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My Uncle and the Vicious Rooster Attack

My Uncle is a farmer
and a pretty good one at that
he likes to say he is a cowboy
and he always wears his hat

He had a pretty little rooster
a black and white bantam named Gray
it was his favorite rooster
until that unfortunate day

It was a day like any other
he rose early and started his chores
it all seemed fine to my Uncle
til he reached the hen house doors

Now Gray was strutting there guarding it
and he let out a call of alarm
he flew with fury at my Uncle
who quickly ducked away from harm

Gray was a young little rooster
with a small fellow's attitude
I may be small, you may be tall
but I'll prove I'm one tough dude

It was a horrible battle
the hens gathered round to see
feathers and hair were flying
my Uncle fell to his knee

Gray lunged for his face
the dust it did fly
I stood there wondering
which one would die

Now when I look back
to that unfortunate day
the feather in my Uncle's hat
is all that is left of Gray

That potpie sure was tasty
but it wasn't just ol' Grays mood
that proved to my whole family
he really was one tough dude!

2002, Alyssa Jayne

About Alyssa Jayne:

Eleven year old Alyssa Jayne is the youngest professional cowboy poet on the California PCP circuit.  Alyssa got her start while living in Parkfield, California (population 27).  As a finalist in the Salinas Cowboy Poetry contest sponsored by the Monterey County Library, Alyssa recited three of her poems and became an instant hit.  The following week, she recited poetry for the "Nick Cannon Show" on Nickelodeon at the Salinas Rodeo.  Two years later, Alyssa has performed at several gatherings, events and schools, on professional stages at Salinas, Carmel Valley, and Monterey and at the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Elko, Nevada.  Now living in Descanso, California, she is also performing in Southern California events.

Alyssa attends seventh grade at a Science and Technology academy.  She attends dancing, drama, and singing classes with the Christian Youth Theater.  Alyssa is aspiring to be a medical research doctor and use her medical knowledge as a missionary in Brazil.

For booking information, please write:

Alyssa Jayne
PO Box 502
Descanso, CA 91916

Alyssa's first book has 11 original poems and poems by her sister, uncle, and mother. The book is $2.50 postpaid and available from the address above. 

Her second book has nearly 20 poems, including several by her younger sister Abigail. The book is $5.00 and available from the address above. 

Alyssa writes that the proceeds from the sale of her books will be "squandered on my college education."





Alyssa at the 2004 California Rodeo Cowboy Poetry Gathering



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