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We've indexed the books listed below to help readers find poetry by their favorite Cowboy Poets.  Along with current popular Cowboy Poetry anthologies, there are many out-of-print and hard-to-find anthologies, and we hope to include many books in this index, which will be added to continually.

On Page 1 you'll find the list of books indexed and a comprehensive poet index with poem titles.

There are links to the individual indexes for each book on separate pages like this one that include poets' names and poem titles.

Our thanks to poet Gene O'Quinn for helping with this project and indexing so many of the books and publications.

List of Books Indexed

Poets and Poems Index


As we add to this index, we welcome your suggestions for books to include, and your own compilations of such indexes from other books.  Please email us with your comments.



See our large list of books Cowboy Poetry books here.




See Page 1 for all books indexed to date and the comprehensive list of poets and poems.   

This page includes some of the books' individual indexes.

cpreunionbk.jpg (25377 bytes)  Cowboy Poetry:  The Reunion (CPR) edited by Virginia Bennett, Gibbs Smith, Layton, Utah 2004   Cover art by Buckeye Blake, interior illustrations by Walt LaRue, designed by Meghan Merker

Available from the publisher and from Amazon and other sources

See our feature about this book, which includes the introduction, here.

See our review of Cowboy Poetry: The Reunion here.

Poet Gene O'Quinn compiled this book's index.


Arnold, Darrell
"The Perfect Tool"

Bates, Sally

Bennett, Pete
"If We All Rode Horses Like the Ones We Used to Ride"

Bennett, Virginia
"Songs on the Nightwind"

Brookman, Darin
"Tempered Souls"

Brown, Ed
"Small Towns"

Brown, Karen
"Sonnet of the Sage"

Buyer, Laurie Wagner
"His Horses"

Campbell, Ellis
"Wanda Jill"

Clark, Charles Badger

Coburn, Wallace David
"The Cowboy's Reply"

Daley, Doris
"Love is Blind"

Dofflemyer, John
"One Moment, Please!"

Fitzgerald, Marion
"Banjo, May I Have This Dance"

Gaines, Dennis
"A Different Point of View"

Gibford, Dick
"The Sound of Spurs"

Gustafson, Wylie
"A Good One"

Hampton, R W
"Just Had to Run and Rope Him"

Hancock, Sunny
"Ode To My Lady, My Wife"

Hankins, Audrey

Hannah, Jack
"The Old Prospector"

Hanzlik, Ray
"Cook's Revenge"

Hasselstrom, Linda
"Priests of the Prairie"

Hedges, Andy
"Texas Braggin'"

Hill, Debra Coppinger with Hilts, Jen
"Spirits Pure"

Hilts, Jen with Hill, Debra Coppinger 
"Spirits Pure"

The Holaday and Hampton Poet (see Kiskaddon, Bruce)

Hollenbeck, Yvonne
"How Far is Lonesome"

Howard, Jess

Hunting, Yula Sue
"Old Age"

Hussa, Linda
"The Weir"

Isaacs, Chris
"The Stampede at Jenny's Café"

Jobe, Tim
"A Second Chance"

Johnson, Dee Strickland
"Recipe for Rough"

Kiskaddon, Bruce  "
The Holaday and Hampton Poet"

Knibbs, Henry Herbert
"Walkin' John"

Knox, Ross

Logan, Mike
"Behold a Pale Horse"

McBeth, Tom
"When the Calves Come"

McCall, Deanna Dickinson

McCarthy, B. Lynne
"Third Saddling"

McCord, Dallas
"The Parrot"

McDonald, Walt
"Old Pets"

McMahan, Gary
"Grandpa's Early Mornin's"

McQueary, Rod
"Remembering a Middle-Aged Bronc Ride"

McRae, Wallace
"Squallin' Balley and Diablo"

McWhorter, Larry
"The Retirement of Ashtola"

Messersmith, Lyn DeNaeyer
"Midnights Are Mine"

Mitchell, Waddie
"That No Quit Attitude"

Moore, Janet
"Flying with the Eagles"

Nelson, Barney
"Photographer's Eye"

Nelson, Joel
"Equus Caballus"

Norskog, Howard
"The Christian Horse"

Ogilvie, Will
"The Pearl of Them All"

Parker, Howard
"Share and Share Alike"

Paterson, Banjo
"Clancy of the Overflow"

Peterson, Gwen
"Tall In the Sidesaddle"

Quinlan, Vess
"A Scattering of Ashes"

Ramsey, Buck

Randle, Carmel

Richardson, Pat
"Second Thoughts"

Robertson, Gary
"I Rode My Son's Horse This Morning"

Roy, Echo
"Our 10th Anniversary"

Russell, Tom
"Hallie Lonnigan"

Schmitt, Dan

Schmitt, Paul
"The Last Fiddler at Frenchman's"

Seaton, Sandy

Service, Robert W.
"The Men That Don't Fit In"

Sharpe, Tom

Sicking, Georgie
"Doctoring Worms"

Sivell, Rhoda
"The Rider That Never Made Good"

Smith, Jesse
"Rite of Passage"

Steagall, Red
"To an Old Friend"

Steuermann, Paul
"Dilly Wah Dilly"

Stockton, Kent

Streeby, Jeff
"Ol' Smoke"

Sweeten, Colen
"Daddy's Bells"

Thompson, Charlotte
"Charlotte's Cow"

Walther, Jack
"The Old Ranch Cook"

Wilkinson, Andy
"We Were The Horsemen"

Wood, Bill

Wood, Jan Swan
"Kitchen Window Cowboy"

Zarzyski, Paul
"Jerry Ambler"

  Graining the Mare : The Poetry of Ranch Women (GM) by Teresa Jordan, editor and photographer, 1994, Gibbs Smith Publisher, Layton, Utah; cover, "Blue Ball Horses" by Donna Howell-Sickles 

This book is out of print but there may be copies available through Amazon and the book may be available from the Western Folklife Center.

