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Ol' Pep

Ol' Pep had been a rounder
Some said all his life
He’d been through a string of horses
But he never took a wife

He’d been on the Bar None
Since he was just knee high
Ol' Pep loved to tell tall tales
But he never told a lie

Now ol' Pep was always first
When it come to the chuck line
Yep he was pretty handy at eatin'
Not to good when it came to a twine

He weren’t the best roper
His ridin' wasn’t much better
The bunkhouse rockin' chair
Well ol` Pep could really set'er

He was the last up in the mornin'
First one in at night
Not what you’d call a top hand
And he sure wouldn’t fight

There was one thing
That kept ol' Pep ridin' for the brand
He always had kind words
For everyone across the land

If you got thrown
And you were eatin' dirt
Ol' Pep would catch your pony
Then see if you were hurt

When you were gettin' tired
Ol' Pep would ride up
Saying it’s almost a day
We’re about to have us a hot cup

There was that time
They hired some Eastern dude
None of the hands liked him
But ol' Pep was never rude

Then one dark night
Ol' Pep didn’t ride in
We all rode out to find him
No tellin' where he’d been

We found him in the mornin'
Lyin' on the ground
We all sat there in silence
No one made a sound

Ol' Pep had went on
To the big spread in the sky
The ramrod said, “Boys,
Even good cowboys die”

Sittin' around the fire
Well… now it’s not the same
Someone will say, “miss him”
Then poke at the flame

We all tell stories about him
About what he couldn’t do
But he helped many a cowboy
Some he never knew

One day on the ranch I noticed
When someone gets out of step
One of the hands will help out
Just like ol' Pep

© 2010, Brad Curtis
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.


Brad Curtis told us that "Ol' Pep as in 'giving a pep talkg is about how we all are to encourage one another."



  About Brad Curtis
provided 2011

As pastor of Mountain Top Cowboy Church in Heber Springs, Arkansas and author of On The Trail; Christian cowboy poems and proverbs” I try to relate the Bible in cowboy terms.

On the Trail
Christian cowboy poems and proverbs




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