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My Dream Ride
As I pull my rope tight,
My heart starts to flutter.
I breathe in and say,
“Okay boys” with no stutter.
The bull spins left.
The bull spins right.
I do my Hail Mary’s,
and I hang on real tight.
My grip loosens, and begins to break.
I wonder how long 8 seconds take.
I finished my ride;
I’m layin’ in the dirt.
I got blood’n’mud on my Wrangler shirt.
I get to my feet to the roar of the crowd.
I cowboyed up and made my folks proud.
I wait to hear what the judges decide.
Wow, a 92! Guess they liked my ride!
I turn to leave with my cowboy strut.
They clear the arena to rope and cut.
I lift one up as I unlace my glove,
giving thanks to God for the sport that I love.

© 2015, Alexander Bingham
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.



  About Alexander Bingham
provided 2015

I am 23 years old and originally from Utah. I currently reside and work on a ranch in Gilbert, Arizona. I am an aspiring horseman and plan to start an apprenticeship in the art of Farrier work at the end of this year.




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