Poet Gene O'Quinn compiled this book's index.

Bates, Sally
"Ride to the Cattle"

Bennett, Virginia
"For Grampa"
"The Tough Goodbye"

Bircham, Doris
"After the Funeral"
"Coffee Row"
"weaning time"

Bloxham, Afton
"What Counts Most"

Blunt, Judy
"Josephine Hall"
"At the Stockman Bar, Where the Men Fall in Love, and the Women Just Fall"

Buyer, Laurie Wagner
"Eight Rabbits"
"Gathering Mint"
"Purple Tulips"

Coleman, Jane Candia
"Flowering Almond"
"Old Pete"
"Poor Will's Widow"
"Sandhill Cranes"

Curry, Peggy Simpson
"The Hunt"
"Jack Patton"
"When Words First Spoke to Me"

Daniels, Ruth
"City Cousin"

DeNaeyer, Lyn
"Breakin' Even"

Ebert, Elizabeth
"An Ordinary Morning"
"Song from the Day the Pump Broke"
"Store Candy"

Ehrlich, Gretel
"Born in the Afternoon"
"For David"
"The Orchard"

Ellis, Martha Downer
"Happy Birthday"
"Never Let Us Think"

Gilman, June Brander and Brander, Helen Kay
"People Will Talk"

Godfrey, Peggy
"Old Vogal"
"Perfect Wife"

Hankins, Audrey

Hasselstrom, Linda
"Beef Eater"
"Driving Into a Storm"
"Planting Peas"
"Rancher Roulette"
"Seasons in South Dakota"

Hoffman, Joan
"I Remember Being Beautiful"
"The Lonely, Empty, Prairie Sky"
"New Ranch Wife"
"Remembering Willie Mae"

Hogan, Linda
"Celebration: Birth of a Colt"
"Left Hand Canyon"
"The Other Voices"

Hussa, Linda
"The Blue Filly"
"Homestead in Hell Creek Canyon"
"Homesteaders, Poor and Dry"
"Under the Hunter Moon"
"The Widow Olson"

Liberty, Margot
"Evening, Four Mile"
"Rain Prayer"

Mapson, Jo-Ann
"Graining the Mare"
"Spooking the Horses"
"Tell Us Again"

Mlekush, Mela D.
"Gentleman of the Prairie"
"The Rummage Sale"

Olds, Jennifer
"Blinding the Infidel"
"A Wild One Goes"

Orr, Verlena
"First Job"
"Our Mother's Mother"

Petersen, Gwen
"A Cussin' Woman"
"A Tall Bush"
"Those Damned Wire Gates"

Poirer, Thelma
"at the branding"
"burrowing owl"
"Madame Caillier"
"old coyote hunting man"
"sorting cattle"

Quinlan, Lisa

"You Ask"

Reedy, Penelope
"If I Left"
"Taco Sauce: 1982"

Rhodes, Jeane
"Berry Me Not"

Rylander, Edith
"Dumb Animals"
"The Firstborn"
"Out to Grass"
"Reaching In"
"Watching the Stuff on the News"

Smith, Marie W.
"The Diagnoses"
"Via Satellite"

Tapahanso, Luci
"In 1864"
"Raisin Eyes"
"Sheepherder Blues"
"Yes, It Was My Grandmother"

Wallis, Myrt
"Bittercreek Woman"

Wallis, Sue
"Coyote Bitch"
"To the Gauchas of Salta"
"Lead Mare"
"Mama Lessons"
"Timothy Draw"


  Buckaroo, Visions and Voices of the American Cowboy (BVV) edited by Hal Cannon and Thomas West, (William Matthews, creative director and watercolor artist)
Simon & Schuster, New York, 1993. 

The book includes a CD with additional selections.  Poems on the CD are marked as such.

This book is out of print, but available from the Western Folklife Center and sometimes available from used book outlets.

Allen, J. B.
"New Trails"
"Rites of Passage" (on the CD)
"Sowers and Reapers"
sings the traditional "I'd Like to be in Texas for the Roundup in the
Spring" on the CD

Barker, S. Omar
"Cowpen Moo-Sic"

Clark, Charles Badger
"The Old Cow Man"

Edwards, Don
sings the traditional "Colorado Trail" on the CD
sings the traditional "Home on the Range" with Riders in the Sky on the CD

Fletcher, Curley
"The Sheep-herders Lament"

Hampton, R. W.
"My Maria"
"Donny Catch a Horse for Me" (on the CD)

Hancock, Sunny
"A Bear Tale" (on the CD)

Hasselstrom, Linda
"Carolyn, Miranda, and Me" (on the CD)
"Handbook to Ranching"
"Rancher Roulette"
"Staying in One Place"

Jordan, Teresa
"Before the Phone"  prose
"Kelley," prose from "Riding the White Horse Home"
"Old Anne"
"My Great-aunt Marie" (on the CD)
"My O Dere Children, I Wish You Were Heare." (on the CD and in the book)

Kiskaddon, Bruce

"That Little Blue Roan"
"The Old Night Hawk"
"When They've Finished Shipping Cattle in the Fall"

McQueary, Rod
"For Life" (on the CD)
"For Sorrely"
"For Souls" (on the CD)
"In Like a Lion"
"Life and Times"

McRae, Wallace
"E. M. (Red) Kluver
"Hat Etiquette"
"Little Things"
"My Requiem"
"Reincarnation" (on the CD)
"Things of Intrinsic Worth"

Mitchell, Waddie
"What Will I Tell Him?"
"Where to Go" (on the CD)

