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Recognized for his poem, Flying Lesson



Bob Prinselaar, photo courtesy Mr. Prinselaar Bob Prinselaar resides in Fresno, California.  He says "Before the Navy got me I cowboyed in California and Arizona, mostly working as a horsebreaker and wrangler. Also dug a lot of postholes, and stretched a lot of wire, along with cleaning stalls, baling hay, and other fun jobs."

Flying Lesson

My instructor stood awaitin, sweepin flies off with his tail
He'd do his ornery best today, to see if I would fail
He was just a mangy cayuse, but a hero on the range
What he could do,when he wanted to, looked mighty weird and strange
He could turn his belly to the sun, while flyin to the moon
He gave his student all he had, and never quit too soon
From all sides he could get you, he could bite and he could kick
Just thinkin what that hoss could do, could make a cowboy sick
I knew I had to ride him, I had to for my pride
With the other hands awatchin, there was no place to hide
So I had a waddie chew his ear, while I climbed upon his back
And then I grabbed some leather, while I awaited his attack
At first he crowhopped just a bit,and I thought, "This ain't so bad"
But then his back curved up a mile, and I knew that I'd been had
He switched his ends so mighty fast, and he gave a tricky twist
The horn came up,and met my gut, and felt like a solid fist
I knew I was still ridin, and a Yahoo left my mouth
But then he started headin north, while I was headed south
So now he had me flyin, and he could take a rest
While I made a dusty landin, but I knew I'd done my best
I had learned a lesson here today, from a bronc so wild and true
Learnin flyin can be fun, but the landin's hard to do
So if you're into broken bones, and joints that snap and pop
Just climb aboard that wild cayuse, for your flyin lesson hop

Bob Prinselaar  
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.



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