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Shippin' Day

Loadin’ out yerlins’ right before daylight,
loadin em’ on a trailer that’s headed out of sight.
They're headed out West as fast as they can go,
bull haulers don’t know the meaning of the word “slow.”

They’ll cross the scales there in town,
after that they’ll lay the hammer down.
We’ll buy some more and start all over,
just in time to let em’ graze a little clover.

It’s a continuous process from daylight to daybreak,
but nothing makes us happier than providing you with a good ribeye steak.
This life may not be for everyone,
working all day out in the blazing sun.

Ask any ol’ cowboy and they’ll tell you the same,
a good horse and a bible are worth more than a life of fame.
It may not always be pretty; but it’s the life that we live,
every day we get up we give it all we can give.

© 2013, Bruce Johnson
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without permission.

comments that this poem is, "...just another day in the life that many people dream of. For those of us brought up in this industry there is no other place that we would rather be."




   About Bruce Johnson
provided 2013

I have grown up in the cattle industry spending the majority of my life either on a horse or on a tractor. It is usually either on a horse or wading mud in the lots when I think of these poems, I'm usually getting in trouble because I'm trying to write down the words while working feeder calves at the same time and that doesn't always turn out good.




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