Quinlan, Vess
"Passing the Mantle" (on the CD)
"Soul of a Cowman" (on the CD)
"A Truly Durable Joke" prose
"Working Man's Bars"

Ramsey, Buck
"The Bass Singer" prose
sings the traditional "Git Along Little Dogies" on the CD

Real Bird, Henry

"My Grandfather's Story" prose
"Red Scarf"
"So Sincerely Yours" (on the CD)
"Tail That's Light"

Riders in the Sky

sing "Home on the Range" with Don Edwards on the CD

Schutte, Larry
sings the traditional "Nighttime in Nevada" on the CD

Thorp, Nathan Howard "Jack"
"Little Joe, The Wrangler"

Tyson, Ian
"Cowboy Pride" (on the CD)
"Fifty Years Ago"

Walther, Jack

"Defining the Buckaroo" (on the CD)
"Ruby Mountains"

Zarzyski, Paul
"Ain't No Life After Rodeo"
"The Bucking Horse Moon"
"The Roughstockaholic's 'Just-One-More-Last-One' Blues" (on the CD)

"Colorado Trail" (on the CD, sung by Don Edwards)
"Git Along Little Dogies" (on the CD, sung by Buck Ramsey)
"Home on the Range"  (on the CD, sung by Don Edwards and Riders in the Sky)
"I'd Like to be in Texas for the Roundup in the Spring" (on the CD, sung by
J. B. Allen)
"Nighttime in Nevada" (on the CD, sung by Larry Schutte)
"Streets of Laredo"

Click to view at Amazon.com  Between Earth and Sky; Poets of the Cowboy West (BES)
edited by Anne Heath Widmark; photographs by Kent Reeves; foreword by Kim R. Stafford
W. W. Norton & Company, New York and London, 1995

Dofflemyer, John
"Chagoopa Plateau"
"The Sierra's Spine"
"When the Redbuds Come"

Hadley, Drummond
"Alma de mi alma"
"Juan's Last Trail"
"Song of the WS Ranch"

Hussa, Linda
"A Birth"
"The Blue Filly"
"In This Moment"
"Under the Hunter Moon"

Ramsey, Buck
"Bonnie Trina"

McQueary, Rod
"For Life"
"For Souls"
"For Woody"
"Life and Times"

McRae, Wallace
"Little Things"
"Things of Intrinsic Worth"
"We Never Rode the Judiths"

Nelson, Joel
"Kings, Queens, and Mountain Kingdoms"
"Sundown in the Cow Cowcamp"

Piehl, Shadd
"My Grandfather's and Father's Horses"
"Storm Front"
"Towards Horses"
"Winter Breaks"

Quinlan, Vess
"The Cutting Post"
"Sold Out"
"The Trouble with Dreams"

Real Bird, Henry
"Among Shootin' Stars"
"Cowboy Drifter"
"Red Scarf"

Wallis, Sue
"The Big Lonely"
"A Thousand Pretty Ponies"
"Timothy Draw"

Zarzyski, Paul
"Luck of the Draw"
"A Song Moment for Ian Tyson"
"Words Growing Wild in the Woods"

   Riding the Northern Range: Poems from the Last Best-West, (RNR) edited by Ted Stone; Red Deer College Press, Red Deer, Alberta, 1993 

Anderson, Ray
"The Longhorn Exodus"

Bircham, Doris
"He Tells It Like It Was"
"On The Move"

Bloxham, Afton
"The Last Rites"
"The Settlers"
"Spring Drive"

Coburn, Wallace David
"The Cowboy's Fate"
"The Stampede"
"Sunrise in the Bad Lands"

Fletcher, Robert
"The Missouri"
"Ringbone Sam"
"The Trail of the Old Timer's Memory"

Green, Jim
"Dead Horse Winter"
"Hired Guns"
"The Kid with the Cut-away Holster"
"Wild Card on the North Fork"

Linderman, Frank
"Cayuse Bill"
"To the Coyote"
"Get Down an' Come In"

Logan, Mike
"Behold a Pale Horse"
"Gaggles 'n, Gangs, McCartys 'n Hangs"
"Laugh Kills Lonesome"
"Ranch Truck"

Marty, Sid
"I'm So Lonesome in the Saddle since My Horse Died"
"Nobody Danced with Miss Rodeo"
"There was a Lady Met a Bear (In Jasper National Park)"

Mawson, Harvey
"A Five Dollar Cattle Drive"

McRae, Wallace
"A Conversation with Albert"
"Give Us a Song, Ian Tyson"
"National Park"

Meili, Neil
"The Lonely Men"
"Prairie Chicken"
"Round Up"

Millar, Charlie
"On the Sale of the Bar U"

Nelson, Rod
"Dakota Fresh Air"
"Micky's Mash"
"Prairie Political Potential"

Peake, Arthur
"1915-Gone are the Days"
"The Old Timer"
"The Strawberry Roan"

Petersen, Gwen
"That Dad-blamed Wind"
"Woman of the Land"

Poirier, Thelma
"At the Branding"
"Colonel Scheetz, Foreman of the N - N"
"The Grubline"
"One Texas Cowboy"

Rafuse, Glen
"Horses and Men"

Ritch, Johnny
"Grub Pile"
"The Night Stage"
"Shorty's Saloon"

Ross, Jim
"Angora Wooly Chaps"
"The Pommel Slicker"

Suknaski, Andrew
"The Bitter World"
"James Lethbridge"
"Nez Percés at Wood Mountain"
"The Teton Sioux and 1879 Prairie Fire"

Tyson, Ian

Williams, Corky
"The Apricot Poodle Bold"

Zarzyski, Paul
"Cutting the Easter Colt"
"The Heavyweight Champion Pie-eating Cowboy of the West"
"Rodeo-road Founder: Highway Horseplay"

