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“It's all alive,” the old man whispered.
A shift in the saddle,
The familiar sound of rawhide stretching.
“I see it,” the young girl whispered back, looking out across the valley.
She knew this country almost as well as the old man.
The red rock cliffs, the river, the sky, the wind.
It was all she had ever known.
All lessons learned from the old man.
Rains coming when the cattle lay low.
Elk gathering at the river bottom.
Mares tails across the sky.
Understanding she held close to her heart.

Gazing out with no words needed.
Southwest winds bending pasture green.
A symphony of natures tunes, the warmth of the breeze.
The freedom of summer under cobalt skies.
This was their place, their sanctuary.
A worn old cowboy with few years left.
Her, with a lifetime of adventure ahead.
Bound by the love of the land and each other.
“It'll be getting dark soon,” the girl broke the silence.
“Reckon so,” the old man snapped the reins, pointing the Pinto west.
The girl and the Appaloosa followed close behind.
A quiet ride, the wisp of pinyon.
Long shadows and window glow to welcome them home.

© 2015, Albert C. Heirich
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.


Albert C. Heirich comments, "I wrote this piece after watching an older cowboy and a young preteen girl riding along an old dirt road at sunset just north of the Ute nation. It was an unremarkable and gentle scene which moved me."




      About Albert C. Heirich
                                                          provided 2015

Author Albert C. Heirich is a freelance writer and photographer who resides in Southwest Colorado with his wife, Betty, of 35 years. Albert is currently finishing his third book and first novel, Paradox.





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