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About Bobby Dean



So Long

My old Pardner never quit me but I think it's time to go.
My rope is kinda twisted and the tyin's awful slow.
My spurs got in the riggin' and the horn got in my gut
I never saw the critter 'til the gate was almost shut.
Old Pardner saw it comin, and he kinda took it slow,
His turns and stops were gentle, there's somethin' he must know.
There were times when we were tops and the cheering made me grin
And Pardner stepped so fancy that he knew we won agin.
But the blood is running slower and the snoose is tastin bad
And old Pardner's head is lower and his eyes look kinda sad.
I dont know where we're goin, but the ropin' is all done.
I tried the broncs and bulls but that's for those that's young.
Old Pardner don't seem ready to quite give up the fight.
The only thing he really knows is to keep the rope damned tight.
And I ain't ready yet to sit in some old rockin chair
And listen to the cowboys a-lyin to the air.
So I think I'll take old Pardner and go ropin' for the stars
We'll tie a half hitch on the moon and hit couple bars.
Rodeo'ns over, ain't no number on my back
We're slippin' off the saddle and sellin' all the tack.
Old pardner's goin bareback and rolling in the clover
Cus when it's done it's done. And when its over...
Well old Pard, it's over.

2008, Bobby Dean
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.

About Bobby Dean:

I have had many jobs including teacher, chicken salesman, truck driver, junk dealer, logger, sheep shearer, CEO of an internet company, mill worker, miner, and as a dealer in minerals, scrap iron, artificial limbs, gold and silver. I have six kids, all successful, and a wife who is mistaken for my daughter. My personal achievements are generally considered by the family, acquaintances and myself to be failures. I have little money, good health, few worries and a leaky roof.





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