ Andrea Kidd

Cindy and Kurt "Snoose" Argyle of SaddleStrings ~ Kathy Brittain ~ Farmer Dave and Marti Fulfs

Marilyn and Greg Camp ~ Mike Moutoux ~ Paul Bliss ~ Lynn Kopelke ~  Heather Hafleig ~  Sally Smith

Joelle Smith Western Art ~ Anonymous


* multiple donations

updated 12/31


A one-minute message from one of our long-time supporters, Andy Nelson:

photo by Stuart Johnson

Click to listen to Andy Nelson's message.



2007 poster image by Tim Cox 2006 poster image from Joelle Smith's


Donors at the $40 and higher level will receive the 2014 Cowboy Poetry Week poster in April, 2014. Donors at the $40 ($60 international) and higher level will receive the 2014 edition of The BAR-D Roundup in the Fall of next year (if sufficient funds are raised); or the special 2-disc edition of The BAR-D Roundup: Volume 8, a special Christmas compilation or their choice; or any other of the available CDs.

You, too, can be a part of it all.

Please lend your support, which lets us continue to bring you our many features and programs.

You can make a donation by check or money order, by mail (please use the form here for mail to the Center for Western and Cowboy Poetry, PO Box 695, St. Helena, CA 94574) or by a secure, on-line credit card payment through PayPal (a PayPal account is not required): is a project of The Center for Western and Cowboy Poetry, a tax-exempt non-profit organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service Act. Contributions to the Center are fully deductible for federal income tax purposes.

As in all journalistic endeavors, no editorial preference is given to financial sponsors or supporters.


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