Click for Amazon  Cowboy Poetry Matters: From Abilene to the Mainstream: Contemporary Cowboy Writing (CPM) edited by Robert McDowell, Story Line Press, Ashland, Oregon, 2002

Allen, J. B.
"The Medicine Keepers"
"Nighthawk Notions"
"Reasons for Stayin'"

Bennett, Virginia
"The Lion"
"Social Justice"
"Such Control"
"Tapestry of Knots"

Bowerman, Jon
"The Hunter"
"Last Visit with the Banker"
"The Runaways"
"The Saturday Matinee"

Brown, Robert R.
"Charlie Jones"
"Mysterious Maiden"
"Old Never"

Buyer, Laurie Wagner
"Kneading Bread"
"Smell of Sage"
"When I Came West"
"Wooing the Wanton Mare"

Dofflemyer, John
"The Aliens"
"One, April"
"To Have a Man"
"Twenty-sixth Winter"

Gioia, Dana
"Can Poetry Matter?" (essay)

Haaland, Tami
"After This"
"Finding the Trail"

Hall, Donald
"Names of Horses"

Hasselstrom, Linda M.
"Beef Eater"
"Butchering the Crippled Heifer"
"Coffee Cup Cafe"
"Haying: A Four-part Definition"
"My Last Will and Testament"
"What the Falcon Said"

Hussa, Linda
"Dear Child"
"Dewclaw" (prose)
"Give Us Rain!"
"I Fix the Fence-The Fence Fixes Me"
"In the Evening Autumn"
"Love Letters"
"The Man Shoeing a Horse and His Little Girl"
"Playing at Doctor"

Johnston, Tony
"The Barn"
"So Many Horses"
"To the Wild Pony"

Kumin, Maxine
"The Agnostic Speaks to Her Horse's Hoof"
"Amanda Is Shod"
"Feeding Time"
"Thinking of Death and Dogfood"

McCarriston, Linda
"Girl From Lynn Bathes Horse!!"
"Le Coursier de Jeanne D'Arc"
"On Horseback"
"Riding Out at Evening"
"A Thousand Genuflections"
"With the Horse in the Winter Pasture"

McLelland, Nancy
"Borderlands: Cowboy Poetry and the Literary Canon" (essay)

McRae, Wallace
"Grandmother's French Hollyhocks"
"Malcolm and the Stranglers"
"Riders' Block"
"Sold to the Highest Bidder"
"Things of Intrinsic Worth"
"Two Mountain Stones: Cowboy Character Studies" (prose)
"We Never Rode the Judiths"
"A Woman's Place"

Nelson, Joel
"Breaker in the Pen"
"The Men Who Ride No More"
"Shady Valleys"
"The Shadow on the Cutbank"
"Song of the Packer"

Ogren, Kathy
"'Ridin' Up the Rocky Trail from Town": Pastoral Vision in American Cowboy
and Ranching Poetry" (essay)

Poirier, Thelma
"Breaking Poets"
"Family Fences"

Ramsey, Buck
"Bum Thinking Nowhere Near a Horse"
"Child of the Plains"
"Notes for a Novel"
"A Ponder"
"Season Song"

Rector, Liam
"My Pony"

Wilkinson, Andy
"Ashes, After Fire"
"Benediction After a Gathering of Cowboy Poets"
"A Prairie Mother's Prayer"
"The Red-tail Hawk"
"Says Harry"
"The Stump-grubbers"
"When the Devil Plays His Fiddle"

Zarzyski, Paul
"All This Way for the Short Ride"
"Bizarzyski, Mad Poet and Carpenter Savant, Feeds the Birds"
"Hip-cocked Broncs"
"The Lariati Versus/Verses the Literati: Loping Toward Dana Gioia's Dream Come Real" (essay)
"Putting the Rodeo Try into Cowboy Poetry"
"One Sweet Evening Just This Year"

Cowboy Poetry Classics CD  (CPCD)
Compiled, produced, and annotated by David Stanley, Smithsonian Folkways Recordings, 2003

Available from Smithsonian Folkways Recordings

Poems and reciters are cross indexed.


Adams, James Barton
"A Cowboy's Dance Song" recited by Glenn Ohrlin

Allen, J. B.
recites "The Old Night Hawk" by Bruce Kiskaddon

Ashley, Carlos
"Epilogue" recited by Baxter Black
"Bob Sears' Chili Joint" recited by Red Steagall

Barker, S. Omar
"'Purt Near!'" recited by Peggy Godfrey
"Rain on the Range" recited by Bill Wood

Bennett, Virginia
recites "The Smell of Rain" by Sharlot Hall

Black, Baxter
recites "Epilogue" by Carlos Ashley

Castillo, Anastacio
recites  "El Corrido de Kiansas" (anonymous)

Clark, Charles Badger
"From Town" recited by John Dofflemyer
"The Legend of Boastful Bill" recited by Paul Zarzyski
"The Smoke-Blue Plains" recited by Elizabeth Ebert

Daley, Doris
recites "They Keep A-Stealing on You in the Night" by Rhoda Sivell

Dofflemyer, John
recites "From Town" by Charles Badger Clark

Ebert, Elizabeth
recites "The Smoke-Blue Plains" by Charles Badger Clark

Fletcher, Curley
"The Strawberry Roan" recited by Ray Lashley

Gardner, Gail
"The Moonshine Steer" recited by Georgie Sicking
"The Sierry Petes" recited by Gail Steiger

Godfrey, Peggy
recites "'Purt Near!'" by S. Omar Barker

Hall, Sharlot
"The Smell of Rain" recited by Virginia Bennett

Hancock, Sunny
recites "When You're Throwed" by Bruce Kiskaddon

Kiskaddon, Bruce 
"Forgotten" recited by Ross Knox
"The Old Night Hawk"  recited by J. B. Allen
 "When They've Finished Shippin' Cattle in the Fall" recited by Waddie Mitchell
"When You're Throwed" recited by Sunny Hancock

