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Big Bend

       Have you ever seen the sunrise
         over the Sierra Carmen Range,
       and let your imagination run wild
         as the shadows shift and change?

       Have you seen the sunlight shining
         on Santa Eleana's walls,
       or found wild orchids blooming
         down below Cattail Falls?

       Have you seen the fossil bones
         on the valley floor below,
       or hiked the Chisos Mountains
         where only Eagles go?

       Have you floated thru the canyons
         of the mighty Rio Grande,
       and wondered how it all fits
         into the Master Plan?

       There seems to be something sacred
         about this spot on Earth,
       that makes mere mortals wonder
         what we're really worth.


Bucky Sez . . .

We sure do like havin' folks' poems.  

Plenty poems here are entered in our Lariat Laureate Competition.  If you're a poet and not entered, well, how come not?