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Olathe, Colorado
About April Chase




Once Grandad and Ol' Grandpa John
Were ridin' fence up in the hills,
And a sure 'nough storm was blowin' in,
And that cold North wind gave 'em chills.
Grandpa John, wise in mountain ways,
Come up with a heck of a plan -
They'd crawl up under the oakbrush
And be snug when the downpour began.
That they did, and though the storm raged
Grandpa John's plan worked like a charm.
It wasn't any little wind,
But they cuddled up nice and warm.
They crawled far in under the leaves
As fat raindrops about them flew.
They kept scootin' back from the wet
'Til they finally backed into
The large wet rump of something else
Which jumped up and run off in a rush.
They couldn't see just what it was
As it crashed through the thick oakbrush.
At last the fierce cloudburst died down
And they looked around for some tracks
And checked for any bits of fur
That might've clung to one of their backs.
They found none, and Grandpa John said
(Collected and cool by habit)
"Couldn't say fer sure what that was,
Prob'ly just a big ol' rabbit."
Then they both caught up their horses,
Got ready to ride on to camp,
But Grandpa John stopped by the trail
For a minute, and lit his lamp.
"You know, Don," he called, then looking down
At the mud deep in thought he paused,
"I can't recall when I ever saw
A rabbit with that big o' claws!"

2002, April Chase
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.

About April Chase:

April tells us that Company "is just one of many poems that I wrote based on the journals my grandfather kept of his life ranching and farming in Western Colorado. I hope one day to publish a novel partly based on his stories, too. I am a freelance writer and book reviewer, still living on the family ranch in Olathe, Colorado."





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