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Havana, Florida
About Billy Blackman




Trimming Flash

I approached her as before I had,
Her two pinned ears a'point'n to mad;
Note'n her heels were high just a tad,
And thought of her last trim: "bad oh bad."

"Ol girl," I said with a hole-y grin,
As she bent her head and tried to spin;
"Be dog gone if you'll do it again,"
As I pointed where my tooth had been.

Flash is her name, I'm here to proclaim:
"To her this chore makes me fair game; and
My ex and her are one in the same
'Cause my nose's where they always take aim."

Roped her front without much of a fuss,
Rasp heel, toe and just twice had to cuss;
Dread'n the hinds, they're so hard to nuss,
A thought as pleasin' as soggy pie crusts.

I rubbed her hip then moved to her hock,
"Last time here you sent me t'see Doc";
Reached for her hind, but it was on lock,
Tail swished back and forth, tic and then toc.

I gave it a snatch, Thought: "She's no match!
Yelled: "Oh my back" through the open hatch,
Where her hoof my tooth once tried to catch
I spit and gave it a tighter latch.

Her foot bounced off the ground like'a spring,
A hoof shaved my nose hair with at sting;
I grabbed her tail and gave it a ring...
"Yes I thought I heard an angel sing."

Mare to nightmare I saw it comin' ,
"Who'll tell my kin?" I heard me mumblin';
A size naught at me it was humin'.
Last thing I heard was some harp strumin'

(later...much, much later)

As I woke and wondered where I had been,
Flash struttin' as if both tonic and gin,
"Be dog gone if you'll do it again,"
I said through now a hole-ier grin

2005, Billy Blackman 
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.


Billy told us, "This poem really was inspired by my attempts to trim Flash's feet. She hated the thought of my walking up to her with my trimming chaps on and always pinned her ears to give me warning that she wasn't going to be a good day to try this. The loss of my tooth cap did come from trimming another horse. I am a farrier and sometimes you find those horses who are determined to put humans in their place.

About Billy Blackman:

Billy Blackman is a farrier, and he says, "I am also a newspaper editor, professional musician, house-builder,
furniture maker, husband, father, gardener, horse-hauler and other various occupations."



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