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King of the County Fair

He packed his gear in his truck
Took a drink and wished for luck.
Broke a rib the week before,
Told the doc "it's a little sore".
Drove all night and half the day
An eight second job that just might pay.

He checked his gear and dressed the part,
You got to love a cowboy's heart.
Smilin' big and shakin' hands
One more ride and he can make some plans.
This could be the one that's it
He can go back home and quit all this.

He feels the pull down inside,
Anticipation of the ride.
He's up next, he hears 'em say
He hopes to ride him out today.
He holds on tight and reaches high
Pull the cute and let 'em fly.

Eight full seconds and he's still there
He's the King of the County Fair.

2003, Brandon Broadbent
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without permission.

About Brandon Broadbent:

I wrote "King of the County Fair" while taking a break from writing a book called Cowboy Stew that I hope to finish this year. I am from Anson,Texas and I write in my spare time.



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