Knibbs, Henry Herbert
"Boomer Johnson" recited by Randy Rieman
"Where the Ponies Come to Drink" recited by Tom Sharpe

Knox, Ross
recites "Forgotten" by Bruce Kiskaddon

Lashley, Ray 
recites "The Strawberry Roan" by Curley Fletcher

McRae, Wallace
recites "A Cowboy's Soliloquy" by D. J. O'Malley

Mitchell, Waddie
recites "When They've Finished Shippin' Cattle in the Fall" by Bruce Kiskaddon

Nelson, Joel
recites "Anthem" by Buck Ramsey

Ohrlin, Glenn
recites  "A Cowboy's Dance Song" by James Barton Adams

O'Malley, D. J.
"A Cowboy's Soliloquy" recited by Wallace McRae

Paterson, A. B. "Banjo" Paterson
"In the Droving Days" recited by  Milton Taylor

Ramsey, Buck
"Anthem" recited by Joel Nelson

Rieman, Randy
recites "Boomer Johnson" by Henry Herbert Knibbs

Roy, Echo
recites "Our Last Ride" by Rhoda Sivell

Sharpe, Tom
recites  "Where the Ponies Come to Drink" by Henry Herbert Knibbs

Sicking, Georgie
recites  "The Moonshine Steer" by Gail Gardner

Sivell, Rhoda
"Our Last Ride" recited by Echo Roy
"They Keep A-Stealing on You in the Night" recited by Doris Daley

Steagall, Red
recites "Bob Sears' Chili Joint" by Carlos Ashley

Steiger, Gail
recites "The Sierry Petes" by Gail Gardner

Taylor, Milton
recites "In the Droving Days" by A. B. "Banjo" Paterson

Wood, Bill
recites "Rain on the Range" by S. Omar Barker

Zarzyski, Paul
recites "The Legend of Boastful Bill" by Charles Badger Clark

"El Corrido de Kiansas" recited by Anastacio Castillo

  Cowgirl Poetry, 100 Years of Ridin' and Rhymin (CGP edited by Virginia Bennett, Gibbs Smith Publisher, Layton, Utah,  2001.   Illustrations by Meghan Merker

See our feature about this book here.

This book is available from Amazon and from the publisher.

Poet Gene O'Quinn compiled this book's index.


Austin, Mary
"The Rhyme of the Pronghorns"

"The Muster"

Ball, Dele
"The Lone Post"

Bark'karie, Linda

Bates, Sally
"Dry Camps"
"Generic Titles"
"I Never Wanted to 'Mother Up'"

Becksted, Jo
"The Cattleman's Prayer"

Bennett, Virginia
"All That is Left"
"El Fuego de Sonora"

Bockelman, Barbara
"The Cowtank"

Buyer, Laurie Wagner
"For Brandy at Age 21"
"Horseback, Through Snow"
"Sammy Blue's Rabbit Chasing Days"

Carpenter, Deb
"Two Dogs"

Casteel, Jo
"The Silence"
"Somethin' Strange"
"Sure Am Lucky"

Daley, Doris
"100 Years from Now"

DeNaeyer, Lyn
"The Overseer"

Ebert, Elizabeth
"Cowboy Courtin' Time"
"She Loved Her Horses"

Fitzgerald, Marion
"Among Udder Things"
"Country Girls"

Foote, Mary Hannay
"Where the Pelican Builds"

Frolander, Pat

Gardner, Delia Gist
"Hail and Farewell"

Gilman, June Brander
"Brander Sisters"
"Cowgirls of the '30's"
"July Thunderstorms"

Godfrey, Peggy
"Hank Warner's Lucky Burro"
"Real Wealth"

Hall, Sharlot
"Man-sized Job"
"Smell of Rain"
"Wild Morning Glories"

Hankins, Audrey
"The Granny Cow"
"His Place or Mine"
"Wrong Road"

Hasselstrom, Linda
"Coyote Song"
"Keeping an Eye Out"

Haste, Gwendolyn
"The Ranch in the Coulee"

Henderson, Terry
"Stinky Tenant"

Hill, Debra Coppinger
"The Edge"
"The Yellow Slicker"

Hollenbeck, Yvonne
"Mortgage One Good Wife"

Hussa, Linda
"His Cowgirl Rides the Copper Horse"

Jarvis, Carole
"The First Sure Signs of Spring"
"Round-Up Hand"

Johnson, Dee Strickland 
("Buckshot Dot")
"Herd a-Passin'"

Kelley, Kay
"To Foxy"

Kidwell, Katie
"Four-Leaf Clover"

Maseburg, Jo
"Roses for a Cowgirl"

McCall, Deanna Dickinson
"Hot Iron"

McCarthy, B. Lynne
"Another Drought"

McLean, Kit
"A Blinding Hell of Driving Snow"

McLeod, Irene Rutherford
"Lone Dog"

Mellard, Evelyn
"You Ride Away"

Moore, Janet
"Jinglin' the Horses Home"

Moss, A. Kathy
"Little Jo Monaghan"

Nance, Berta Hart

Nelson, Barney
"The Old-Monarch"

Odom, Helen B.
"Post Script: Texas Wimmen"

Oxley, Carol
"Little Duck"

Parkhurst, Janet
"Heaven's Branding"

Petersen, Gwen
"Geezers and Crones"
"Lilac Time"

Quinlan, Lisa
"A Little Red Self-Propelled Baler"

Randle, Carmel
"The Darkest Hour"

Roy, Echo
"Shouldn't We Go to the House for a Horse?"

