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© 2014, John Michael Reedy reedy.photoshelter.com twistedcowboy.com


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It's been said that a picture is worth a thousand words...we know many that are worthy of a poem or a song. In Art Spur, we invite poets and songwriters to let selections of Western art inspire their poetry and songs.

Our 43rd piece offered to "spur" the imagination is a special National Day of the Cowboy Art Spur, a photograph, "Shadow Bronc," by songwriter, poet, and photographer John Michael Reedy (reedy.photoshelter.com, twistedcowboy.com).

© 2014, John Michael Reedy, reedy.photoshelter.com, twistedcowboy.com
Obtain permission for any use of this photograph.
"Shadow Bronc"

We asked John Michael Reedy to tell us about the photograph, and he commented:

I made the photograph at the Jefferson County Fair Rodeo in Boulder, Montana. Since most rodeos have photographers dedicated to catching the “action,” my focus tends more towards light, composition, and story. This is our hometown rodeo, a very small-town and (almost) always dry and dusty affair held at the end of August. However, this particular year we experienced absurdly unusual wet and muddy conditions. I felt an urgency to get a good shot on this day, to capture the striking tension between the (still) very clean cowboys and the inevitable mud bath. In this shot, the small-town setting and the prominence of the flag catching the sun at that moment creates a mood, and the classic position of the rider is iconic. Mostly I like the the body language of the horse as he appears to stomp his own shadow in the mud.

Submissions are welcome from all through Tuesday, July 19, 2016.  Find submission information below.

Poets are invited to be inspired by the art; a literal representation of the art is not expected.

The Twelfth Annual National Day of the Cowboy is Saturday July 23, 2016. Find more about the organization at nationaldayofthecowboy.com and on Facebook.



About John Michael Reedy

photo by Heather Reedy


John Reedy lives an artistic life with his young family in the Boulder Valley of southwest Montana. Through music, songwriting, poetry, and photography, he attempts to capture the beauty and soul of Montana life in art that is both romantic and real.


Find more about John Michael Reedy and his photography in our feature here. Find some of his poetry and lyrics here at CowboyPoetry.com.

Visit his web site, twistedcowboy.com, and also view more of his photography at reedy.photoshelter.com.







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The Art Spur subjects:
     (Find Winter and Christmas Art Spur subjects here.)


  Shadow Bronc by John Michael Reedy

  A Life Less Ordinary  by Gary Morton


  Crash of Thunder  by Gary Morton

  Cowboy True, Thru and Thru  by Don Dane

  Cowboy Cadence  by Elizabeth Zimmerman

  End of Day  by Jason Rich

  Winter Work on the CO Bar
by Bill Owen

"Heading West" © Molly Morrow, www.mollymorrow.com; reproduction prohibited   Heading West by Molly Morrow

 Making Adjustments by Shawn Cameron

 At the End of His Rope by Tyler Crow

 Dust by Nikole Morgan

  Heads or Tails by R.S. Riddick

 Mornings on Horseback  by Shawn Cameron

  After the Gathering  by Betty K. Rodgers

 Pilgrim  by Duward Campbell

  The Little House That Grew  by Jeri Dobrowski

  She's a Hand by Joelle Smith

  Born to This Land by Bill Owen

  Hick's Hereford Heifers  by Tim Cox

copyright 2009 by Lori Faith Merritt ( www.photographybyfaith.com) "Heading In"  Heading Out by Lori Faith Merritt

  The Horse Wrangler Gather’d The Morning Mounts:  "One That Had’n Lived The Life ... Couldn’t Paint a Picture ...To Please The Eye, of One That Had!"  by Bob Coronato

  Scoping the Bosque  by Jennifer M. Ward

  Learnin' the Ropes  by Chanda Snook

  Waxed Jacket by William Matthews

  Sammy by Pat Richardson

  Great Day to be a Cowboy by Don Dane 

  At His Own Pace by Tim Cox 

   Leadin' a Spare  by Jeri Dobrowski  

   Heading Home by Joelle Smith

   At the Jollification  by Dee Strickland Johnson ("Buckshot Dot") 

  Ridin' Out by Kent Rollins

tmpllfrnt.jpg (20086 bytes)  Ponderin' Lines 'n Lyrics  by Tom Morgan

  Dust 'n Tails by Julie Rogers




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