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My truck is a vessel of love.
She carries me safely, her weathered wheels
roll over potholes, dodge suicidal critters
that wander onto the road. Blessed thingó
I prayed one hundred Hail Marys as I drove
through that torrential summer storm
the day after I brought her home. Iíve hung
a pink rosary from the rearview mirror.
I love to drive her in the deep hours
when the stars are out, her tailpipes, dappled with rust,
stuttering in the fresh air. When I come home,
she is always waiting for me. Iíve found peace
in the gray fabric of her bench seat, laid there
on many sunny afternoons, after school, writing poems.
There are bits of hay on the floor boards.
After the wreck, her right speaker stopped working;
Dad thinks sheís a gas-hog, and she is. Iíve replaced
the spark plugs, and the ancient battery.
In the winter months she takes ages to fire up,
but as I sit there and rhythmically turn the key,
coaxing the cold metal to heat,
she teaches me to always start again.

© 2012, Amanda Williams
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without permission.

This poem was part of Amanda Williams' Research Honors project, which she completed for special graduation honors in April 2012. The collection was a poetry manuscript of 21 poems, titled
Rural Queen, and themed around a small-town, rural lifestyle. This poem is titled "Mary," which is the name of Williams' teal and white 1995 F-150.


  About Amanda Williams
Provided 2012

Amanda Williams is a recent graduate from Illinois Wesleyan University with a degree in English Literature and a degree in Theatre Arts. She started riding horses at the age of seven when her family was stationed in Germany, and has been riding horses ever since. She currently lives on a small farm in Southern Illinois with her mother, father, sister, two dogs and a steer.





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