Sharp, Maggie Mae
"Hands of Leather"

Shean, Kay
"For Fred"

Sicking, Georgie
"Be Yourself"
"The Greatest Sport"

Sivell, Rhoda
"Our Last Ride"
"The Range Call"
"They Keep a-Stealing on You in the Night"

Smith, Marie W.
"Skipping Rocks"

Stearns, Rhonda Sedgwick
"Livin' Free"

Strand, Jody
"The Hired Man"
"The Hired Man's Wife"

Thompson, Charlotte
"Hats Off"
"Mother to Mother"

Wallis, Myrt
"The Cook"
"Little Horse"
"Rain in the Night"

Weal, Veronica
"The Bay with the Star and a Snip"
"An Owner's Lament"

"The Bucking Bronco"

  Humorous Cowboy Poetry, A Knee Slappin' Gathering (HCP), edited by Dawn Valentine Hadlock and Madge Baird, Gibbs Smith, Layton, Utah, 1995.  Cover Art by Boots Reynolds

Available from the publisher and from Amazon and other sources including SilverCreek Books & Music.

Poet Gene O'Quinn compiled this book's index.

Bagley, Layle

Ball, David J.
"The Cowboy and the Genie"

Barker, Omar
"Bear Ropin' Buckaroo"
"Bucaroo's Squelch"
"Cowboy at College"
"Judge Bean's Bear"
"'Purt Near!'"
"Thirsty Cowboy"

Bennett, Virginia
"The Hazards of Braggin'"
"Nice Work If You Can Get It"
"Storms of the Divide"

Brown, Ed
"Bronc Ride"
"Cowboy's Boys"
"More Shorter"

Caswell, Bruce
"Brain Transplant"
"Rancher's Reward"

Cornett, Wayne
"The Tall Timid Cowboy"

Court, Bob
"Ropin' the Iron Horse"

Dakota Slim
"Hoss Trader"
"Just Thirsty"
"Old Cows"

Ebert, Elizabeth
"The Cemetery"
"The Last Great Rabbit Hunt"

Ellis, Fred G.
"Dear Mr. Auctioneer"
"Dear Mr. Foreman"

Ericson, Donna Hacking
"The Odor at the Riddle Ranch Dance"

Flatt, Florene
"Last Laugh"

Gerber, Lloyd M.
"Real or Fake"
"Those Cats"

Godfrey, Peggy
"Get It Right, Fella!"
"Sellin' Postholes"

Green, Jim
"Jughandle Smith Goes to Town"
"No Time in Sweetgrass"

Hample, Carol
"The Steering Wheel"

Hayes, Joel
"Computer Ranching"
"Full Value"

Hunt, Charlie
"The Rascal"

Ilardi, Tony
"The Dead Horse"
"Old Joker"

Jones, Bill
"The Cook's Revenge"
"Little Slim"
"The Pretzel Hold"

Jones, LeRoy
"I'm Working for the Government"
"The Preacher's Horse"

Kennington, Don
"The Gas Can"

Kennington, Phil
"The Cowboy and the Seagull"
"A Cowboy Goes to Town"
"Cowboy Granola"
"The Lost Cow"
"Shotgun Chaps"
"The Skunk and the Cowboys"

Kerr, C. Duane
"The Cowboy Goes to College"

Kirchoff, E. J.
"Lost Horse"
"Smart Dogs"

Kulm, John "Jay"
"A Giant Four-Point Buck"

Logan, Mike
"Cowboy Cruise Control"

McCarthy, B. Lynne
"When Cowboys Water-ski"

McWhorter, Larry
"Drip Coffee"
"The Expert"

Minor, Scott
"Easy to Find"

Nelson, Wayne

O'Brien, Chip
"Four Preachers Confessin'"
"Skinny Evans"

Parker, Howard
"A Grass-Fat Steer"
"Horse Tradin'"

Richardson, Pat
"Stop Me"

Ross, Jim
"Dear Doctor [a letter]"

Rowland, Skinny
"The Big One"
"From Bad to Worse"
"The Road to Town"

Smith, Marie W.
"A Cowboy's Lunch"
"Cowboy Vernacular"
"The Dance"

Steagall, Red
"The Picture"

Sweeten, Jr., Colen H.
"Cow on the Fight"
"Seeing Red"
"Working Vacation"

Williams, Charles
"Rough Road Bill"

Williams, Perry L.
"The Cook-off"
"Dinin' Out"
"It Ain't Necessarily So"
"No Contest"

  Maverick Western Verse  (MWV)
edited by John Dofflemyer, Gibbs Smith, Logan Utah, 1994. 

This book is out of print.  

Poet Gene O'Quinn compiled this book's index.

Bancroft, Elizabeth
"Lawn Lessons"
"Winter Solstice"

Berkman, C. J.
"In the Blood"

Bircham, Doris
"Centennial Quilting"
"he tells it like it was"
"Morning Prelude"

Brown, Ed
"In the Eye of the Beholder"

Buyer, Laurie Wagner
"Haiku from the Mountains"
"Mud Creek Beaver"
"Smell of Sage"
"Through Aspens and Beyond"

Chappell, Ron
"Cliff Dwellers"
"Kings, Tonight"

Daniels, Ruth
"Noise Level"
"Small Town Dying"

Dusard, Jay
"Good Buckskin Horse"
"Southwestern Suite Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall"
"Spring, 1965"

Glade, Jon Forrest
"Route 138"

Green, Jim
"Bounty Hunter"
"Branding Day"
"Hired Guns"
"Mountain Likker"

Hadley, Drum
"Cow Tradin' by the Rio Grande"
"Gathering Cattle for the Fish Creek Cattle Association Before the Snows
            Trap Them in the High Country, Winter, Jackson Hole 1979, Wyoming"
"Grand Canyon"
"Lookin' for a Place to Bed Down"

Harper, Cynthia J.
"Shipwreck, New Mexico"

