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Along the twisting paths
Toward early dawn and twilight's glow,
Clouds above, the earth below.
The air heavy with nature's song,
Rider and horse travel along.
As if one . . .
Running freely, the ground beneath them reeling by.
Shorn hoofs beating rhythm as the desert sighs.
As if one . . .
Narry a care, no single thought,
The air laden with tear kissed drought.
A gentle breeze whispers by,
Ahead only earth touching sky.
As if one . . .
Undetected motion brings silent turning
As if both share a single yearning,
As if one . . .
Companions through a special trust,
Leaving their trail in prints of dust
Erased with time and nature's bath.
Now memories are on that path,
Companions are as one . . .

2003, Beckie A. Miller
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without permission.

Beckie tells us: "I'm not the rider -- my daughter is and I wrote this about her and her horse."  Her daughter and the horse are pictured below:



About Beckie A. Miller:

I live in Phoenix, Arizona and have had several publications in both poetry, short stories in books, and articles for the Arizona Republic in Phoenix.

We do have a thirteen horse, three acre ranch here in the last remaining vestiges of the outer valley, clinging to the desert property around us attempting to remain rural in the big city of Phoenix.

While I began writing shortly after the death of my son, Brian, when he was robbed and shot to death twelve years ago, and I had a strong need to
pen the devastating emotional aftermath of losing a child to violence,  I have written, as you can see from this poem [Companions], other things.

I have been a stay-at-home mother for the past "many" years, first raising my son, then daughter Christie (whom Companions is about) and when
Christie was nineteen, adopted a daughter, Kimberlie -- thus beginning my parenting all over again.  I provided day care in my home for the past twenty-five years to enable me to stay home with my kids.

Since my son's death, not only did I begin writing, continue day care and begin my parenting all over, but I also am chapter leader of  Parents Of
Murdered Children, Inc. in Phoenix, a member of Arizona Voice for Crime Victims, and a member of Arizona Response Crisis Team.  Needless to say,
busy is a word that does not quite encompass my life right now.  If I might brag a little for a moment, I also just received on September 20, 2003 Arizona's most prestigious award for volunteerism, for my eleven years leading Parents Of Murdered Children called the Hon Kachina Award.

Thank you for your interest in Companions.  While my son's death motivated me to begin writing, I also instinctively knew I did not want to write only
about traumatic grief and violence and each poem or story I get published that is not about it reaffirms this for me.



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