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We've indexed the books listed below to help readers find poetry by their favorite Cowboy Poets.  Along with current popular Cowboy Poetry anthologies, there are many out-of-print and hard-to-find anthologies, and we hope to include many books in this index, which will be added to continually.

On Page 1 you'll find the list of books indexed and a comprehensive poet index with poem titles.

There are links to the individual indexes for each book on separate pages like this one that include poets' names and poem titles.

Our thanks to poet Gene O'Quinn for helping with this project and indexing so many of the books and publications.

List of Books Indexed

Poets and Poems Index


As we add to this index, we welcome your suggestions for books to include, and your own compilations of such indexes from other books.  Please email us with your comments.



See our large list of books Cowboy Poetry books here.




See Page 1 for all books indexed to date and the comprehensive list of poets and poems.   

This page includes some of the books' individual indexes.


  Coolin' Down, An Anthology of Cowboy Poetry (CD)
compiled by Phil Martin, illustrations by Keith Avery, Duward Campbell, and Bob Peterson
Guy Logsdon Books, Tulsa, Oklahoma, 1992

Allen, J. B.
"The Cook's Tale"
"The Final Score"
"The 'Medicine' Keepers"

Avery, Keith
"Bronc Stompers Sage Wisdom"
"King of the World"

Beeson, J. W.
"The Bear Trap"
"The Last of a Breed"

Black, Baxter
"Legacy of the Rodeo Man"

Brummett, Curt 
"Brownie Was a Good Sport" (short story)

Ebert, Elizabeth
"An Old Cowboy's Prayer"
"Store Candy"

Gaines, Dennis
"Dem Buckin' Bronco Blues"

Larsen, Bill
"God's Summer Range"
"The Grocery List"

Logan, Mike
"The Devil An' Ol' Billie Bob"

McBeth, Tom
"Quality Time"
"The Touch"

McQueary, Rod
"For Souls..."
"For Woody"

McRae, Wallace
"Little Things"
"Snuffy and Sodie and the Cowboy Code"

McWhorter, Larry
"Cowboy, Count Your Blessin's"
"Waitin' on the Drive"

Peterson, Bob
"Gracious Lady of My Childhood"
"Horses, Cattle, and Men"

Quinlan, Vess
"The Old Hands"
"Seeking the Old Ones"
"The Trouble with Dreams"

Ramsey, Buck
"Notes for a Novel"
"One Seraphic Ride"

Steagall, Red
"Deacon and the Dun"
"An Old Friend"

Zarzyski, Paul
"How the Lord Throwed in with Mom to Make Me Quit the Broncs"

  Cattle, Horses, Sky, and Grass, Cowboy Poetry of the Late Twentieth Century (CHSG)
edited by Warren Miller, illustrated by Joe Beeler
Northland Publishing, Flagstaff, Arizona, 1994

Allen, J. B.
"Bunkhouse Lawyer"
"Greater Love"

Bates, Sally Harper
"That Harlot Sky"
"The Old Man"
"Why the Chase"

Bradshaw, Dan
"Chickens and Cows"
"Cow Gas"
"I'll Be Go to Hell"
"The Vet"

Brown, Ed
"Cow's Head"
"A Grisly Tale, or The Below Zero Hero"
"I'm Teaching School, Not Dead"

Dawson, Mike
"Cowboy Common Sense"
"Fifty Dollars"
"The Young Cowboy"

Fitzgerald, Ray
"Progress (Dewey's Brandin')"
"The Wood Jingler"

Godfrey, Peggy
"A Country Graft"
"Free Verse"
"I Tried"
"Real Wealth"
"The Vigil of 559"

Hall, Barbara
"Another Wreck"
"Wind Side of My Horse"

Hancock, Sunny
"Change on the Range"
"Cowdogs, Generally Speaking"
"The High-Steppin' Kind"

Hankins, Audrey
"Buzzard and Noah"
"Mixed Feelings"
"Rusty, John, and Brown"
"Susie's Dream"

Jarvis, Carole
"Not a Man's Problem"
"Thanks for the Rain"

Jones, Bill
"Answered Prayer"
"Lover, Fighter, Wild Horse Rider"
"Roundup at the BAR B Bar"

Kelley, Kay
"The Ballad of Buzz and Art"
"When Bulls Fight Near the Fence"

Knox, Ross
"Man's Best Friend"

Knox, Ross and Patty
"Gathering the Double O's Bull"

McQueary, Rod
"For Steve and Ted"
"Lyle and Hawkeye"
"On Checking the Cows Sunday Evening, March 21, 1993"