Hammons, Jim

Hasselstrom, Linda M.
"Digging Potatoes"
"Drought Year"

Hussa, Linda
"Love Letters"
"The Man Shoeing a Horse and His Little Girl"
"Nor a Borrower Be"
"Sewing Circle"

Jones, Bill
"American Hero-for Cary"
"Luck of the Draw-for Warren Spriggs"

Jordan, Teresa
"Looking Back"
"Old Anne"

Keeler, Greg
"Coyote's Wilderness Lobby"
"Do Not Ask"
"Llamas in the Landscape"
"What's Left of the West"

Logan, Mike

Mapson, Jo-Ann
"Notes On Aging"
"Poor Man's Silver-for Sultan"
"Rock-solid Women-for Lusing"
"Time Before Winter"

McQueary, Rod
"for souls"
"No Apologies"
"Point of No Return"
"Work for Food"

McWhorter, Larry
"The Panhandle"

Meili, Neil
"The Crow"
"The Lonely Men"
"Memories of Three or Four"
"Threshing Time"

Nelson, Wayne
"The Lesson"

Olds, Jennifer
"Culling the Herd"
"The Murder of Crows"
"In the Time of the Plague"

Parish, Barbara Shirk
"Grandmother's Land"
"Night Legacy"
"Reasons for the Rain"

Piehl, Shadd
"My Grandfather's and Father's Horses"
"Paha Sapa"
"Riding Song"
"Toward Horses-for Tom Mau and Kenny Taton"

Poirer, Thelma
"one for the sheep"
"wild flowers"

Potts, Charles
"Cowboys Between Ranches"
"The Homestead Act"
"Make Way for Daniel Boone"
"A Monkey in the High 90's"
"Starlight on the Trail"
"Uncle Tom's Sawmill"

Quinlan, Lisa

Quinlan, Vess
"Coyotes and Watermelons"
"Saint Frances 1951"
"The Stepchild"
"The Trophy"

Raths, Jim Tex
"John Deere Dreaming"

Ramsey, Buck
"The Box Dinner"
"Poem Notes"
"The Terrorist"

Real Bird, Hank
"Driftwood Feelin'"
"Lone Star Woman"

Robertson, Kell
"Green Lantern Bar/El Paso, Texas"
"The Old Man Goes Home"

Slade, Ann
"farmers still"

Wallis, Myrt
"Love and War"

Wallis, Sue
"Bunch Quitter"
"Coyote Bitch"
"Grandpa Lew"

Wilkinson, Andy
"F.M. 168, Buffalo Lake to Nazareth"
"At the Grave of Billy the Kid"
"Horseback on the Llano Estacado"
"Saddlin'-up Time"

Wilson, Keith
"Cow dogs"
"Desert Cenote"
"The People from the Valley-for Frank Waters"
"Portrait of a Father"
"Spring-for Rudy Anaya"

Wood, Bill
"Fleeting Moments"

Wright, Jerry
"The Four Horse Hitch"

Zarzyski, Paul
"Flamenca Duende"
"Maria Benitez"
"To Wallace"
"Zarzyski Stomachs the Oxford Special With Zimmer at the Ox Bar & Grill"


Wyocpbk.jpg (7975 bytes)  Wyoming's Cowboy Poets and Their Poetry, (WCP) edited by Jean Henry-Mead; Medallion Books, Evansville, Wyoming, 2004, with an introduction by Gwen Peterson.

This book is available from the editor's web site and is also available by check or money order from Medallion Books, 8344 Shady Lane, Evansville, WY 82636 for $19.95 postpaid (paperback) or $27.45 postpaid (hardcover). Please add 5% sales tax if ordered within Wyoming.  

Ron Bailey
"Abandoned Ranch"

Pete Davis
"Measured by Number"
"A Time an' Place"

Honey DeFord
"Bandito Gold"

Charles Firnekas
"Hole in the Wall"

Josephine "Jo" Fulton
"The Bronc Ride"

Jean Mathisen Haugen
"Cowboy Auction"
"Heaven's Reaches"

Terry Henderson
"The Littlest Cowboy"
"Ode to the Calf Wrestler"

Lynn Hendrickson
"Ridin' to Do"
"Savin' the Herd"

Mick Kaser
"Bugles on the Mornin'"

Leslie Keltner
"The Price of a Horse"

Garland Kennington
"Spring's Comin'"
"The Title"

Stephen Langer
"My Lady and My God"

Chuck Larsen
"Treasures by the Hat-Full"

Ada McDonnell
"Mean Old Cow"

Andy Nelson
"Cowboy Poet"
"Lack of Communication"

John Nesbitt
"Nebraska Girl"
"Please Come to Wyoming"

Rick Pitt
"Angel of the West"
"A Heck of a Ride"

Verlin Pitt

"Silent Thunder"

Robert Roripaugh
"After the Steers are Shipped"

Echo Roy-Kalproth
"Branding Day"
"A Ride Across the Pasture"

Robyn Schuppan
"Kickin' End"

Gene Shea
"Medicine Bow River"
"Snow Shovel Epitaph"

John Shreve
"The Poker Game"
"Whatever Happened"

Georgie Sicking
"In a Mountain Shack Alone"
"Rabbit Track Mind"

R. G. Sowers III
"Little Joe"
"The Possalope"

Rhonda Sedgwick Stearns
"The Jing-Jangs"
"Life's Answers"

Kent Stockton
"The Houlihan"
"The Long Shadow Time"

Sue Wallis
"Cattle, Horses, Sky and Grass"
"Lead Mare"

  Cowboy Poetry from Utah, an Anthology (CPUT)
edited and compiled with essays and biographies by Carol A. Edison, Illustrated by F. Euray Anderson, Utah Folklife Center, Salt Lake City, 1985

This book is out of print.

