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About Braska Sackett




Smart Man

I'm cowboy tuff, tried and true
Very few things can scare me blue.
Meeting my Maker, or Bodacious perhaps
Or city guys in pink shirts and chaps.
Now I'm a man and not afraid to admit
The scariest thing to get my grit.
Is a particular woman, who wants to take my life
But I love her so, 'cause she's my wife.

I've been in a few bars, fought a few guys
Who weighed a ton, and twice my size.
Been shot by every caliber of gun
Been stranded in the desert in the hot August sun.
I've wrestled with grizz and cougar a bit
But won't mess with her, when she's throw'n a fit.

Now I'm six foot even, 'bout two hundred pounds
And if it can stand I can knock it down.
I'm broad in the shoulder and narrow in the hip
I drink, smoke, chew and spit.
My friends all say I'm the toughest around
But when she says jump, my feet leave the ground.

At five foot two, and the games that she plays
Brings with her an aura of commanding ways.
My friend's say my temper can't get no hotter
But I was smart and married the judge's daughter.

2005, Braska Sackett 
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.


About Braska Sackett:

I am a 23 year old sailor in the U.S. Navy.  As for my muse for this, she was a roommate at the time that use to throw the most frantic fits.  So I wrote the poem as a view from her husband and how we use to view him.

I grew up in the western Sandhills of Nebraska, were I get my pen name.



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