McRae, Wallace
"Hired Hand"
"One More Shipping Day"
"Zack Tilman"

McWhorter, Larry
"The Confrontation"
"Ode to the Calf Cradle"
"The Retirement of Ashtola"

Nelson, Joel
"Charles Goodnight's Dream"

Quinlan, Vess
"Harm and Jim"
"Just an Old Yella Cow"
"The Papers Say"

Sharp, Maggie Mae
"One Man's Hands"
"A True Injustice"

Sharpe, Tom
"Just Past the Toe of Your Boot"

Shelton, Jim "Speedy"
"I Depended on My Pardner"

Smith, Jesse
"Air'd Out"
"Freeways and Cars"
"The Three-Wheeler"

Steagall, Red
"McCorkle and the Wire"
"One More Lick"
"The Shank of the Evenin'"

Stockton, Kent
"Minor Addiction"
"My Hamley"
"Top Hand"

Wallis, Sue
"Cattle, Horses, Sky, and Grass"
"Greenough Girls"
"Hancock Compliments"
"Mother Love"
"Steady Market"
"War Horse"

Zarzyski, Paul
"Benny Reynolds' Bareback Riggin'
"A Cowboy Reel"
"Escorting Grammy to the Potluck Rocky Mountain Oyster Feed at Bowman's Corner"

Click to view at Amazon.com  Cowboy Love Poetry: Verse from the Heart of the West (CLP)
edited by Paddy Calistro, Jack Lamb and Jean Penn; foreword by Waddie Mitchell
Angel City Press, Santa Monica, CA 1994

"California Joe"
"Cowboy Jack" as recited by Buck Ramsey
"A Cowboy's Love Song"
"The Cowboy and the Maid"
"A Fragment"
"The Girl That Wore a Waterfall"
"Joe Bowers"
"Lackey Bill"
"Lily of the West"
"A Nevada Cowpuncher to His Beloved"
"Rambling Boy"
"Red River Valley"
"Sweet Betsy from Pike"
"Tonight My Heart's in Texas"
"The Trail to Mexico"
"Young Charlottie"

Adams, James Barton
"At a Cowboy Dance"
"A Cowboy's Hopeless Love"
"A Cowboy's Worrying Love"
"The Transformation of a Texas Girl"

Allen, J. B.
"Matrimonial Martyrs"

Barker, S. Omar
"For the Love of Lily"
"Jest Bring Me Back My Cowgirl Gal!"
"One Way of Proposin'"

Beeson, J. W.
"Rosie's Eagle"

Brininstool, E. A.
"The Cowgirl"
"A Cowpunch Courtship"
"'Cupid' on a Cow Ranch"
"A Locoed Outfit"
"Love On the 'Bar-X'"
"'Suffrage" in Sagebrush

Carr, Robert V.
"A Romance of the Range"
"An' A Two-Step's What They Play"
"Down at Haller's Dancin'"
"Love Lyrics of a Cowboy"
"The Man You Couldn't Get"
"Real Affection"
"That There Girl"
"Them Heap Big Thoughts"
"Times Heavy Hand"
"To Dance With Her"

Buyer,  Laurie Wagner
"Sego Lily"
"Thirty Nine"

Clark, Charles "Badger"
"A Bad Half Hour"
"A Border Affair"
"The Tied Maverick"

Desprez, Frank

Gardner, Gail I.
"Cowboy Love Song"

Kiskaddon, Bruce
"That Letter"

Knibbs, Henry Herbert
"Old San Antone"
"Pony Tracks"

Lummis, C.F.
"The Cowboy's Valentine"

McKendrick, Scott S.
"Don't Teach That Girl to Rope"
"The End"

Real Bird, Henry
"Cowboy Drifter"
"Lone Star Woman"
"Love is a Lady"

Scheffauer, Herman
"Marta of Milrone"

Starr, Belle
"Bucking Broncho"

Steele, Ed
"The Phantom Ranch Dream"

Taylor, John W.
"Chipeta's Ride"

Tolliver, K.
"The Rambling Cowboy"

Tyson, Ian
"Lights of Laramie"

Tyson, Ian and Russell, Tom
"Navajo Rug"

Wallis, Sue
"Timothy Draw"

Click to view at Amazon.com  Cowboy Poetry: A Gathering (CPG)
edited and with an index by Hal Cannon
Gibbs M. Smith, Inc., Peregrine Smith Books, Salt Lake City, UT, 1985

"The Gol-durned Wheel"
"Hell in Texas"
"Murph and McClop"
"Silver Bells and Golden Spurs"
"Silver Jack"
"The Zebra Dun"
"Windy Bill"