"The Cowboy: A Portrait" by Dr. Robert L. Poulson

"Cattle Ranching in Utah"
"A Definition of Cowboy Poetry"
"Utah's Poets and Their Poetry"
"Cowboy Poetry about Utah"



"Cowboy Poets and Their Hometowns" (map)

Hans Peter Iverson
"Hans Peter Iverson's Life History in Verse"

Melvin L. "Meb" Whipple
"How They Lived"
"Open Range"
"The Bob-Tailed Steer"
"Utah, Queen of the West" (in preface)

Yula Sue Hunting
"Dear Sirs"
"A Fall"

Frank A. Brewer
"The Legion of the Lost"
"Old Horse"

F. Allan Brewer
"Modern Cowboy"
"A Most Colorful Life"
"The Devil's Circle" by F. Allan Brewer and Frances B. Steiner

Frances B. Steiner
"The One That Got Away"
"Roundup Time on the Mountain"


Buck Crofts
Owen H. Johnson
Ray Lashley


Finley H. Bayles
"The Day Me and Strawberry Fell"
"Outlaw Country"
"Sooner and the Serpent"

Lucille Bradley Bush
"Swappin' Yarns at Roundup"
"Beatty, Nevada"

Floyd A. Jensen
"The Day I Roped a Deer"
"Back Home"
"Old Jack Swenson's Ride"

Frank D. Lemon
"Spring Roundup on the San Rafael Desert"
"The Bald-Faced Bay"
"Just a Poor Cowboy"

J'Wayne "Mac" McArthur
"Grow Up"

Scott S. McKendrick
"Movin' But Stayin'"
"Rodeo People"
"Don't Teach That Girl to Rope"

Vern C. Mortensen
"When Spring Work is Finished"
"The West That Was"
"Badger--The Zebra Dun Mule"

Jon I. Pentz
"Big Red"
"Tired of Town"
"The Lost Sheep"

  Ten Years' Gatherings; Montana Poems and Stories, (MPS) 
edited by Gwen Petersen, Sandy Seaton, Afton Bloxham, and Betty Lynne McCarthy; Ranch Country Publishing, Big Timber, Montana, 1995  (
cover art by Ann Aller Overstreet)

This book is out of print, but may be available through used book outlets.

Montana Poets, Pickers, & Story Tellers

Vic Anderson
"Ride Easy, Pard"

Sarah Bauer
"Figure Eights"
"Laddie Meyers"
"On the Anvil"

Afton Bloxham
"Calving Time"
"For Yesterday"
"Noah and the First Roundup"

Bill Carlson
"Death of the Wild Horse"
"Range Horses"
"Settin' on a Bucket in the Shade"

Duane Dickinson
"The Long, Long Texas Trail"
"Ride, Cowboy, Ride"

Gordon Eastman
"The Magpie"

Tom Eaton
"Dude Wrangler's Lament"

Wayne Fuller
"Old Green Lizzie"

June Brandner Gilman
"Dignity* and What it's Worth"
"Cowgirls of the Thirties"

Ken Goss
"Last of the Range Riders"
"Old Bob"
"The Road to Jordan"

Pol Holdermann
"Whatever's Going to Happen to the Land"

Stan Howe
"Back Home on the Range"
"Ridin' for the Family Brand"
"The Trail to Judith Basin"

Ruth Knudtson

Rick Kuntz
"A Day Heaven Sent"

Mike Logan
"Christmas at the Line Camp"
"There Was a Time"
"Wolfy Park"

Betty Lynne McCarthy
"Another Drought"
"When Cowboys Water-Ski"
"Just Call Me Cactus Blossom"

Wallace McRae
"The Line Dance"

Chuck Murphy
"When God Made Montana"

Jim Nelson
"The Cat House"
"Cowboy Hot Tub"

Roy Pace
"With Love"

Tom Perlman
"The Branding"
"Spirit of the West"

Gwen Petersen
"Ranch Woman Olympics"
"The Legacy"
"Worse for Wear"

Hank Real Bird
"Cottonwood Leaf"
"Odd Numbered Geese"

Randy Rieman
"A Rare Find"
"Leaving Camp"

Ringling 5 

(Larry Lovely, Don Oberquell, Ken Arthun, Les Arthun, Chuck Dallas, Ron Arthum, Don Siefert)
"My Little Cow Herd"
"Rancher's Legs"
"Don't Screw with Montana"

David Robertson
"Cowboy Poetry"
"Song of the Nighthawk"

Bob Ross
"Cabin Fever"
"When Horses Wear Diamonds"

Jim Ross
"Barbed Wire"
"Too Good to Sell"

Skinny Rowland
"Days of Wood and Rawhide"

Sandy Seaton
"Hard Winter"
"Mountain Madness"

Marie Smith
"Flathead's Lower Valley"

Mike Smith
"One of Those Years"

Paul Zarzyski
"The Horseman, The Poet, The Code, the Horse"
"Martini McRae and Whiskey Zarzsyski"

Reps from Other Ranges

Ellie Corrigan
"Gun Powder and Calico"
"Savage Santa Claus"

Ethie Corrigan
"Spirit of the Poem"

Elizabeth Ebert
"He Talked About Montana"
"No One Ever Wrote Me a Love Poem"
"The Saga of the Rancher's Son"

Roberta Green

Bill Lowman
"Second Coming"

Gary McMahan
"Beer Can Bob"
"Getting in Nature's Way"

Patsy Montana
"I Want to be a Cowboy's Sweetheart"

Allen Schattle
"The Old Ways"
"A Place in the Sun"
"Ranch Branding Tape"

Red Steagall
"The Bay"
"To an Old Friend"

Makin' a Hand

(four pages of names of "Poets and Friends Met on the Trail")







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