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Redmond, Orgegon
About Carol Oxley




The Christmas Stocking

T'was the night before Christmas and all 'round the ranch,
     The boys were plotting tricks that would make parents blanch.
The stockings were hung by the chimney with cheer
     For that's where the trick was directed this year.
For the four youngest had thought up a trick for Lee,
     Just to see what a good sport the eldest would be.
They gathered frozen road apples from beneath barnyard snow
     And snuck them into Lee's sock - way down at the toe.
With the morning fire lit the road apples caught the thaws
     And Lee knew he had a gift NOT from old Santa Claus.
So he peeked in, then went on to other things without a mention,
     Which caused his four brothers much consternation.
They expected him to rant and rave and curse,
     For the trick to be ignored was the very worst.
So finally one of the brothers said, "Lee this is shocking,
    "But you haven't told us what you got in your stocking."
The words Lee replied for his brothers' ears
    Have lived in our family and echoed through the years,
For Lee replied carefully in his slow cowboy way,
     "Well, I had a hoss, but he got away."

2008, Carol Oxley
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.


This poem is included with 2008 Christmas poems.



  About Carol Oxley:

My heritage is an Iowa and Missouri farm family heritage....but my parents migrated to California before I was born. I was born in San Francisco two months after the Golden Gate Bridge opened. The first seven years of my life were in a small gold rush town and then we again moved to Sacramento. I attended UC Davis and met my husband of almost 50 years there. We have lived on ranches or small rural properties ever since Davis, except for 8 years at The Thacher School in Ojai. We had a ranch in Northern California for 25 years where we raised registered Herefords, horses, and our children. At Thacher my husband was in Director of the Horse Program where he herded over 100 horses and about 90 kids at a time in the program. I was directly involved with many of the students. When we sold our ranch, we retired to Oregon and have spent the last 17 years exploring most of Southern Oregon and Central Oregon on horseback.

I started writing poetry about some of our experiences in 1992 after we had retired. I have performed my poetry in Northern California and Southern and Central Oregon and at open mike in Elko.



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