Adams, James Barton
"The Cowboy's Dance Song"

Ash, Linda
"Bellerin' and Bawlin'"

Ashley, Carlos
"Ol' Edgar Martin"

Barker, S. Omar
"Bear Ropin' Buckaroo"
"Jack Potter's Courtin'"

Barton, Owen
"Early Morning Roundup"
"My Ol' Stetson"

Bell, Don
"Going to the Shawnee Rodeo"

Black, Baxter
"The Big High and Lonesome"
"A Time to Stay, a Time to Go"

Bollers, Jim
"Fill Up Those Glasses, Bartender"

Bowerman, Jon
"For Jeff"
"Tribute to Freckles and Tornado"

Chittenden, Larry
"The Cowboy's Christmas Ball"

Clark, Charles "Badger"
"A Cowboy's Prayer"

Eastman, Gordon
"Buckskin Flats"

Fanning, Ernie
"One Red Rose"
"The Vanishing Valley"

Fletcher, Curley
"The Cowboy's Prayer"
"The Flyin' Outlaw"
"The Strawberry Roan"

Gardner, Gail
"The Dude Wrangler"
"The Sierry Petes"

Gibford, Dick
"Cowboy's Toast"
"The Last Buckaroo"
"The Old Cowman"

Hadley, Drummond
"Gathering Cattle in the Deertracks Pasture"

Henderson, Nyle A.
"Bueno, Which in Spanish Means Good"
"How Many Cows"

Hofer, Jim
"Matching Green Ribbon"

Johnson, Nick
"Greasin' the Miles"

Kiskaddon, Bruce
"The Cowboy's Dream"
"The Little Blue Roam"
"The Old Night Hawk"
"When They've Finished Shipping Cattle in the Fall"

Knibbs, Henry Herbert
"Boomer Johnson"

Knox, Ross
"The Dying Times"
"Easy Chairs and Saddle Sores"
"So Long"

Kortes, Charles A.
"Poets Gathering, 1985"

Lowman, Bill
"The Great Wanagan Creek Flood"

McCanless, Allen
"The Cowboy's Soliloquy"

McCoy, T. J.
"Alkali Pete Hits Town"

McRae, Wallace
"The Lease Hound"

Mitchell, Waddie
"The Book"
"The Throwback"

Mortensen, Vern
"Range Cow in Winter"

Munn, R. O.
"Young Fellers"

Nelson, Barney
"Cowboy's Favorite"

Norskog, Howard
"Grey's River Roundup"

O'Malley, D. J.
"D-2 Horse Wrangler"

Otto, Harold
"Cows and Logs"

Quinlan, Vess

Reece, Duane
"No Imposter"

Schild, Bob
"The Kid Solos"
"Two of a Kind"

Sicking, Georgie
"Old Tuff"
"To Be a Top Hand"

Simpson, Bill
"Like It or Not"
"The Glow"

Smith, Don Ian
"Old Horse"

Smith, Jesse
"Saturday Night in Woody"

Ware, Eugene
"The Blizzard"

Whipple, Lucky
"Buckin' Horse Ballet"
"Chookaloski Mare"

Whipple, Melvin L.
"Open Range"
"Voices of the Night"

Wilkerson, Buck
"Saddle Tramp"

Click for Amazon  Cowboys are Part Human: A Collection of Western Poems (CPH)
edited by Ellen Schmidt & Dona Schreur
Southwest Whispers, Safford, Arizona, 1998

Allen, Gerry
"By a Nose"

Carver, Nona Kelley
"The Brand"
"Chili Pepper Pete"
"Cowboy Who's Who"
"Daughter of the Prairie"
"Grandpa's Gift"
"The Old Barn"

Davis, Doug
"The Cowboy's Diet"

Dryden, Bunny
"Angel Wranglers"

Flake, C. Rolf M.
"That Dog"

Harmer, Larry C.
"Ode to a Little Lady..or a Vertical Smile in the Key of 'C'"

Hartigan, Zay
"Will You Still Love Me When My Puppies Are Dogs?"

Hill, Debra Coppinger
"Ridin' Drag"
"The Stick"
"Yellow Slicker"

Holl, Dave
"How the West Was Lost"
"Traditional Ranch Mechanics"
"What Do You Wanna Be?"

Hollis, Derrell
"Horsehead Crossing"
"The Wager"

Howard, Suzette
"Wayne's Hands"

Jaedicke, Bette Hartman
"Summer Love"
"Trouble in Timber"

Jarvis, Carole
"A Special Breed"

Jarvis, Dan

Johnson, Jeremiah
"We Yearned to Live"

Lum, Edd
"My Old Partner"

Malnar, Carol
"Prairie Rose"

Mathisen, Jean
"Cowboy Law"

Miklos, Margot
"Horses Can Dream Too"

Miller, Rod
"Cowboy Coffee"
"Rodeo Regina"
"Why I'm Not a Roper"

Mitich, Janice E.
"A Cowboy's Opus"
"One Last Ride"

Nicholson, Audra
"Big Boss"

Page, Dale E.
"Charley Sands"

Pease, Shad A.
"Passing it Down"

Pennington, Michelle
"Moonlight Rampage"

Provencio, Sylvia Reyes
"Desert Sentries"

Robertson, Virginia
"Art and Dinah"

Click to view at Amazon.com Home on the Range, Cowboy Poetry
selected by Paul B. Janeczko, pictures by Bernie Fuchs
Dial Books, a division of Penguin USA, New York, NY 1997

Avery, Keith
"King of the World"

Barker, S. Omar
"Rain on the Range"

Bennett, Virginia
"You Probably Know This Guy"

Bircham, Doris
"Riding the Wind"

Bloxham, Afton

Coleman, Jane Candia
"Letter from San Pedro"

Fletcher, Robert
"The Trail of An Old Timer's Memory

Godfrey, Peggy
"Old Vogal"

Higley, Brewster
"Home on the Range"

Linderman, Frank
"To the Coyote"

Mortensen, Vern
"Range Cow in Winter"

Nelson, Barney
"Cowboy's Favorite"

Quinlan, Vess
"The Barn Cats"
"Sold Out"

Rieman, Randall
"A Rare Find"

Sicking, Georgie
"To Be a Top Hand"

Smith, Jesse
"Message in the Wind"

Steagall, Red
"Hats off to the Cowboy"

Click to view at Amazon.com  New Cowboy Poetry:  A Contemporary Gathering (NCPG)
edited and with an index by Hal Cannon
Gibbs M. Smith, Inc., Peregrine Smith Books, Salt Lake City, UT, 1990

Arnold, Darrell
"There's Somethin' That a Cowboy Knows"

Bayles, Fin
"The Death of Juan Chacon"

Brown, Ed

Christensen, Bob
"Rancher's Revenge"

Dofflemeyer, John
"Blackrock Pass"
"Drought of Seventy-seven"
"'Til I Depart"

Flick, Leon
"Go and Just Buckaroo"
"Listen to the Sun Go Down"

Kelley, Kay
"A What?"
"Playing With Foxy's Nose"

Logan, Mike
"An Ancient Beaverslide"
"Ol' Cooky"

McMahan, Gary
"A Cowboyin' Day"
"The Two Things in Life that I Really Love"

McQueary, Rod
"A Joker's Play"
"Hard Move"
"The Pistol"

McRae, Wallace
"Give Us a Song, Ian Tyson"
"Grandmother's French Hollyhocks"
"Hat Etiquette"
"Outriders at the End of the Trail"
"Things of Intrinsic Worth"
"The Yellowstone"

Mitchell, Waddie
"Sold Your Saddle"
"Story With a Moral"
"The Whole Load"

Nelson, Barney
"Birth of a Native Texan"
"Getting' On"
"Tin Cup"

Nelson, Joel
"The Drifter and the Homeguard"
"The Prize Possession"
"Sundown in the Cow Camp"

Nelson, Rod
"A 2:00 A.M. Call"
"Good Clean Fun"

Norskog, Howard L.
"The Black Lady Mare"
"The Salmon River Breaks"

Petersen, Gwen
"A Working Ranch"
"Going to Town for Parts"
"Woman of the Land"

Quinlan, Vess
"The Barn Cats"
"The Old Hands"
"Passing the Mantle"
"Sold Out"

Ramsey, Buck
"Cowboy Went A-courtin'"
"The Christmas Waltz"
"The New Kid is Outfitted"

Randels, Gene
"To a Cowboy's Grandson"
"The New Hand"
"The Shorthorn"
"Top Hand"

Real Bird, Henry
"Among Shootin' Stars"
"Tail That's Light"

Rieman, Randall
"A Rare Find"

Shelton, Jim
"Bullhide Chaps and Memories"

Smith, Jesse
"Message in the Wind"

Smith, Marie W.
"The Roundup"

Sprado, Eric
"Our Range"
"Wait 'Til You Become a Man"

Steagall, Red
"The Weather"

Sweeten, Colen H. Jr.

Zarzyski, Paul
"All This Way for the Short Ride"
"The Bucking Horse Moon"
"The Heavyweight Champion Pie-Eatin' Cowboy"






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